human lamp


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

DVA and Mercy in their New Year skins, commission for a co-worker from a previous job. 😊 I was very happy to draw some more characters from the game - by the way, one slot is left on my current commissions if you are interested. ( Commission information can be found here ! )


Morning! Just doing some readings before my afternoon lectures. Really in love with @emmastudies desktop backgrounds, I have them all downloaded for the rest of the year.

Studygram: sophie_marie_anne

not to be nsfw but uhhhh,,, sometimes when phil gets cold during the night he will shuffle closer to dan because dan is a human heat lamp and snuggle into dans neck and make soft content noises and both of them just sprawl all across the bed with their legs tangled and arms intertwined,,, uhh yeah i think about that a lot