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Me on an ordinary day: Albus Dumbledore is a dynamic and complex character who was crucial to the victory against Voldemort and spent practically a century tirelessly fighting the prejudice and evil in his society. However, he is also flawed, and there is great value in analyzing his morality and his relationship with the concept of “the greater good.” In his youth, he made wrong choices with dire consequences and consciously avoided the corrupting influence of power thereafter, which, in terms of narrative, serves to prove he was not omniscient or infallible. That revelation in Deathly Hallows also contributes to an underlying message in the Harry Potter series about the importance of questioning established authorities, including our heroes.

Me when someone ignores the insights about humanity to be gained from analyzing Dumbledore’s character and instead paints him as a self-serving, manipulative asshole:

It’s very simple. I’m alive. I live in Pittsburgh. I like men. Not just as friends. I’m also a human being. And my gear works. So I want to have sex. I like to have sex a lot. That’s the story. Now, I’m good at what I do, an advertising exec. I have decent taste. I’m crass. I’m snarky. I’m very sarcastic. And a lot of people make me want to kill them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, my sex organs work, I’m not attracted to women for whatever reason, I didn’t create the human race so I don’t know how that works, and maybe someday somebody will, but for the moment nobody does. I just know what makes me excited or gets me up or gets me down or however you want to put it. That was Brian. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it, and he didn’t care. It’s not because he didn’t care about other people. It’s because he had equated reality with satisfaction and he was acknowledging his animal side. And not to say the animal side is better or worse than the intellectual side or the spiritual side but it’s a side, and it’s one of the things he enjoyed expressing. So we just have to be honest with each other. Everybody, whether you like it or not, has sex in your brain, somewhere. And hopefully it’s in your body a lot, too. So, get over it, right? Just get over it. Just do it. Be safe, but just do it.
—  Gale Harold on how he understood the character of Brian Kinney [x]
As I looked into the infinite blue I felt so small but big at the same time. It showed me possibilities and infinities. But it also showed me how small our ‘big’ problems are. The world is so big and we are so small. Use the world as your playfield and don’t get pushed back because something bad happened. Let it push you further let it make you grow. You can grow as big as you want and wherever you want.
—  Annedi Bergsma
Outer Planets at the Anaretic Degree in the Natal Chart

Keep in mind that Planets at 29 degrees are the radical expression of that sign!

Pluto at 29* Leo: Conjunct fixed star Regulus, the heart of the Lion, it will be generous, the epitome of excitement, and grandiose! At it’s lowest manifestation, it could be power tripping, an overblown desire for others to listen to them, these people may be pushy and insistent that they “know” things. This knowing will serve some people right, charging in an assured direction.

Pluto at 29* Virgo: Intuitively picks up on very specific things about other people. Tunnel vision, notices what others overlook.

Pluto at 29* Libra: Doesn’t realize what a strong influence and power they have over other people. Or perhaps they do realize it and use it to their advantage.

Pluto at 29* Scorpio: Profound insights about humanity. Sees into other people’s souls. Has a radiant magnetism about them.

Pluto at 29* Sagittarius: They may be an inspiring spiritual leader, or just have a guru complex.

Neptune at 29* Libra: Mystifies others by fitting in with many groups. They glide thru life with their charm and somehow know what other people want to hear. These people are astoundingly persuasive.

Neptune at 29* Scorpio: Feeling deceived by people and the world, people with this placement embody the most hurtful depths of physical and emotional wounds.

Neptune at 29* Sagittarius: That flickering soul relentlessly chases after what gives them fulfillment. Anywhere from a ruthless religious fanatic to the seeker of truth, who often feels Neptunian fog, unsure what the truth is.

Neptune at 29* Capricorn: Achieving the ultimate goal of the soul. The crocodile is the least evolved manifestation of Capricorn, representing the evil CEO who mercilessly chomps on others to get what they want. It swims thru murky waters to understand what others cannot handle. Some who have this natal placement will abandon spirituality to be competitive and caniving, a career climber who ignores sensitivity. Others will take that crocodile archetype to go where many fear to tread. The highest evolution of Capricorn is a unicorn, using spiritual dreams to mystify others.

Neptune at 29* Aquarius: This person could bring science and spirituality together, making a revolutionary discovery that proves the metaphysical. Or instead they could be a brilliant scientist who adamantly rejects the paranormal.

Uranus at 29* Cancer: Breaking away from an oppressive family, people with the anorectic degree of Cancer are eager to find an identity outside their upbringing.

Uranus at 29* Leo: Proudly flaunts their quirkiness, taking their eccentricities to the extreme.

Uranus at 29* Virgo: Brilliant abilities to synthesize information rapidly without leaving out important details. They are very thorough yet swift.

Uranus at 29* Libra: People born with this have the gift of finding balance when everything around them is chaotic.

Uranus at 29* Scorpio: This person loves chaos and may cause drama as a way to get others to look within themselves.

Uranus at 29* Sagittarius: Wild and out of control, this person could be very un-grounded unless they have other factors in their chart to balance them. They would be very innovative in their form of art or subject of study, creating something that gains massive attention.

Uranus at 29* Capricorn: Understanding the structure of this world and how it needs to be altered. People with this placement have insights to how we can make necessary changes in our government.

Uranus at 29* Aquarius: These rebels challenge us to think in new ways, shocking the previous generations into seeing what they have ignored!

If you want to know which of these YOU may have in your natal chart, I offer readings. If a transiting planet at an anaretic degree is activating one of your birth planets, this has a powerful forecast for you! I can tell use astrology to tell you what’s in store for you over the next couple months and years if you message me for a reading. I am honing my forecasting skills! Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer.

Charlotte and Emily’s fascination with violent men, and Anne’s aversion to them, can be traced back to their brother, Branwell Brontë. Whenever anyone scratches their head over how three daughters of a country parson managed to write with such passion and insight about human nature, my eyes start rolling. With a brother like Branwell – handsome, charming, alcoholic – the sisters were provided with more than enough inspiration. The different ways in which they interpreted Branwell’s behaviour is where it gets interesting. The seductive nature of a happy ending can’t be disputed, and the two older Brontës provide it in spades. In Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff and Cathy are never united, but their children fall in love: Heathcliff’s behaviour is almost justified, as it has brought Linton and Cathy mark II together. Likewise in Jane Eyre, Mr Rochester falls in love with Plain Jane, attempts to commit bigamy, is thwarted, his wife luckily burns to death and they live happily ever after. Charlotte and Emily offered their fictional Branwells a form of redemption that in reality he failed to achieve. Anne, the sister who spent the most time nursing Branwell, either refused or was unable to romanticise what happened to her brother. In The Tenant of Wildfell Hall an abused wife, Helen Graham, runs away from her alcoholic husband, Arthur Huntingdon. She meets Gilbert Markham and falls in love with him but is unable to marry him. Anne’s depiction of Arthur Huntingdon’s decline drew heavily on Branwell’s death and still stands out today as an unflinching depiction of alcoholism.
—  Beulah Maud Devaney

Scorpio Slytherin Moodbaord:  What is said of Slytherins born under all other signs is doubly true of Slytherins born under Scorpio. (Or was it that what is said of Scorpios is doubly true of Scorpios sorted into Slytherin?) There is no middle ground here - these wizards can embody all that is the very best in the world… or all that is the very worst. They are heroes, or they are villains. They are attracted to the dark, twisted, and forbidden mysteries of the world from the day they are born, and only they can determine whether they will study the dark arts in order to oppose them, or to embrace them. However, as Scorpio is a sign of transformation and regeneration, it is not impossible for even the most evil of dark wizards to turn to the path of good… Scorpio Slytherins have uncanny wisdom, insight into human psychology, and high “emotional IQ’s.” They are incredibly ambitious, often exist in a state of total ego, and if misused or hurt, can nurse the wound and seethe for decades. Still, although they are often tempted to do horrible things in the name of glory or discovery, they nevertheless are often the kindest, most compassionate, and most forgiving people of all, for they have seen their own inner darkness, faced it, and do not run from it when they encounter it in others.

Omg but like

Amanda and Sarek talking to each other in a bar at an after-work type of thing, and Sarek finding this human woman (this small, quiet, lovely human woman) utterly fascinating.

Amanda volunteering to drive Sarek to an important meetings during the harsher parts of winter, and Sarek being impressed with her unique, human insights, and Amanda finding his rare, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it humour charming. 

Oreos being Amanda’s favorite thing ever, and whenever she visits Sarek’s apartments on the weekends after they start a tentative relationship, there’s always a thing of Oreos in the cabinet and a jug of milk in the fridge.

Sarek realizing a month after meeting Amanda that he’s head over heels in love with her, and logic can go fuck itself because he is going to marry the shit out of her

What stops me from taking myself seriously, even though I am essentially a serious person, is that I find myself extremely ridiculous, not in the sense of the small-scale ridiculousness of slap-stick comedy, but rather in the sense of ridiculousness that seems intrinsic to human life and that manifests itself in the simplest actions and the most extraordinary gestures
—  Gustave Flaubert

“I’m in my first year of middle school, and I’m single. Whenever I see a couple, I think they are going to break up soon.”
“Why’s that?”
“I think they are dating more because they are lonely than because they like each other.”

“저는 이제 중1이에요. 제가 솔로인데 학교에서 커플인 애들을 보면 곧 깨질 것 같다는 생각을 해요.”
“좋아서 사귀기보단 외로워서 사귀는 것 같거든요.”

What are you reading? MBTI version

INTJ: Latest theories on quantum entanglement.
INTP: Science behind superheroes and space warriors.
INFJ: futuristic romance.
INFP: modern romance.
ISFP: poetry of some sort.
ISFJ: either Abraham Lincoln’s biography or a historical romance.
ISTJ: thriller, probably Stephen King.
ISTP: that one random obsession they have at the moment, like Leonardo DaVinci’s robot/helicopter.
ENTJ: dangerous ideas.
ENTP: the Art of War, or a book on political theory.
ENFJ: Something that involves shopping, drama, and insight on human nature.
ENFP: Manga/latest culturally relevant teen book.
ESFP: romantic comedy, preferably with some action on the side.
ESFJ: discovering your synergy/aura/force/light side dark side etc.
ESTJ: a war novel, lots of deep & gritty but compelling themes.
ESTP: mystery. They usually figure it out before the end.

Slytherin Scorpio: “There is no middle ground here - these wizards can embody all that is the very best in the world… or all that is the very worst. They are heroes, or they are villains. They are attracted to the dark, twisted, and forbidden mysteries of the world from the day they are born, and only they can determine whether they will study the dark arts in order to oppose them, or to embrace them. However, as Scorpio is a sign of transformation and regeneration, it is not impossible for even the most evil of dark wizards to turn to the path of good… Scorpio Slytherins have uncanny wisdom, insight into human psychology, and high “emotional IQ’s.” They are incredibly ambitious, often exist in a state of total ego, and if misused or hurt, can nurse the wound and seethe for decades.”

vanessamoschella  asked:

i've really been struggling with my own ed lately and i've drawn strength and happiness from your posts. you're such an amazing, intelligent, insightful human being and i absolutely look up to you and will be here rooting for you every step of the way <3

These kinds of messages mean so much to me, especially when I’m struggling, thank you.

Insightful & Spot-On Analysis of Colin Morgan’s performance as Leo in “Humans” S1 Episode 7 : The scene of the bathroom

Article by @AMCHumansFans *

This image of Leo captivates me. Look how he’s staring at his port wound with such sadness. It’s as though he wonders why he has to be like this: a hybrid, unwelcome in the human world because of his unique blend of Synth-human essence; loved by his Synth family but only “practically” one of them; virtually unnoticed by his father until he became a synthetic creation. A foot in each world but not really belonging in either.
It’s a truly existential crisis for this character; a moment of immense vulnerability, confronting who (and what) he really is. Coming to grips as he stands in that bathroom, staring at the glaring reminder of his abnormal/impossible existence, surrounded by the trappings of mundane family/childhood/human everyday life – with what he’s lost and possibly never really had but wants with all his heart. And he can’t control himself any longer – the tears and the sobs escape him.

It’s a slap in the face, in a way. We can all deny what we’re feeling and what we’re struggling with for a time; but when we find ourselves suddenly surrounded by exactly what we don’t want to think about, we are momentarily lost in a sea of emotion that demands to be experienced – just as Leo is here.

Who knows how long he wept in that bathroom, how much time he allowed himself to grieve for the life that he knew would never be his no matter how much he wished it could be, how much effort it took him to bottle his grief again and don his mask to go back out to the living room.

People talk about Leo as a child a lot of the time (and he does exhibit childlike & childish qualities sometimes, as do we all), but I think he’s also a strong man who puts aside his own struggles in order to keep his family safe and whole. He’s looking out for his crew the best way he knows how, being their rock & their leader & their protector – a tall order when he’s living perpetually on the edge of emotional breakdown within himself.

Basically, Leo is my hero. And this scene affirms that for me.