human lil hal


A robot… AU…?

One was built to replace a dead yet unrequited love, one was built to take the place of a beloved granddaughter who may never wake, and one was built… just because

I wonder which is which? :’D

So a friend got me into Space Odyssey 2001 (the old movie anyways) and I find myself thinking about a certain AI all too often. So naturally the first thing i did was try designing a humanized form. Just some thoughts so far, it’s not a solid design.

halwares  asked:

hi!! could i perhaps request a human lil hal? masc nb, he binds, wears a cute sweater with the trans flag on it. he has an undercut, naturally black hair but he bleaches the top part. thick eyebrows. he's a short, really curvy boy. he’s german and covered in freckles. his eyeliner is On Point and his nails are painted. he has a lil stubble going on, since he's been on t for a little. soft. possibly by mod jordan, alex, vex, or kat, if it's no trouble? thank you!! <3

im love He

version w no shades

-mod kat