human heart in a car wash

Ok… So in @dement09 human AU

Steven was Rose’s and Gregs son but Rose died when she gave birth. Greg brings up Steven while working at the local car wash for work.

Then Jasper comes along. She used to be a teacher in Peri’s and Lapis’ classes. Lapis hated her. Jasper is looking for work as she can’t stand being a teacher anymore.

Greg meets her and falls in love.
She, in turn, falls for his millions of dollars bank card. But once she starts to see the kindness and loving heart of Greg she quickly begins to fall for him.

They start dating and eventually they get married. Steven is a little apposed at first but quickly adjusts to his new mom. Now they all live as a happy family a couple of doors down from the others.

@dement09 make this happen <3
If not, @kibbles-bits will persuade you.