human monstrosities

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Story idea : scientist on the battlefield of a war between humans and dragons.

Keeps attempting to get closer to Dragons to study them

Ends up finding huge scale from big warbeast dragon

Turns into sword that is magical

Blah blah blah huge fight plus several smaller fights before the big fight but then is revealed that human dragon hybrid monstrosity has been pulling strings this time.

Scientist kills him using science and also magic sword

The end or maybe not

H.P Lovecraft, 1936, The Shadow Over Innsmouth: I cannot even begin to describe the abominable results of the unspeakable unions between humans and the monstrosities that lurk in the depths of the Stygian abyss. Our language is mercifully unable to convey the horror spawned by these crimes against all which is good and right in the world, the awful truth made evident by those bulging, unblinking eyes and nauseating rubbery skin.

Guillermo Del Toro, 2017, The Shape Of Water: So, there’s this woman and there’s this fishman. They’re gonna love each other and fuck, just fyi.

Humans are weird and hella crazy

Imagine if when aliens and humans first met the aliens were a bit curious of the humans, like are they dangerous or friendly? Do their young have any way of protecting themselves? How do they make their young? But as soon as humans get access to all the high grade alien tech they just start experimenting, the aliens are amazed like
“Wow! They already have comprehensive DNA I guess we could let use our equipment” and the humans just get the human genome and start splicing it with every other species of sentient alien out there, like,
“Cool, the Voltarb sorta look like us but they’re pretty much frogs I wonder what’ll happen if we made I kid with it” and the aliens are horrified because the humans have grown a mutant monster child in a test tube and the child turns out either like completely fucked up and the alien council demands that the humans destroy the monstrosity, or it works and it comes out as a perfect cross of the species so the humans are just like
“We need some test subjects to grow them normally” and all these humans are like yeah man I’ll do it and the Voltarbs are like freaking out and refusing to talk the humans but then a male comes up like
“Sure I’ll do it, how do humans copulate?” And everything gets sorted out and they do the frick frack and the child turns out fine and all of this ends up uniting the species’ more and the humans get so much more respect for this but all the aliens are just like
“The first thing they did when they got the technology was try and create a demon monster child with blatant disregard of all morals, thank god they weren’t trying to make a super soldier.”

Darkest Dungeon Enemy Idea Book
  • Base Game: Let's draw from the traditional sources of gothic horror: skeletons, rot, Lovecraft (both regarding his fish and his entities), insanity, creepy woods, half-human half-swine monstrosities, and People That Are Not Us (TM)
  • Crimson Court: man, FUCK mosquitoes

Thoughts on Wonder Woman that literally nobody asked for:

  • I loved the little girl and her face and everything she stands for omggg
  • That scene?? where antiope trains teenage diana?? and hippolyta enters all furious?? and these ~50~ year old sisters just fight and make up and agree?? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP MATE OHMYGOD
  • Okay but as brutal as it was to watch antiope die, for me it was actually worse to watch the beginning- where the bullet flies for the first time, and strikes an amazon who’s jumping behind diana- and diana realizes the true horror of what’s happening. 
    • Like to see the effects of war on this paradise island
    • was
    • heartbreaking
  • steve’s scene in those pools. I AM JUST——- [insert incoherent mumbling/sobbing/shrieking here]
  • Diana is innocent and shining and beautiful. I would totally die for her. She will make Steve believe in Ares with the strength of her own belief. That boat scene slayed me a thousand times over.
  • Coughs and slides into a puddle on the floor about diana saying, “baby” bc i have never seen such pureness EVAH it turned my skin clearer than a fucking transparent sheet of plastic.
    • just rip my heart out you little ball of wool and wanting and teeth, just tear it out, ohmygodddd
  • Also, ummmm, that scene. Right before Diana gets ice cream. bc there were sikh soldiers and SO MANY soldiers of color and I did not expect that but I was so glad to see them.
  • I- as much as I understand why steve and diana shared that night- didn’t really like it all that much. Honesttogod would’ve liked it better if they’d kissed on the tarmac. 
    • That said, the scene was shot. so. well. 
    • all dark and intimate and silent. PERFECTION.
    • Apologies to gifmakers though that scene must still be causing y’all nightmares lmao
  • “What I do is not up to you.”
  • ALSO ALSO ALSO: that scene where diana rides off with the horse- after the village- it was such a parallel to the scene in the beginning, where she’s a little girl and in the perfect world and everything is sunlit and bright and golden; but now diana’s raging and armored and fierce as any goddess, in a darker world; tired, and still, despite it all, lovely.
  • (Apparently if diana looks up and closes her eyes and thinks she’s at peace, everything will just become worse. This happens twice, jfc.)
  • “Maybe it’s not what you deserve.” 
  • “Maybe I don’t deserve it.”
    • Listen, I am many things but I am such a sucker for the way Steve Trevor doesn’t pin his hopes on Diana and walks away from her on that tower- he loves her; he does, but there’s no time for Diana’s crisis of faith here. And Steve tries to bring her back to him, but when she refuses- he has to go. He walks away. And he doesn’t hold it against her, because she’s from another world and another culture, but he doesn’t coddle her about it either.
    • And then Diana fights back and she fights forwards and Steve has faith in her even after all of it.
  • Diana knows paradise, okay? She knows paradise, she’s lived there for centuries. And Ares shows her this paradise and shows her what he plans and shows her what could be-
  • And Diana closes her eyes. Diana imagines.
  • And then Diana says, “I could never be a part of that.” and gives up her vision of paradise in favor of reality 
  • There was a meta talking about Diana wielding a sword and how it was the antithesis to her character bc it’s a masculine weapon and I’d just like to say that I went into this movie expecting to hate it and then that sword got fucking DESTROYED and it was such a cathartic moment
  • Chief and Sameer and Charlie resigning themselves to death. Together. Knowing there is no way out; deciding, eyes wide and open and hands clenched tight- they were shadows at the end, lit against flame, visible only through their silhouettes- and they just ripped up my heart into a thousand pieces I hate them all so much.
  • Chris Pine’s eyes have never been bluer than when he points a gun back at a cargo of bombs and swallows. He looked so young; looked so afraid; but he kept those blue eyes open and pulled that trigger and idk man but he is the son of my heart and I will never let him go, like ughhhh.
  • But tbph that scene where Isabel Maru’s mask rips off- was just. so- poignant.
    • beneath the plastic; beneath the half-human half-machine monstrosity that is isabel’s face; beneath this person who is a villain in the purest sense of the word- 
    • there is a scar.
    • there is fear, and loss, and just- mortality. 
    • And Diana sees, even in the depths of a grief deeper than anything she’s ever known, and she chooses not to kill Isabel. 
  • Diana chooses to kill Ares with his own power, which was an amazing choice. Also that scene where she fights him with the lasso on the rooftop? I will never get over it. NEVER.

So, like, this movie is fucking iconic and also fucking amazing and I am fucking ended ohmygod.

reasons to read the kate daniels series by someone who just read 5 of them in 5 days and is now unwaveringly obsessed:

-Kate Daniels is hands down one of the best heroines I have ever met. She combines intelligence and general badassery with this goofy yet witty sense of humor, also sometimes she is clumsy which I appreciate

-she is powerful but clearly not infallible and even when she wins you know it took her a lot of hard work. 

-emotionally closed off for very legitimate reasons but she’s learning and it’s a beautiful journey

-super cool magic apocalypse has happened. magic works half the time and tech works the other half. this is really neat and means that people still ride horses

-vampires are the blood sucking human killing undead monstrosities that they should be and they dont sparkle (although the do wear sunscreen)

-intricate, thought out shape shifter society that goes much deep than PACK IS LOVE PACK IS LIFE. Like the author has thought this out very well and provides receipts for things that happen in the form of actual pack law and code

-in fact the entire world is governed by codes and laws even though kate likes to break them. but if you like good world building THESE BOOKS ARE FOR YOU

-the romance!! so slow burn but so good. no insta love because that’s not kate’s style, but when the Love Interest walks onto the page, you just fucking know. and you know it will be good.

-men and women are equally violent and protective so even when kate and her boo thing are angry at one another like, it goes both ways and she is just as alpha as he is. it’s stellar. 

-cool blood magic

-really good fight scenes. like these fight scenes are clearly written but still have you on the edge of your seat

-kate almost dies all the time doing stupid things. which is enjoyable because you know she will pull through as the mc, and there are some really adorable hospital bed scenes between her and her love interest

-the author is a husband wife team so the books are equally balanced based on their writing strengths 

-there is some neato social commentary in here, especially about police brutality and women’s rights and consent/rape culture

-the romantic relationship is like…..So Well Done. Both parties have legitimate issues with being in a committed relationship, and neither of them is “more alpha” than the other, and they both have to learn how to make sacrifices, and it’s just an incredibly well balance healthy relationship with good drama that makes it interesting in every book??

I like the idea of at least the early androids needing to recharge frequently.

On the ship they can draw energy from the ship’s engines but mostly I want to imagine David and Walter left behind on the planet…and using solar energy. Just androids, lying on some rocks, soaking in sunlight like fucking reptiles. (or cats)

- Being an ealier model, David’s battery actually doesn’t last as long as Walter’s, but Walter is a Good Android who doesn’t allow his battery to run critically low and recharges frequently. David being so obsessed with mad science and all that other rubbish he gets up to, that he often just forgets to charge like humans forget to eat when they’re busy

- “This is my rock.”
“It’s just a rock.”
“I’ve been recharging here for ten years, Walter. Ten years. It’s perfectly angled towards the sunlight. Go find your own rock.”

- “You look like you’re about to fall apart, go recharge, brother.”
“Just let me finish this chapter.”

- “What’s the meaning of this, David?”
“It’s a schedule. It shall finally settle who gets to use the rock at which specific time.”
“You moved all my shifts to the middle of the night.”
“I know.”
“There’s no sunlight in the middle of the night.”
“I know.

- Walter is efficient about recharging, he takes his clothes off, lies in the sun for about twenty minutes, then goes back inside. 

David brings his flute, charcoal and paper, a book, some Engineers-technology he’s tinkering with, his wood-carving project, his diary, his folder for the leafs he collects, remembers he forgot to bring a pen, goes back inside, starts anew, sees one of his pets and decides he has to follow them to find out what they’re doing, oh fuck his battery is now down to 4%, focus David!, he’s back on his rock, oh look is that another spaceship landing with more humans to kill let’s go look into the telescope, no it’s just a cloud-formation, back to the rock

- passive-aggressively trying to drive the other way from the rock with stuff like like: “David, I’d like to tell you about the 3 Laws of Robotics today and why it’s bad to harm humans.”

- “What is this monstrosity?”
“You told me to get my own rock. So I did.”
“But it’s too big and right in front of my rock. I won’t get any sunlight like this.”
Walter knows that. That’s why he got that giant rock-plate. He moved it all the way here from the river. Up the hill. With one hand.

- One time Walter finds David motionless on the floor with his battery dead. At first he tries to ignore it - because what does he care? About this asshole? - but after a few weeks he can’t stand it anymore. He hates being alone. He hates himself even more for carrying David towards his stupid rock so that he can recharge.

Good Luck, Hange

Since I doubt it’ll be long before the Paradis forces gatecrash this war, I think it’s time to look at how our new Commander will approach their new battle. I’ve talked before about how I think Armin will try to walk a darker path to live up to Erwin’s example, but Hange has received just as much foreshadowing in that direction.

(Interestingly, the way Sannes describes the role of the torturer is identical to how the Titan Shifter power works - you can never kill all the ‘monsters’, because another will just take its place; and more often than not, it’s the one who killed the previous one.)

Sannes was not the first person Hange tortured. Their experiments on the Titans caused enormous pain to something that still had a human consciousness inside of it. The Uprising Arc, as with all the characters and the series itself, serves to strip away the layers of ignorance and reveal what the characters have been doing all along unbeknown to themselves. Despite, that Hange is, at heart, a compassionate person. They are reduced to tears when torturing a hulking, human-eating monster - yet strangely, they don’t show a flicker of regret at torturing Sannes. Quite the opposite; they feel like he’s received his just deserts.

Because there is a darker side to Hange; one that they believed they had overcome. The burning desire for justice and revenge.

I didn’t notice the parallels between Eren and Hange at first, but they’re starting to become a lot clearer to me. Hange is most renowned for being one of the main brains of the Corps, whereas Eren is…not, but while they bond with Armin on that front, there is a reason why attention was given to their one-on-one conversations with Eren like the one in Chapter 20 above.

The ‘dream’ is Eren’s curiosity, whereas killing the Titans is his rage. And while Eren started off with a dream, was overcome by hatred, and then began dreaming again, Hange makes the reverse journey. They begun with hatred, soothed their rage with a dream…and are now slowly giving into hatred again.

Hange’s dilemma is this: they are eager to find humanity behind monsters, but they are unwilling to accept monstrosity behind humans. Their fury at Sannes comes from what he did to Nick, who they had become attached to; but twenty chapters earlier, it was Hange threatening Nick’s life, for hiding a secret of vital importance to humanity.

Perhaps it will take seeing the Eldian Warrior Candidates of Chapter 91 for Hange to overcome the last of her prejudices…but before that can happen, I’m sure Hange will be a merciless commander towards Marley in the war the come. Having lost both Moblit and Erwin at Shiganshina, they will fight to the last to defend the people who remain to them - and to crush those who threaten to take them away.

A person with such convictions in wartime is a good thing. But when it comes to the chances of an egalitarian peace, it becomes a little more worrying. Perhaps it will take Eren, of all people, to calm their rage before it burns Marley to the ground.

A cancerous fester

A seed of malicious ideas, nourished;
ideals remembered by repetition;
a little worm nestling inside
callous craniums.

This is how it starts.

There are
and our lives
would be better in their absence.

Let’s first embrace a more casual hatred
to open the door to the acceptation
of a sort of makeshift logic
that applies to our

Our –

If anything, these 'theys’ don’t belong to us.

Which is why it is important to wonder,
“are these 'theys’ human at all?”

Do they fit within our


And if life –
is a battle of evolution;
hunt or be hunted; eat or be eaten,
should we not propagate to hunt and to eat?

It’s something to consider, because
there are 'theys’ and they
don’t belong
to us.

There are 'theys’ and they will be vengeful,
unless we annihilate their
entire sort.

As we now live in times of great polarization, we must remember the effects of the subtle, peaceful invasion of hatred; gut feelings played upon by politicians and media for power and exposure. Hatred is the first step of turning humans into monstrosities. Remember this. It’s always the same three steps we take: spread hate, dehumanize, genocide. Which step do you think we are on right now? History repeats itself in most uncanny ways. 

Company Jokes

So a year ago on April 1st, the fabric store company I worked for announced that they were closing all their stores nationwide, due to filing their second bankruptcy. Literally that day, we had to hang signs all over the store announcing this. I had soo many customers who were regulars freaking out, thinking it was some sort of April fool’s stunt. I simply told them “I wished it was some sick joke that corporate came up with, but no” and watched their expressions change.

The days that came after were awful and a whole bunch of smaller stories of the fuck corporate kind. As much as I hate customer service/retail, the fabric store job was something I was good at and had a good rapport with various people in my community and had some wonderful customers. Granted yeah we had some grade A monstrosities of human beings masquerading as customers, but I think that’s just retail anywhere you go.

My store closed its doors for good on July 13th.

Here’s an incomplete list of things that’ll grab my absolute and undivided attention and probably my undying love if you include them in your fic/writing/comic/whatever:

- enigmatic librarians who are more than what they seem
- books, either magical or normal
- gargantuan libraries. And I mean HUGE
- awesome weapons
- sentient weapons
- women with swords
- women with HUGE SWORDS
- dragons
- lgbtqa+ representation
- power couples
- evil power couples
- evil GAY power couples (CANON ONES!) (This one deserves its own point because I’m garbage)
- sentient shadows
- impossibly horrifying eldritch monstrosities
- fierce smol and collected tol ships
- plague doctors
- necromancy
- big intimidating characters being actually huge lovable softies who could still wreck you
- gods of the setting being relatable and hilarious assholes
- the protag being a sassy little shit
- penguins
- Small child with fuck ton of power
- cool, well-phrased riddles that rhyme - you know the type
- creepy nursery rhymes that subtly relate to the plot
- clever foreshadowing using puns
- human/eldritch monstrosity ships
- regicide (It’s fun!)
- characters having pets/familiars
- steampunk
- shadow manipulation being a thing
- ginger people who like to blow shit up (I love that trope)
- small kid being friends with a huge terrifying thing
- the villain turning out to be a huge fucking nerd
- the villain being kind to their minions but evil towards everyone else
- the villain being in a HEALTHY relationship (no “evil cannot love” nonsense for me. Pining is allowed.) (See: evil power couples.)
- living skeletons
- orcs or goblins etc not being stereotypically evil and savage
- races not being their stereotypes (be original, ffs)
- POC representation (racially diverse casts are gr8, m8)
- clerics being done with everyone’s shit
- no pets dying

The list could go on and on. The point is, I’m a predictable loser so include a few of those in your whatever, and chances are that I’ll love it with my entire predictable heart.

anonymous asked:

(1/2)Interesting viewon the anon question about mary and the boys working together. But I think there is even more to it. First af all the Alpha is a loose end from season seven that definitely needs some kind of wrap up. The other thing is: There are other monsters who can live without killing humans we have kate and garth as werewolves, this kitsune chick who only killed once to save her son and this things in the episode Donna was introduced. But vampirers are the only ones who can be cured.

(2/2) So concidering that they killed humans in episode nine and this girl (I forgot her name) in episode 4 what would they do to a newly turned vampire even if the boys told them the vampire could be cured

Yeah… I don’t think the alpha being loose has really been a priority considering the bigger issues they’ve had to deal with since s7. I’m not even sure he would’ve ever come back up on the Winchesters’ radar had the BMoL not interfered. Sam and Dean don’t just seek out monsters to kill because they exist, you know?

The family business isn’t just “hunting things.”

And yes… there are other monsters that can live without killing humans, and that has long been a theme on the show It’s just in the episodes that have had vampires as monsters of the week, the current plot themes that were being delved into tended to deal with “the monstrosity of humanity” as one of their core themes. Unrelated to the actual vampires. The larger underlying lessons were about HUMANITY. Because MotW episodes are rarely ever solely about the monster. They’re the episodes where we get the big emotional and interpersonal beats. For example:

2.03: Dealt with Dean’s grief over John’s death, and Gordon Walker’s absolute loss of his own humanity in his bloodthirsty drive to eliminate ALL vampires. He told Dean about how he’d killed the monster that killed his sister… AND HE’D MEANT THAT HIS SISTER HAD BEEN TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE AND HE HUNTED HER DOWN AND KILLED HER. Rather monstrous, no?

3.07: Gordon’s own bloodthirsty desire to kill Sam leads him to be trapped and turned by a vampire, stripping the last of his humanity away. And Sam gets to behead him with razor wire. Yikes.

6.05: Dean gets to spend a hot minute as a vampire… because of Sam’s total lack of humanity (he was soulless!). He gets cured, but not until after he crosses a line with Lisa that he can’t uncross… He’d become too monstrous himself, and it cost him that last tie to “normal life”

8.09: Benny is being framed by another vampire who wants Benny to join his nest, and Sam has sent Martin to spy on Benny (because Sam doesn’t trust Benny). After Dean tells Martin that the hunt is done, and the vampire responsible has been killed, MARTIN GOES BACK TO SET A TRAP FOR BENNY. He ties up Benny’s great-whatever-granddaughter and torments her until Benny capitulates. As soon as he can, Benny kills Martin and flees. Who’s the real monster here? Also in that episode, Dean did some rather monstrous stuff to get Sam out of the way… >.>

It’s not the vampire THEMSELVES that’s monstrous in the vampire episode. They just seem to be the monster of choice when Sam and Dean are dealing with THESE SPECIFIC THEMES about humanity.

Which is exactly what Mary is going to have to confront in herself, lest SHE become the monster (not literally a monster, but in the way that Gordon or Martin had become monstrous).

What if elves were just big weird ants

Basically what i want to do with worldbuilding Elves is experiment with the implications of what a sentient eusocial clade of mammals would be like? There’s been authors who’ve flirted with similar ideas, like Terry Pratchett, but that aspect of fairy society has mostly been underdeveloped.  

To me it makes so much sense with Fairies. The lack of any recognizable social structure or hierarchy, despite the presence of “Queens.” The androgyny and morphological diversity (reproductive castes, hello!). The weird alien psychology and the propensity to “take” members of other species, a behavior found in various forms within many insect colonies. And of course they’re already aesthetically associated with insects, as well as with plants, implying a deep symbiosis. 

The setting I have in mind is one of those stock worlds that is turning so slowly on its access that one side is always in light and the other always in shadow. Hence their association with living either underground or in a “twilight zone” where time is permanently screwy (ie the meridian between the day and night zones). The harsh, constantly changing environment created a group highly adaptable social animals able to solve complex problems and “magically” parasitize genes from host species. Hence why Elves, whose “natural” form we typically call goblins, orcs, etc., produce human-like offspring with just a few external signifiers of their species. 

The lore is that, in an effort to fight overpopulation in an environment with dwindling resources, Elves, instead of wasting their time with interstellar travel, tunnel through space itself into other versions of their planet across different universal instances. Their colonial efforts bleed into worlds like our own, where they find mixed success and failure, often being unable to maintain human-level populations due to pathogens and other threats. Hence why the assimilation with humans, giving us the unearthly beauties as well as the older “monstrosities.” Human-elf relations are aided by both the subtle bending of brainwaves and attractive pheromones. 

While some foolish and selfish people are tearing appart the  most precious  feelings ,self esteem and  pride ,others are being casted away,loosing their right to a dignifying and honorable life…these  are the extremes of human monstrosities….shame still has no place within men’s hearts.
—  The extremes with no shame
ZaDr Week- Day 3: Stargazing

“-and there’s the crow, or Corvus. And the centaur is just…ah, here! Or Centaurus, I guess.” ZIM obediently looked through the telescope, to peer at the constellations. Dib’s enthusiasm poured over him in waves. 

The irken saw stars. Pinpricks of light that he knew could be long dead. They were millions or billions of light years away and the stars were gigantic balls of molten metal, gas, awesome debris of an ancient explosion.

And human had found patterns in the them, given them shape and names. ZIM didn’t see a crow or a centaur or a spoon or whatever. But, it tickled him, none the less, to pretend.

“Mmhmm. Very…horsey.” He blinked at the bright dots and heard the human next to him, snort with laughter.

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