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Victuuri 15 for the meme thing?

#15: Things You Said While There Were Too Many Miles Between Us

Viktor breathes into the receiver and Yuuri pretends that he’s there with him, folded in behind him with his head on Yuuri’s shoulder. Yuuri pretends that he can feel Viktor’s chest moving with breath against his back and that Viktor’s hand is pressed over his belly.

“I miss you,” Yuuri murmurs, so quiet that he can barely hear it himself. This is bad. How has he gone from being someone who could spend literal days content without seeing another human to being lovestruck, so obsessed with another person that he can’t even suffer a week and a half without them. “Do you know that I want to be with you all the time? Does that scare you? Is that bad?”

“No,” Viktor murmurs back. Yuuri can hear Makkachin’s tags clicking in the distance. “Because right now I’m laying here in our bed and all I can think about is how cold it is without you.”

“Our bed?” Yuuri murmurs. “I haven’t even been there yet, how is it our bed?”

“Because in a week, you’ll be here.” Viktor’s voice is gentle and scratchy over the phone. It gathers somewhere in the small of Yuuri’s back, tingly. “And then this will be our bedroom and our bed. When people come over, it won’t be to my apartment, it’ll be to our apartment. And I can’t wait. I can’t wait to start my life with you.”

Yuuri feels a tear slip over his cheek and onto his lips, licks it away and tries to expel the watery sound from his voice. Whispers, “You really love me, huh?”

“With all my heart and soul,” Viktor replies. “It’s written right here on my chest. Property of Yuuri Katsuki.” 

Yuuri laughs, wraps himself further around the pillow he’s using as substitute for the man he’s in love with, and listens to Viktor’s breath until he falls asleep.