human generator

The human attribute generator placed 1 on all your stats, but 11 on your luck, the max should have been 10. God watches in anticipation as you unknowingly went to your first boss fight.

I am a Huge Nerd for alien and human interactions that go across tumblr (space Australia and Stabby come to mind) but like for real what about the human concept of luck? Each culture has its own, too, and also superstition so like this human will go nowhere near black cats but others are just like ‘oh kitty kitty kitty’.

Try to explain to someone that doesn’t understand that breaking a mirror is more than just a glass hazard. No it’s not a mystical mirror or a religious thing. It’s just a mirror, you broke it, now you get 7 earth years of bad luck. Is to the day? Who knows. But 7 years dude.

Or like that one person who always has stuff break around them. 'Why are they banned from the engine room?’ 'Just trust us Nyrak.’

Or what about people who things always go outrageously right for. That person where any number of the things that happen should not even be able to happen, and yet here we are.

That person that has the luck/innate skill to balance anything on their nose.

Lucky numbers. The importance of the zodiac too, while we’re at it. “The stars are not in alignment” 'have you been reading that human newspaper again Marshal?’ “No, Lydia, shut up” ,Are your species sensitive to the stars, humans?, “Nyark you know if I could explain it I would but I honestly cannot”

Good luck explaining Murphy’s Law to aliens who do not have the concept of luck or cosmic mythical interference.

I just really love the different ways the members of team JNPR comfort their sad friends.

Jaune is super patient and accommodating, and just kind of listens and offers really well-chosen words.

Pyrrha is very proactive and devises a solution of how to solve the problem, then is super nice and helpful and just a generally wonderful human being.

Ren is too reserved to straight-up talk about problems, but he’ll take really good care of the person and fuss over them a little until they cheer up.

And then there’s Nora.


talk to my red & my cherry

ships: isak/even, vilde/eva
rating: teen
word count: 5,234

hi all! so this is something I’ve been working for like, an entire week, and I’m really excited to finally share it with everyone!!

even though we don’t talk i’d really like to shoutout @closetlesbianvilde and @shameforskam - your metas/text posts were a HUGE inspiration for this conversation between Even and Vilde about sexuality. you guys are the best??

also big shouts to @adamparishe, @ravenclawisak & @isakneven for helping me edit and being generally Good humans ♡

i think this might actually turn into a series about Vilde continuing to explore her sexuality, so make sure to follow it on ao3 as well! i’ll be posting about any updates on my blog too.

please please please hit my inbox with thoughts and suggestions!! xx

Even wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gotten himself into this situation.

It was possible that it started with him attending a single kosegruppa meeting in October for the sole purpose of meeting Isak Valtersen, man of his life. And if that’s what led to him squeezed between Isak, a very drunk Eva and friends, and fifty other people he’d never seen before in his parents’ living room, he figured it was totally worth it. 

But that still didn’t explain how (or if) he’d volunteered his flat for the first kosegruppa pregame post winter break. Was he…still technically in the kosegruppa? Was Isak? It was hard to say. He was certain that they’d passed pregame about ten kilometers back. It was impossible to call the carnage occurring in his living room a pregame. This was a full blown party and he was pretty sure the kosegruppa had nothing to do with it.

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First human-pig 'chimera' created in milestone study
Prospect of growing human organs for transplantation raised by creation of first ever embryos combining two large, distantly related species
By Hannah Devlin

Scientists have created a human-pig hybrid in a milestone study that raises the prospect of being able to grow human organs inside animals for use in transplants.

It marks the first time that embryos combining two large, distantly-related species have been produced. The creation of this so-called chimera – named after the cross-species beast of Greek mythology – has been hailed as a significant first step towards generating human hearts, livers and kidneys from scratch.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, who led the work on the part-pig, part-human embryos at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, said: “The ultimate goal is to grow functional and transplantable tissue or organs, but we are far away from that. This is an important first step.”

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Okay so like one of the biggest things I 


about Regular Show is how it never loses sight of its decidedly masculine spin. All the characters involved are really well defined, and even the ones who are more feminine in expression are still recognizably and healthily masculine. My absolute favorite part is seeing these guys stick their necks out for each other, when Mordecai and Rigby look out for each other, when Mordecai looks out for Skips, when Pop looks out for Mordecai and Rigby, they all show they care for each other in ways that are just… 

It’s rough and tumble, it’s competitive, it’s rude and full of pranks and deceit, it’s yelling, it’s punching, it’s relenting for the sake of each other’s self esteem, it’s being happy for someone who’s usually a jerk to you because you know that their jerkiness is actually them being themselves in healthy and unharmful ways. 

And when it does become harmful? When Mordecai’s angry, empty threats accidentally have severe consequences for Rigby? When Rigby’s competitiveness gets him in trouble? When Skips’ pride gets in the way, when Benson’s yelling gets too personal, when Muscle Man’s pranks go too far, when Pops is forced to be someone other than himself? They always prove that those instances can be harmful just as much, if not more than just regular masculinity. 

It’s really great to me, because it’s a glimpse at the world through the lens of a male that doesn’t pretend it’s the default. It doesn’t have a “unisex and therefor automatically male” tone, it has a masculine tone. It knows it’s for boys, and about boys, and it refuses to just let that be the default. The show explores masculinity, or at least demonstrates it, in a way that people who might be confused about it or might not understand what it really means to “be a man” can grasp. 

It certainly helped me figure out the difference between regular masculinity and its toxic, exaggerated counterpart, back when I first discovered it several years ago.

this one goes out to all the blithering self-righteous crapspouts who think my opinions on hitting children, spying on children, or adults’ responsibility to respect children’s rights and human dignity generally will change when I “grow up” or become a parent myself.

I’m 30 years old. my understanding of the fact that children’s rights are not determined by parents has never been stronger than it is today. shut up.

I study and teach on children’s rights for a living. I have graduate degrees in childhood studies and psychology. in case this isn’t clear, that means I know more than you do. being an adult doesn’t make you an authority. putting years of hard bloody work put into becoming an expert does. shut up.

whether or not I have kids of my own doesn’t matter, because being a parent makes you an expert on children’s rights in pretty much the same way being a man makes you an expert on feminism (as in, it doesn’t, at all). but regardless, no, I’m not a parent. I have, on the other hand, been a teacher, a tutor, a nanny, a camp supervisor, a legal advocate, and in one instance, the temporary guardian/person solely responsible for a group of kids going through serious trauma as a result of parental abuse and an ongoing custody/CPS battle. through all of it I’ve managed not to be a shitty human being who treats people like they don’t deserve the same basic dignity and respect I demand from others. the fact that you can’t handle responsibility without turning tyrannical doesn’t mean others have the same failing. shut up.

even if younger people’s views were automatically different from yours, that wouldn’t make them less important. that would make your views less important. children are the highest authority on whether or not something you’re doing to them is disrespectful or wrong. claiming that being a child means your view of how adults treat you can automatically be discounted is gross and abusive in itself. it’s gaslighting in the extreme. shut up.

finally, there are plenty of people your age who are capable of understanding that what you’re doing is wrong, and you do not get to lump us in with you and claim us as allies. that’s the same as the goddamn “it’s just locker room talk all guys do it” defense. I’m an adult, and I’m not on your side. plenty of adults - plenty of parents - are not on your side.

shut. the hell. up.

INTP Drama

Did you know that INTPs love drama? Well, you probably already knew that if you are an INTP, but other people seem to think that we’re too nerdy and scholarly and boring to enjoy drama.

Well, the most boring people seem to like drama the best.

What is different about us is the kind of drama we like.

Our Ti is interested in everything at some point. That is, we like to think about things in theory and although we usually have one or two subjects of main interest that we focus on, just about anything can interest us. And human nature is generally something that will interest us after a while, despite the fact that we don’t care to be around people that often.

The thing is, it’s hard for us to understand human behaviour, which we often consider illogical and unsensible. However, if we read enough books, and most of us do at some point or another, we start to see that human nature is very similar throughout history. And although people don’t act the same, there are very definite patterns to human behaviour. Also, we start to see that the way people act is in accordance with the way they think based on their personality types. Or perhaps we can relate real life people to fictional characters.

And since we are INTPs, and since we love it when our thoughts start to congeal, we get really happy when we start to see these patterns. 

But what is human nature if not one great drama? We don’t particularly love to be in the petty dramas of everyday life. We shun them as too disgusting and too annoying for us to notice. 

And we turn around and read a novel, most of which are basically one long book of people doing one dramatic thing after another. 

So, you see, we are not soulless humans. We may start out looking at people with an eye to analysis, but our humanity will take over after a while, and we’ll start wanting to know about the pain and joy of human experience.

Of course, being INTPs, we probably need to experience all that vicariously. But that’s why we have books, don’t you know?

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the fact that NASA is so underfunded just fuckign it fucki ng it just f ucking blows my mind fuck. it’s NASA. it’s fucking NASA. we’re talking about space and science and our understanding of the universe. we’re talking the study and search for planets and life outside Earth and trying to ensure the survival of our species by sending humans to Mars and generally just trying to find the meaning of life and you don’t think that’s the tightest shit you’ve ever even considered then you’re wrong

Reminder that animal alters are definitely a thing. Alters can be things like dogs, horses, cats, etc etc. Some may be able to front and some may not. Some may be able to speak and act generally human when fronting, some may not. Some will act like actual animals. These are all ok. 

Animal alters can be metaphorical for abuse, for example if an abuser compared you to an animal or if it felt like you were being treated like one. 

They can be protectors, animals that feel safe and strong and will fight off abusers. 

They can be comfort, soft and warm alters who are caretakers. 

Animal alters are definitely not fake and are actually relatively common.

“shit my professors said” starters

feel free to alter these to fit your needs!

“I hope you’re having a great two month period of consumerism and drunkenness.”
“But I won’t get into that.”
“Fuck, I got the car, what do I do with it?”
“Goddamnit, have some compassion, fuck face.”
“Because fucking America, douchebag!”
“Sorry, I said douchebag.”
“The human imagination unfettered can generate nearly anything.”
“Where’s Jesus?!”
”Gonorrhea was worth it.”
“They grew up thinking Father Knows Best is the pinnacle of 3 to 4,000 years of Western civilization.”
“If I’m so angry, what am I afraid of?”
“That sounds like a weird question.”
“I want things to remain the same and never change and Dad should have never left.”
“You are not enough. Sorry.”
“He’s a ‘penis person’.”
“She’s a– I’m not gonna say it.”
“The thing that is closest to us can be the most remote.”
“We are all Donald Duck.”
“People hate me.”
“All change is scary– even good change.”
“The greatest principle of indeterminacy is our capacity to ask questions.”
“They wear a striking amount of out of context leather.”
“You may celebrate Kwanzaa, and you may celebrate Festivus.”
“There is such a thing as too much (name).”
“I’m a total hypocrite don’t do what I do do what I say.”
“It was the most amicable, grown up break up we’ve ever had.”
“He’s single ladies. Not now, but when you graduate.”
“He came back chain smoking and chain drinking. He came back and never was the same again.”
“(name) never does any bad things.”
“Oh I do a ton of bad things. I just don’t care.”
“You can’t get away with that here though.”
“What was the word I used? Ass.”

“What’s your name, lad?”
The dwarf swallowed. This was clearly the bit he’d been dreading. “Littlebottom, sir.”
Vimes didn’t even look up.
“Ah, yes. It says here. That means you’re from the Uberwald mountain area, yes?”
“Why… yes, sir,” said Littlebottom, mildly surprised. Humans generally couldn’t distinguish between dwarf clans.
“Our Constable Angua comes from there,” said Vimes. “Now… it says here your first name is… can’t read Fred’s handwriting… er…”
There was nothing for it. “Cheery, sir,” said Cherry Littlebottom.
“Cheery, eh? Good to see the old naming traditions kept up. Cheery Littlebottom. Fine.”
Littlebottom watched carefully. Not the faintest glimmer of amusement had crossed Vimes’s face.
“Yes, sir. Cheery Littlebottom,” he said. And there still wasn’t as much as an extra wrinkle there. “My father was Jolly. Jolly Littlebottom,” he added, as one might prod at a bad tooth to see when the pain will come.
“And… his father was Beaky Littlebottom.”
Not a trace, not a smidgeon of a grin twitched anywhere.

– on Cheery Littlebottom’s family history | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

How do you think others see you?

(( Take a moment to think about this… 

I had a conversation with some friends the other day. They were mortified by a funny picture someone had taken of them. Mortified to the point that they couldn’t look at the picture without becoming depressed.

“If that’s how I look when I’m having fun, I need to work out.” 

“I look so ugly.”

“Everyone laughs about this picture… it just makes me sad.” 

So I brought up this point. How do you look at your friends? 

Do you see an ugly picture of them and think, “Wow, they’re hideous. That’s how they look all the time.” or do you look at it and simply think that it’s hilarious, because it’s nothing more than a funny face?

Do you view your friends based on their ugly pictures… or do you look at them and see the cute selfie they took that day.

We, as humans, generally see our friends in the best possible light. Most of us look at each other with a screen that seems to filter out all of the blemishes that are, apparently, front and center.

My acne is so horrible, my hair is so thin, I’m so overweight, I’m ugly

How do you look at others?

If you see others at their most beautiful… If you look at gorgeous, filtered selfies of your friends and think “they are so beautiful”… if you think your friends genuinely look like the pictures they post, the pictures that make them feel confident…

Then doesn’t it stand to reason that they look at you the same way? Why are you any different? Why are you suddenly standing alone in this? The people you surround yourself with… the people you think are so wonderful and beautiful… they all see you the way you want to be seen.

Now let yourself see it.

Get rid of the feelings of despair, shame, and self loathing where others are concerned. Stop thinking that everyone’s judging you based on those unflattering photos. If you can look at someone’s beautiful picture and think it looks just like them… then believe people when they tell you how beautiful you look.

This is your life. Don’t waste it by stripping away your own power. ))

whats with animated animal/object/whatever women being generally more human-coded than animated men.  you ever feel like theres one female character design in animation that every animated property like, defaults to so half of them are just variations on it. thats why we get stuff like the titty fish in shark tale bc animators cant conceive of a female coded being that doesn’t have something resembling titties. like u’ll have a cartoon of a bee thats like barely anthropomorphized and then it will meet another bee that has human hair and lips and titties and wears clothes. like does it gotta hav conventionally attractive traits so we can tell that its a woman bc ugly women r fake. does it gotta be inherently sexualized unlike these other fuckers what can just walk around wearin no pants bc their fucking, animals anyway. cant it just be a bee. 

like does this mean when casper was a human he had a big fucked up swollen head???? well does it??????? answer me you bastards, you cowards

anonymous asked:

chimpanzees which are our closest animal relative are omnivores, wouldn't that mean so should we?

1. We are different species, so just because they eat one way doesn’t mean we eat the same. Most members of the ape family eat differently to one another.
2. They are actually omnivorous FRUGIVORES which means their primary food source is fruit! They actively seek out fruits so that they don’t have to eat other foods. So when they do eat animal products, it is usually because there is nothing else available, and it’s normally only insects or small animals (not cows, pigs, sheep… big animals that we too are not designed to eat). This is a big stretch from humans who generally eat meat 3 times a day, which is why we have become such a sick population. If chimps did the same, they’d be getting diseases like us. If humans only ate animal products in desperate plant-scarce times like chimps, then we would be very healthy! We have adaptations that allow us to digest these foods if need be, but not in the quantity that we eat them today.

To say that Glee means a lot to me is an understatement, and there are a lot of people who worked on that show who I love dearly. Chris Colfer is one of them. He’s not only a talented performer, but he’s also a bestselling author and just a generally amazing human being. When we were on set, he’d be off in a corner, writing novels in longhand in a notebook. I don’t know how he did it, but it’s incredibly inspiring.
—  Naya Rivera in Sorry Not Sorry


your transparent eyes
betrayed you today.

i wonder where did you
voyage during the last night
-you seem to adore existential
travelling so much you
don’t even know where
your home is anymore.

but that’s alright.
i know you’ve always been well-versed
in orientating yourself by the stars.

you won’t stop, because you can’t
and i admire you for that.

you always wear black.

unsolvable riddle for human mind:
you generated your own dimension for play;
another day between saturday & sunday,
and you play with such frivolity
it’s incredibly adorable;
you’re doing it masterfully.


anti-sjw-garnet  asked:

why are the human eps so boring recently like?? where is my ep of how ame and vidalia meet and how they became partners in crime™ or greg helping her when she probably was heart broken and a tiny bit pregnant too?? or the crystal gems interacting w humans more like i would take any of these over onion and his boring friends


The only human ep I really liked was Beach Party, that ep was genuinely funny. But generally human eps are fairly dull imho.