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#weekend vibe ❤️ Repost from @ariesmanal28 : Pop Rock Diva @yengconstantino 󾆕󾠓󾠀󾠓
Makeup | @owensarmiento
Hair | #hairbyariesmanal
Styling | @teamrainxemhq @emmillan @rainierdagala ❤️Thanks our client loves Yeng and @ariesmanal28 ! Have instant platinum blonde highlights with #keirahairextensions 16 inches long and just have it trimmed for shorter hair too❤️Thanks for the tag Aries ❤️❤️❤️󾠣

Are You Tired of Low Quality Hair? Well Search No More! Dena Cali Luxe has the Answer!

There are many hair brands in the Hair market that claim to be a 100% Human Hair but none the least do they give all the details or the qualities in which they are made. With Dena Cali Luxe you can truly TRUST in our hair brand to provide the BEST quality in the Hair market. 

Dena Cali Luxe Provides

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  • 100% human hair
  • Guaranteed to never be treated with toxic chemicals.
  • Guaranteed to not have residue or coatings.
  • Guaranteed to not contain synthetics, low quality filler strands or animal hair.