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Can I have headcanons for a mothman going camping with their tiny S/O?

Maybe not a good idea. They eat holes in your clothes, and try to climb into the fire, often.

They also tend to be very frightened, and fly off at the smallest sounds. This sucks, because their wings are strong, and you’ve been knocked over before.

Hope you enjoy deer legs and torn clothing that isn’t yours, being dropped into your lap. They just want you to be fed!

Sleep with one of those eye masks, because they’re nocturnal, and enjoy watching you sleep. Often.

less zombie apocalypses more monster apocalypses, with something more interesting than zombies. like 6 foot long moths with human teeth that only come out at night and are attracted to light sources and have a voracious appetites for anything they can get their faces into and whose caterpillars are the size of dobermans and are venomous and just eat and eat and eat

VIXX Bodyguard Ravi 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing'

Sailor anon said: Hello, over the past few days I have fallen in love with your blog!! I’m not sure what the protocol for expansions is right now but I was wondering if you could maybe do a Ravi bodyguard one please? Could I have an anon nickname too? Maybe Sailor? Xo

A/N: There have been many requests for this one so I just picked out the most recent from my inbox. Thank you everyone who requested this one! I hope you like it. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


You’re not too proud to admit the first time you met your new bodyguard he frightened you. It wasn’t his size or anything, it was his expression. Totally remote as if he didn’t even possess the facial muscles necessary to smile.

The following weeks as he moved in your orbit your watched him closely but were unable to glean any inkling of his personality. Wonsik was polite, courteous, but never warm. Never once coming close to what you would call friendly. It was when you found out his secret that the shell finally cracked.

A moth. A single moth had entered your quarters and upon seeing it, Wonsik stopped short. Enough so that you literally walked into his back. Confused at his tense posture yet not seeing a threat you asked what was wrong.

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okay but in the triage of louis vs. moth vs. spider, it's like rock paper scissors where louis squashes spider, spider eats moth, and moth attacks louis so who is the ultimate winner???

i’d actually call it less attacking and more gentle kisses. there was a human sun onstage; that moth was just going where nature lead him.

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Magnus is crying because I'm ending my dnd campaign with a beautiful lesbian moth/human wedding under a street lamp and the best man is the humans (talented!) emotional support animal

yes!!!!!!!!!! i am excited for you!!!

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Hi radi, I've just been introduced to your Skywalkers Are Eldritch Horrors AU and I love it. I also find it hilarious that idiot humans keep coming along and thinking "yeah I wanna put my dick in it" and just like. No. No, don't. Don't you value your dick? (But the story is much better since they apparently don't.)

hahahahaha look the Skywalkers are wonderterrors that the galaxy bends around and they are power and fury and every strange thing; but they are beautiful and kind and d r a m a t i c and charismatic and they make the cleverest of men (and women!) into drooling morons. Look: Anakin has more teeth than there are stars in certain clusters, and wings that don’t exist in some dimensions, and claws that may or may not be carved from kyber, and his True Form seems to shift species from one heartbeat to the next, and whenever he walks through a town all the dogs howl like the world is ready to end –

but his smile is sharp and feral, and his hair falls in cherubic curls, just long enough to get a good handful of; he’s muscular and lean, quick and strong, and yes his eyes are yellow in certain lights, but my God they are lovely. Like a forest fire. And aren’t humans basically moths? Pulled into light that is very bad for us. And Anakin is so brave and absurd, and wildness parcelled up in six two of beautiful boy, and when he smiles at you, you feel that the entire world doesn’t matter: all that matters is Anakin Skywalker, and his approval. 

And Luke! Luke has eyes bigger and bluer than any ocean, than any sky that ever was, and yes sure he has wings of molten gold that run with blood some (not all!) the time, and he has dizzying patches of dark in his luminous flesh; if you look at the wrong part of him it feels like you are falling – but oh he is so good, and kind, and gentle. And reckless. And giddy. And Leia, Leia is just as big-eyed, but her teeth and tongue are sharper, and she shouts at you but you feel that you are the best thing in the universe, the brightest. You’d follow her to hell, and she’d follow to you, because loyalty goes both ways. 

….so yes. Sure: the Skywalkers inspire primal terror. But so does skydiving and people do that anyway. People are idiots when it comes to beautiful monsters. Life would be so dull if they weren’t.

Combeferre: Moth facts! Moths are amazing and I’m in love with them.

R: Jesus, don’t want Courf hearing about that.

Combeferre: Are you kidding me? He’s like. The biggest human moth ever. He’s all fuzzy and he makes cooing noises when you pet him. He’s like a poodle moth. But like a rainbow poodle moth.

R: That was disgusting.

R: As for space facts, that’s more Joly’s area of expertise. He loves that shit so much. There’s space stickers all over his cane, it’s both amazing and atrocious. 

Combeferre: Amazing and atrocious. Sounds like Courfeyrac.

R: Oh my god, that was actually a good joke, good job Combeferre.

Combeferre: Thanks, I try.