human hair & co


I think, basically, you have many personas. None of them are sort of, t r u e, to who you really are. I guess really only your parents and your friends really know who you are…I guess.


Yeah! being Fun was - Fun! I felt like I was a kid - having a good time, playing games and dancing. My problems seemed so far gone!

Thank you, @shad-tastic! I felt pretty cute! 🍬💝


I definitely wear it less often than Finn. Plus, I like to maintain my flowers, so that means I have to give them sunlight. I think my lack of hat wearing is effecting Finn. He’s been wearing it a lot less recently. But I mean, it could also be because… of all the Helper jazz….

Thanks for the ask, @zelderonmorningstar! I had fun answering this one - I really got to let my hair down.