human hair


I’ve always had a bit of a thing for hair, artistically and otherwise. At uni it became the material and conceptual focus of my Bachelor of Fine Arts. In addition to drawing and photographing it, I embroidered, knitted and felted with it. Friends and family were more than happy to donate their hair but it was never enough, so I used to visit the hairdressers down the road and take the bags of hair they’d otherwise throw in the dumpster, sorting through it for different lengths and colours.

I’m a bit of a hoarder, especially of art materials, so I’d hung on to the leftovers from my BFA until recently when I was cleaning out my cupboard and decided it was time to free up some space. I’m always reluctant to throw things in the garbage and add to the already abundant mountains of landfill so I had an idea.

During my degree I’d read somewhere that as well being useful in cleaning up oil spills, hair also makes for great mulch because it’s incredibly effective at suppressing weeds on account of it allowing water through but felting in the process. So I’ve decided to put it to the test in a section of the garden where I’ve been battling some particularly persistent weeds!


IT’S SOOOOO FUNNY when people say that they say “I don’t like black girls because they wear weaves,” or “I prefer a white/Mexican girl because their hair is natural.” Please stop✋. For one there are a handful of African American women who wear their natural hair as for white women too. But little do people know that it’s not just black women who wear weaves. Other races sport around fake hair all the time. Extensions mainly, to make their hair look fuller. But it gets freaking irritating when people downgrade black women because we wear weaves. Is it against the law to want to look a certain way or to give our natural hair a break? Get over it though. A majority of the female population has extra hair added onto theirs. Especially movie stars who everyone cherishes.

-honestly?? ✋💁

things in this photo I will send you if you give me a money:

  1. n0ught comic page
  2. tiny jar of bleached human hair
  3. geodes from Keokuk, Iowa (cracked or uncracked) 
  4. tiny Styrofoam bird on plastic flowers
  5. little muppet eye stickers
  6. tiles or a custom tile
  7. weird bottle I found on the street
  8. that guwashi hand is pretty beat up, but I can make a better one
  9. fuzzy purple box
  10. portrait of th’ ghost