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“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

Facial reconstruction made of 'brutally-killed' Pictish man

The face of a Pictish man who was “brutally killed” 1,400 years ago has been reconstructed by Dundee University researchers.

Archaeologists found the man’s skeleton buried in a recess of a cave in the Black Isle, Ross-shire.

Forensic anthropologist Dame Sue Black and her team at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) have now detailed the man’s injuries.

He was found in a cross-legged position with stones holding down his limbs.

Prof Black said the “fascinating” skeleton was in a remarkable state of preservation.

She said: “From studying his remains, we learned a little about his short life but much more about his violent death.

"As you can see from the facial reconstruction, he was a striking young man, but he met a very brutal end, suffering a minimum of five severe injuries to his head.” Read more.


Hi buddies ! For my class I have to make a book about Gender and for this subject my teach gives us 4 questions and I would love if some of you can answer them ?

— Why do you like being a man/woman (depend on your current gender)
— Why do you not like being a man/woman
— Why would you like to be a man/woman
— Why would you not like to be a man/woman 

I’m looking for answer from young people who maybe don’t believe in gender the way the society impose it to us. Maybe answer from people who don’t identify with gender at all too. 

I want to make a book where the pressure of the society don’t exist, with illustrations and texts where everyone can act and be the way they want like a man can be sensitive and cry without being categorized as a “female” or a girl can have hairs, being muscular or not, have the choice of their sexuality and sexualisation, being feminine and sexy without being categorize as a slut, Man wearing skirts, girls short hair, free the nipples, where you also have the right to DON’T believe in gender at all etc… a book where cloths don’t have gender, where you are free to be who you want to be. So even if you think that your answers are clichés etc it’s ok ! Like I would love to hear them anyway because clichés are also a reality. 

Feel free to contact me via messages ! 💙 

also : I have until Friday to make this book ! 


I wish Amethyst’s ancestry was brought up more.

She’s the only surviving crystal gem that never saw homeworld. She even sings that “Earth is everything she’s ever known”. She’s shown to have a good opinion of humans, since she’s a close friend of Greg and Vidalia. I would love to know more about how she views humans-does she like all of them or only these two? 

I’d love to see her with a group of human friends she just casually hangs out with during the episodes-she goes to parties, concerts or just visits her buds at their homes. Maybe she invites a few to the temple from time to time? 

Maybe Amethyst admires humanity? That they were able to thrive without hurting other planets? That they can solve their problems peacefully, and not by force? She must have a terrible perception of Homeworld (with good reasons)-they’ve thrown her away when she was considered “faulty”, fought her and other gems like her, then left and hurt almost everyone left behind and didn’t change their way of thinking after millenia. I’m actually surprised that Amethyst doesn’t show more anger towards Homeworld-Garnet and Pearl have plenty of reasons to hate them too, but maybe they have at least some good memories of Homeworld? For example Ruby and Sapphire think that if not for Homeworld they wouldn’t meet eachother, and they use this memory to cope? But I’m getting sidetracked.

Maybe Amethyst is fascinated with humans and their different cultures? Hell, maybe she considers herself more human than gem? Maybe she’s jealous of Steven (in a “I wish I had that as a kid” way some adults think when they see a kid with a cool toy, not in a spiteful way) that he actually physically IS what she always wanted to be-human, but with gem powers. And maybe she feels torn-too gem to be human and too human-like to be a gem? That could make for a fun, somewhat philosophical episode on “what defines a human”-biology, identification, inteligence? Can other sentient beings, if they exist/if we ever meet them identify as human and vice versa?

Or Amethyst being very into one paticular culture-from her coding we can assume she was supposed to be latinx, so Mexican maybe? Like she knows the entire history of Mexico and can recite it anytime, she can speak spanish since she taught herself, she can cook mexican dishes, knows everything about the culture, watches mexican media? Of course that would had to be done very carefully and respectfully, preferably by someone who’s mexican themself. But hey, su values diversity, right? ;)

Or Amethyst being into a very human activity, like cooking. She just reads various human cookbooks like regular people read story-driven books, watches cooking channels and likes to mix up different things to see how it would taste like. Pearl might call her a slob for mixing paprika and yogurt but she just doesn’t get cooking. And that’s fine. Different people (and gems) like different things and it should be respected. Amethyst might get annoyed but cooks anyway. She likes it because it helps her to connect to humans more and because she just likes to eat, plain and simple. She doesn’t have to, but she likes. 

Or maybe she collects something very specific? Postcards, figurines from different countries? Or even more bizzare-she buys a spoon anytime she’s in a different country, or asks her friends to buy her a spoon if they’re going for vacations. She has them catalogued and signs a country and year obtained. Just so when she doesn’t feel like a real gem she can just look at her collection to remind herself that well, if the Homeworld doesn’t want her, its their problem. She’s a part of something even more amazing. She’s an Earthling and a part of such a vibrant international community of humans from so many different countries, who hold different beliefs and each is unique. And she’s happy. She has a family and a place that she belongs in.

“… Often you find educated people in the media who look at spiritual books but they are so identified with their thought process, they don’t get it. They write reviews or articles and they miss the whole point. They can’t see the essence. It’s not their fault; it’s not them personally. It’s the human condition and its mind-identified state. And intelligence in itself doesn’t help. You can have two or three Ph.D.s; it doesn’t get you any closer to spiritual realization. In fact, you might be more distant.”

–Eckhart Tolle


1. Powerful and continuing nationalism.
2. Disdain for human rights.
3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause.
4. Rampant sexism.
5. Controlled mass media.
6. Obsession with national security.
7. Religion and government intertwined.
8. Corporate power protected.
9. Labor power suppressed.
10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts.
11. Obsession with crime and punishment.
12. Rampant cronyism and corruption.

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I feel like I might be kin, but im not sure what exactly I am yet and Im not sure how to fully accept it. Its still a new concept to me that im not sure i fully understand yet. I feel like I am a mix of wind, fae, and bunny all in one. Do you have advice for accepting this and perhaps a way to properly learn more? Research has led to not much clarity...

Hi anon! Sorry for the wait!! 

Back in the tender year of 2015, I - like many others - thought the concept of Otherkin was ridiculous (mostly because my only experience was trolls, really) so when the first thought struck “Hey! I might be Faekin!” I had a hard time accepting the idea too. 

The idea wouldn’t leave me alone, so I looked into what it really meant to be Otherkin. Identifying as Otherkin means you involuntarily Identify, fully or partially, as something non-human (contrarily, “voluntary” identification for purposes of coping with different problems is called “copinglink”, not Otherkin.) 

On the surface it sounds ridiculous, I know. But as I’m sure you’ve found, kin folks do know we’re human. Our identities are spiritual or psychological. For instance, my soul is primarily constructed of Magic from the Faerie Goddess Dana. Hence, I’m that Faerie Goddess! I’m a new person, but with a patchwork soul. 

Polykin are also a thing! My soul is primarily Magic, but there are also parts of another soul in the patchwork - a piece of which I share with Snow White. Again, I’m a new Person! But I’m also Snow, and feel comfortable taking that identity.

So identifying as Wind, a Faerie, and a Bunny isn’t unreasonable! The best thing to do would be to examine the boundaries between these identities. Is the identity of wind connected to the identity of a Faerie? Elementals are a thing. A Faerie who’s domain is wind, or air. Does the identity of a bunny connect to any of the others? Or are they all intertwined? 

Really, there’s no wrong answer. Not everyone has the same Otherkin experience - in fact, I’d wager that most people don’t, actually, because these things are as unique an experience to us as our identities as human, or our personalities would be. 

I think, personally, that the best method of research on Otherkin would be to communicate with other kin. (Ba dum tss!) Hear about their experiences and learn about your own! 

In the Divine community, I learned the concept of “Godshard” - a small piece of a God transplanted into a Human Body - which described my relationship with Dana. Likewise, you can learn things about yourself and your experiences through the community - most of us have been through the ringer of “jeeze, what do these feelings mean and what do I do about them, are there others who feel the same way?” already, and who can also help you navigate this sorta thing. 

And I think, most importantly: go with your instincts. If you feel like the best thing to describe you would be something like, “Wind Faerie who could shapeshift into a Bunny” then go with it. That’s your identity. And don’t be afraid to be wrong! Labels are for your use, for you to figure out what you’re feeling. If months or years from now you find something that better suits you, or you feel like your original identity doesn’t suit you anymore? There’s nothing wrong with changing how you present yourself. 

I thought I was Sunset Shimmer from MLP. I tried out the identity, to see if it fit me personally. Turns out it didn’t - not in the way I expected, at least. Hell, I went by Tib for ten years and recently changed my name to Snow! That doesn’t make it fake or mean that you were just pretending or being frivolous. It just means that you’re still learning about yourself, that you’re growing and changing and maybe making a few mistakes along the way, which most people do! 

In fact, accepting new ideas and identities as they come is better than being stagnant out of fear of skepticism and feeling like you’re not you anymore. 

I know I’m long-winded, but I hope this helps!! My askbox is always open if you ever have questions love <3 

18th of March,2016, 2nd Anniversary of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.


Continued from here X

Oh no, he knows she’s here. At least he didn’t sound so scary.

She stayed quiet from behind the tree–maybe he’ll go away! Then she remembered that dogs can smell, so it’d be pretty useless if she just stayed there.

She showed herself, arms held up in surrender. “Hah, you caught me,” she muttered nervously.

Ziggy eyed over towards the tree, seeing the strange person standing before him with a confused expression. What kind of monster is that?

Wait…two eyes…odd skin…fur on their head…clothing from another world…wait…WAIT…WAIT

Ziggy rushed over towards the human, marching towards them before stopping around 5 inches away from them before speaking once again.

“H-hey! Do you happen to see a human around here? I swear I heard one.” Oh the poor dog. This is what you get for not paying attention to the ‘Human identification’ lesson.


18th of March,2016, 2nd Anniversary of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.

This will probably be my last post on semantics for a while, since I want to focus on other things, but I know a lot of people really dislike “otherkin” being an umbrella term and want something else, so a while back I wrote up this little idea. Please note to take it with a grain of salt and, if you don’t like it, please feel free not to consider yourself part of it. This is simply a suggestion based on common complaints I have seen in various communities - it is in no way absolutely flawless. In general, do what makes you comfortable - if this isn’t something that makes you comfortable, don’t feel that you have to use it!

Alter-human/Alternative Humanity Personal Identity “AHPI”

A category of personal identity which encompasses identification that is alternative to the common societal idea of humanity.

For the sake of this categorization, the “common societal idea of humanity” is classified as such:

The common human identity involves:

-Identification with the body in the sense that the body is part of the self, unrelated to a sense of gender or any form of personal expression; at the basest level, a common human identity is an identification with the mechanical human form, bodily function, etc - feeling correct in a human body, the one given to the self at birth, when gender, race, and societal concepts are removed; not feeling that the body is not one’s own.
(Simple/Example: A transgender person is not/may not be AHPI because they still consider themselves human, and still consider the body to be theirs - just incorrect. Of course, transgender people may be AHPI, but being trans is not an AHPI identification, unless the gender of said trans person directly correlates to a nonhuman concept of gender.)

-Identification involving a singular persona within a body present from birth and which has not differentiated from the original-born persona which is attached to the body.
(Simple/Example: A multiple system would be AHPI due to multiple persons existing in one body. A walk-in (which occurred after birth, or by their own identification this way) is also AHPI as they are not the “original.” A median who experiences their multiplicity as facets of self or other similar but still non-singular sense would be AHPI.)

-Identification as a human with no supernatural personal basis BY SAID PERSON’S OWN DISCRETION.
(Simple/Example: A person who identifies as human and as their born persona in this life but who has an identity involving past lives may be considered AHPI if they so decide their experiences dictate as such. A person who believes themselves to be human in this life but spiritually angelic would be considered AHPI, assuming they identify as their angelic spirituality and not as a human. Some religions and spiritualities might include reincarnation but those who follow said spiritualities may not feel they fit in this category.)

-Identify as human regardless of personal subculture.
(Simple/Example: A furry would be human if they consider themselves to be, but a furry who identifies as a furry more than anything else may be AHPI due to identification as a member of said subculture as part of one’s overall personal identity.)

AHPI identities may include, as per personal discretion:
-Therian, phytanthrope, otherkin, and fictionkin identities
-Multiple, plural, median, and walk-in identities
-Spiritual self-identities which may still include degrees of humanity such as angelics, celestials, starseeds, god shards, reincarnated gods, vampires, etc
-Identities involving shared self-identification with nonhuman or other alternative human entities/concepts such as animal-hearted, godspouse, soulbond, and spiritual medium identities
-Identities of alternative humanity through disassociation, trauma response, or non-neurotypical mental status

Of course, all of these may either agree with or deny identification as AHPI, depending on personal discretion. Don’t feel a need to subscribe to any one label just because it exists. Do what makes you feel good!

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Hello there. I've always liked reading trial accounts and I'm curious about the differences in witches working with faerie spirits as opposed to devils. Not so much historically as practically for modern witches. Like what are the main differences between working with devils and other kinds of inhuman spirits?

This is truly a fantastic question. So thank you for that. First let’s lay out the three kinds of spirits relevant to this discussion; spirits of the dead, faeries/elves/hillfolk/djinn, etc. and devils/demons/imps. Of course these are three very broad general categories, but they’re a sufficient summary for this.

Now, I know you specified non-human spirits, which should rule out spirits of the dead (as you likely intended) from the response. Theologically speaking, this works. However, folkloric sources have often and always blurred the lines between these spirits. Where someone stumbles across a Wild Hunt lead by an old pagan deity or war hero, one might find it that the spirits of the dead are the ones rushing through the night, or equally might find a troop of faeries behind the lead hunts(wo)man. Or, it has been recorded as a group of faeries reveling in the procession, wherein the viewer happens to also spy an long-dead friend or relative. Of course it is not uncommon that faeries, piskies, banshee, rusalka, and many other “non-human” spirits across the world are believed to be the spirits of the dead themselves, manifest – often through a violent or early death, or drowning.
And depending on who you’re talking to, devils and demons can also either be completely separate or completely identical to faerie folk.

So, clearly I cannot give a response that cleanly identifies the difference between working with devils and either sorts of non-human spirits, because the identification and classifications themselves are quite blurry. I can only speak from my own experiences, and if anyone would like to add to them please feel free.

I personally have worked less with devils than with hill-folk or the dead. I have worked with demons, and heard tales of others dealing with djinn which fall pretty neatly on the line between devils and fairy folk. Working with demons for me was always more religious than magical. At the beginning of my work, my spiritual beliefs were along the lines of Gnostic Hermeticism, with a good bit of Alchemy and Luciferianism thrown in there. My work with demons wasn’t really so tied with my witchcraft. My workings with what one would call devils or imps has been only minor invocations etc. I haven’t established a relationship with anyone I would consider a devil. Besides perhaps black John himself. Now as for faeries, my personal experience has been varied. To me they are quite distinct, but my relationship it is stronger with them, and it gets more personal than with devils. I would ask either of them to help in magical workings. The way devils are treated is often (for some witches excluding myself) more in a commanding manner, and with more caution now days than is given to faeries. Faeries, while treated with caution are often also given tender care, part of the tradition of which may come from their stronger relationship to spirits of the dead. There is definitely a tie between faerie-belief and ancestor worship. But I personally treat both with the respect and kindness due to a guest or a friend.
One main difference is that devils tend to be tied to some form of religious dichotomy, whereas faeries do not. In fact, they tend to defy placement among binaries such as these. There’s a relevancy there that affects the working. There’s not much of a moral difference between the two, there are just some things that I would maybe do around one but not the other. Neither tend to enjoy symbols of the Church, for example, but I would cringe to use mountain ash in a working with faeries where with devils or demons it might not be as much of a problem (however, I don’t know why I would be using ash in a spell with a devil hahah). It’s in the small traditions and lore that faeries differ to me in my practice from devils, and the fact that I have a stronger relationship with them. But that’s just me, not every witch is the same. Historically, there have been countless witches and victims of the inquisition that have mentioned only devils or incubi in their stories or confessions, some that mention both, and some that mention only faeries and the like. 

I hope this cleared something up for you, however it really isn’t a clear scenario! Thank you for the marvelous question. <3

18th of March,2016, 2nd Anniversary of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.

Tattoos: Forensic Considerations and Human Identification Pt.2

So we talked about how useful the inks are on getting a positive human identification (Click here to read about it before you continue with the following..)

This week we will go on and talk about inks from different period, or even removed would also help positive identification, which is particularly helpful in human identification in disasters. And for this part, the ink used for tattooing is the crux of the whole study.

Back in 19th Century, the ink manufactured for tattooing is obtained from burning a liter of oil soot. And 300g of the oil was combined with fresh urine (!). (If you are shocked, you are not alone). Though the manufacturing of the ink looks as raw and rough as it is, it has successfully been kept till today, and the collected specimen are now exhibiting in Romania. 

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Hi! There were a bunch of these little guys climbing around a bathroom mirror in Chicago 😄 Any idea as to what they are?

I do have an idea to what these are! These are Moth Flies (Psychodidae) a unique family of setaceous flies which inhabit drains as larvae. Those white spots on the wings indicate that this is Clogmia albipunctata. A common species that is often found in human dwellings. 

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Falling into history

The blond looked to her, an eyebrow raised. Where… had she come from? “Hey kiddo,” he replied, kneeling to face her, “Are you lost? How did you get into MHHQ?” Zero had no idea who this little girl was, scanning the human database for her identification, but finding none.

Points of Notice in  the P4D Opening Animation:

This is less an analysis than me just pointing out some details.

Kanami first appearance, literally leaning on the fourth wall. The way her hands press on the glass make it clear she can’t come out to the audience tho - this is gonna be relevant later in the opening. This is idol Kanami, looking happy and bubbly-

…The sign in the background of the screen seems to be saying “Yu” and “Nanako”, implying that Kanami is going to see Yu and Nanako dancing. This implies that she’s expecting them to “dance for her”.

Somehow I get a feeling that “Idol Kanami” is actually meant to be her Shadow in this opening, but don’t quote me on it. I might be wrong.

OK, eyes (they look like Kanami’s), a door opening, ominous lights… I guess this is Kanami getting dragged onto the Midnight Stage. Note how, again, Kanami is behind glass, separated from the audience.

Now, a ten seconds break from Kanami. Note how all of the characters here are in their summer outfits from P4, rather than their dance outfits - except Teddie, for some reason. No idea if that means anything.

-In exchange for Teddie’s wardrobe not matching in the earlier shot, he’s now shown in human form on the mugshots on the TV screens, actually showcasting his human form in an “Identification Shot” of sorts for once (This hasn’t happened in the entire series up to this point, his human form was always treated as a gimmick before that). 

Also, much more importantly, Kanami is here, in casual clothing, actually not behind glass for once - But she’s still pressing against it, just from the other side. She seems scared, almost like a stalker, enviously starring at Rise and the IT. Despite being on the same side of the glass, she STILL seems separated from them. Just by her own emotions now, rather than by being behind a screen. 

Aaand, a Teddie just because I still wonder how in the names of physics he managed to open his suit while sitting like that. 

Also note that this is the final time in the opening that we see his mascot form. The entire rest of it treats him as a human character. Again, this opening is the first time Teddie’s human form is treated as a character, rather than a novelty. 

The IT forming a cycle of unity. This is important becauuuse in the next shot…

…Kanami, right in the middle of where their cycle had been, but they’ve faded out before she faded in. She’s still separated from them, still alone. What’s more, despite her seeming like she was still on “Their side” of the screen, without any visible glass keeping her away, we see clearly that her hands seem to be pressing against something. Like a mime, she’s feeling her hands along an invisible wall, even knocking on it - It’s becoming extremely clear now that this wall is something that exists in her mind. Or, as our good old song “Pursuing Your True Self” put it so nicely: “You’re locked up in your mind”.

The whole opening, Kanami is trapped behind glass, either behind the actual glass of the screen, or behind imaginary glass created by her mind… I think I can guess the themes of the game and Kanami’s issues pretty well already.