human fragility


As she stepped out of the car, carefully avoiding puddles of collected rainwater in her nice (and new) heels, she navigated up the old stone path to the gate at the front of the establishment. Brightly colored leaves drifted from the trees around her, shaken loose by rain and wind. They gathered on the ground and Dragica considered the poignant contrast their color made against the drab world. There had been a time in her life when she had felt like one of these leaves, drifting helplessly in the grip of time and the decisions of others, a time when she had been human and fragile. She plucked a leaf from the air and turned it over in her hand, the fragile thing crumbling at her touch before she let it fall again, continuing its inevitable descent. Perhaps one day she would join the leaves, dying and discarded, but she had not wrenched control of her fate from the hands of men to let it slide away so easily.

Maybe it’s time to show less care to others. You give too much time, effort and affection to people around you that make you forget that you need them too. And when they leave you, there’s nothing left. Because you give everything. In the first place, you are a human, a fragile being. Life shouldn’t be always a give-and-give situation, sometimes you need to receive something in return to feel loved and important, to feel complete. Re-evaluate yourself. Maybe they are taking you for granted because you are too generous and easy to fool around. Do not give everything to people, it’s great to share, yes, but keep a small room for yourself. There’s a thin line between being a stupid and selfish. Stand in the middle. Take care of yourself, too.
—  baekebyan

Okay, here’s the problem with the idea that oppressed groups can “alienate allies” by not being nice enough:

You shouldn’t be an ally because oppressed groups are nice to you. You should be an ally because you believe that they deserve basic human rights. Hearing “I hate men” shouldn’t make men stop being feminist. Hearing
“fuck white people” shouldn’t make white people stop opposing racism.

Your opposition to oppression should be moral, and immovable. Your belief that all humans should be treated with equal respect shouldn’t be conditional based on whether or not individual people are nice to you. 


sworn to the sword rewrite:

  • pearl is hesitant to train connie at first, because she is so young. connie insists
  • pearl turns out to be a kind, patient teacher who who starts it slow, and even goes overkill on the safety precautions. connie is annoyed and insists that she can handle serious training and lies that pearl is overestimating how fragile humans are. pearl believes this, since she doesnt know so much about how full humans work
  • steven quickly finds out that connie is pushing herself way too hard and hiding her physical pain from pearl. she tells steven to keep it secret or else the gems will look down on her. she blames herself for being “just a human” with none of the cool abilities steven has. steven understands bc he also often felt looked down upon for being weaker than the gems
  • the song is from connie’s point of view. pearl sings the training instructions; connie sings to herself about not being good enough. she’s the one that calls herself “just a human”, not pearl
  • steven doesnt know what to do. he goes to garn and ame for help. they freak out and tell him that pearl would want to know, that she’d be the most concerned of all of them because she personally knows what it’s like to push herself too hard
  • garnet describes how dangerously self sacrificing she was during the war and how long it took for pearl’s self-worth to recover. the backstory is shown not to say ‘oh wow poor pearl!!!’, or to say that poor mental health makes you hurt others. it’s shown to say that pearl knows what it’s like and wants connie to be safe.
  • steven rushes to tell pearl. she FREAKS and pulls connie aside to tell her how harmful that mindset is. that no one should see themselves solely as an asset to another. that she would never want connie to suffer how she did. and that pearl vowed to protect humans, not hurt them. 
  • there are still parallels between pearl/rose and steven/connie, but healthy ones. pearl says “rose never wanted me to do that to myself, and steven would never want that for you either.” not “oh hi im the Crazy Lesbian Stereotype and im harming you kids by being gay!! im gonna push my unhealthy lifestyle on you bc thats what we lesbians do!!”
  • pearls crush is still heavily alluded to, with pearl blushing while talking about rose and other lighthearted cute stuff. not “wow being gay made me hate myself! :)”
  • pearl gives a very explicit heavy moral about how those who love you also want you to love yourself. she then tells connie that she’ll only train her if connie is responsible and honest about her limits
  • there is no implication that pearl only is overprotective of steven bc he has rose’s gem, or that she sees him as her at all. it’s revealed through pearl’s delicacy with connie that she was overprotective of steven bc he’s half-human
  • maybe steven speaks up about feeling weaker than the gems. pearl says that he shouldn’t have to be physically strong, that she’s there to protect him. this resolves stevens earlier worries that she’s disappointed in how human he is, as shown in the healing tears ep.
  • the episode focuses on connie and her pain, not pearl
  • on that note..connie’s low self esteem wouldve been better established as being from bullying or w/e, not her strict parents, bc that plays into the tiger mom stereotype

((alright so I got the idea from this post))

just imagine: 

  • for some reason or another, keith turns into a baby
  • everyone is freaking out
  • shiro is like “shit I haven’t held one of these in so long am I doing it right?”
  • pidge is like “I don’t like fetuses get it away”
  • allura and coran are scared because human babies are so fragile they don’t wan to hurt baby keith
  • but then there’s lance
  • “back up guys” *cool hair move* “I got this” *proceeds to cuddle with baby keith and talk to him in the baby voice*
  • baby keith loves this
  • everyone is like “lance how are you doing this”
  • and hunk responds “do guys do know he has about three baby siblings and ten baby cousins, right?”
  • “one, hunk. I have one baby sister and five baby cousins.”

idk man I just really want to see baby keith and lance being the only one who knows/is willing to take care of him

also just imagine the spell wearing off and baby keith is suddenly full sized and being cradled in lance’s arms

Don't demonize Saeran in the Unknown route

If there’s an Unknown route I think the main focus should be on having MC making Saeran realize that he’s been brainwashed, and having him forgive Seven. I’d also like to see the group all deciding to help him out in their own way, some of them skeptical and doing it for Seven, but once getting to know him, never regretting once they did.

I don’t want a Beauty and The Beast situation for his Good End. In the Bad End, him kidnapping her could probably make sense… But I want the story to end well for him, not with him shown to be a posessive yandere that’s really just toxic to MC.

I want Saeran shown to be human, a fragile, emotional human. I want him to be vunerable and scared when realizing what Rika did to him, that all he believed was a lie. I want him to become angry, I want him to stand up for himself against her, to take control of himself and cutting all the ties she used to make him do what she wanted.

I want Saeran to be angry at V for things turning out the way they did, for not stopping it sooner. But I want him to forgive Seven, when finding out it wasn’t his fault, for them to re-unite and talk about it.

I want Saeran to be gentle and kind with MC, and her with him as well. I want her making sure he knows she’s there for him, but giving him all the space he needs when processing the situation, and never preassuring him.

The Unknown route should show how Saeran isn’t evil. Rika turned him into a tool, a weapon, but that doesn’t make him a monster. He’s a human, who has been through things no one should ever have to endure.

Can you imagine how Cassian felt when K-2SO died? Like, he was his best friend. His best friend was a droid. Cassian knew over all the years that he couldn’t save humans, so mortal and fragile. His best friend was a robot, metal and machinery. He likely reprogrammed him himself. K-2SO with his snarky responses and loyalty to Cassian, but still a droid. In the end Cassian couldn’t even save his robot let alone the human being sitting next to him on that beach.

I swear by the end of this, you’re going to know that it’s for you. I’m going to be flat out 100 percent honest with you. I’m a fucked up person. I should’ve chased you, but I didn’t. I guess I’m just exhausted. Physically tired of heartache. Emotionally tired of myself. Mentally fatigued from words like love and trust. My body at the age of 23, darling, I’m over it. I keep pumping all of these drugs into me like some rockstar, I’m not. I’m human. I’m fragile. I’m broken. I have told you before, did I not? I said I’d be here and that I’d wait until you figured out what it is that you wanted. That’s the thing, I still don’t know what you’re looking for. Comfort before the storm hits? A writer who’ll leave poetry on your lips? That’s the thing, where does it begin? When does it end? I think we’re both lost. We don’t know. What are you looking for? A few weeks ago, I used to look at you and try to find those things– a writer does these things. I’m looking for an answer that you can’t give. It’s never straight between us, we’re both tired of the bullshit. So I’m giving it to you straight. The other day, an I love you slipped out of your mouth. Oh darling, I don’t know love, but I know that you don’t love me. You just need someone to be there for the time being, until you figure it all out… and me? I’m not that person. I’m nothing close to it. I’m damaged, just like you. I did it to myself, and that’s our difference. You’ve been hurt by people before, me? I’ve been slitting my wrist on lips for a whole decade. It’s how I am, I go into things heart first and then I just sit there by myself wondering what the fuck just happened? You said that you got my number for a reason, you said that you’re doing this for a reason– if you had a better life, if I had a better life– would you even bother talking to me? I’m nothing, just a writer to soak up more of your time. That’s the thing about all of this isn’t it? Are we just wasting more time? You’re not looking for love like how I am. You’re not looking for yourself like how I am. I’m lost. When you say that you’re depressed, you never give me the why. It’s because people stood you up. It’s because you’re lonely. It’s because life isn’t easy. Darling, even millionaires must have a few challenges. If life was easy, we wouldn’t be here. If life was easy, there wouldn’t be any writers. If life was easy, there wouldn’t be any art for us to buy. If love was easy, there wouldn’t be a flood of strangers at bars looking for people to fix something they didn’t break. If love was easy, you wouldn’t need to read this. You do need to read this. It wasn’t all for nothing. You’re a strong person. You’re going to make it. With or without me, you’re going to pull through. The universe works in crazy fucking ways. This? This was one of its memories. We’re just heartache that didn’t happen yet. Yeah, I push people away. Yeah, I get kinda cold. Yeah, I get kinda sad. Yeah, I get pretty lit when it’s 6 am and I still didn’t sleep yet. Yeah, we’re both lonely, but that doesn’t mean that we need to know love like how we used to love them. Yeah, it’s going to hurt, but at least, it doesn’t hurt as bad. Not as bad, I guess I’m not different. I’m just another guy that was destined to hurt you, but at least I’m honest about it. You know one thing though? I’m proud of one thing. I’m proud that I didn’t say I love you to you because that would’ve hurt both of us. I don’t know a thing about love, I don’t. But I am indeed learning. You’re not in love with me, you just want me around so that it’s less lonely. But darling, that’s a cut we don’t need.
—  Dear Stacie
rannadylin “My brain needs to wind down from the Yuletide sprint, and I can’t…”

Early pre-stream bonding moments between Percy and Trinket, given Taliesin’s comments on Talks Machina on how Percy got along with the bear from the start!

There’s a bear lying next to his bedroll. This is not a unique incident; this particular bear has been sleeping next to him for the last four nights, the entire time Percy has been with this strange group. Vex keeps trying to reassure him about it. “He’s really very friendly,” she says. “He just wants to get to know you.” But behind her back, Scanlan makes a throat-cutting motion with his hand, and honestly, Percy isn’t sure which one of them to believe. The bear - Trinket, and what a name that is - doesn’t make any overtly threatening moves. He hasn’t really menaced Percy at all. But when they settle down for the night, he just plops down next to Percy and watches him. It’s disconcerting.

Percy sighs and sits down on his bedroll. “I suppose you’re looking out for your mistress,” he says, feeling a little odd for talking aloud to a bear. “You don’t know me, and I might be dangerous. They did find me in jail, after all.”

Trinket makes a whuffing noise that sounds suspiciously like an answer. What that answer is, of course, Percy has no idea. “I promise, I mean her no harm. She saved my life, honestly. I owe her.”

At that, the bear raises his head. Suddenly, Percy has a large, wet bear nose poking into his torso; he freezes, and lets Trinket sniff, or do whatever it is he’s doing. When he draws back, Trinket makes another grunting noise before laying his head back on his paws. This one, Percy could swear sounds like approval. “All right,” he says slowly. “A gentleman’s agreement, then.” He gives the bear’s head a very tentative scratch. He doesn’t get his hand bitten off, so he figures he’s doing okay.

When he lays down to sleep, he can feel snorts of breath ruffling his hair. It smells a lot like fish, but honestly, it smells much better than the jail cell he was rotting in, so Percy figures he’s come out ahead.

remember how people left the sherlock fandom because sherlock in series 3 wasn’t how they saw him? because he appeared more human and emotional and fragile and he wasn’t dfp? sad


Since I got a few questions on why I didn’t make some characters older or younger looking. The answer is just that I don’t know how to adjust the time line so, at least for now, everyone is in limbo age wise. If anyone wants to try to map out all the events from into the woods to the darkest hour on a human timeline themselves and suggest it for me than be my guest.

Cats also retire are lot later than humans do, so I have to be careful with how old I let a warrior be until their damn human ass is too fragile for the battlefield.

And on the top of the last slide, I dislike incest as much as anyone but seeing as I’m not changing anyone’s lineage, there’s unfortunately nothing I can do about it.

Not that we needed it, but if we did need more evidence that Kara deserves better than Mon-El, we got it tonight.

A few weeks ago, Kara ended up powerless on another planet. There, despite her lack of powers, she did everything she could to protect to people she’d gone to save, and was hurt multiple times by the cell guards in order to stop the people she’d gone to help from being taken.

Whilst this was happening, despite going there to apparently help her, Mon-El just watched in silence.

Tonight Kara went to save Lena and try stop Lillian Luthor. Whilst there she was temporarily incapacitated after one of Lex Luthor’s weapons was used against her.

As this happened, Lena leaped forward with “don’t hurt her!” despite being restrained by Hank Henshaw, and she was then thrown to the ground and knocked out.

Mon-El knew Kara was completely powerless there, yet chose to do nothing.

Kara was down temporarily and Lena’s a human, so fragile compared to those she was with at the time, yet still Lena tried.

Mon-El did nothing when Kara had no powers and she was being electrocuted repetitively. Lena tried to do something when Kara was temporarily down but certainly not out and still had her powers.

Stop trying to insist on this bullshit love story of Kara and Mon-El when he only ever does things for her that aren’t a serious risk to him whilst still making him look good. Don’t you dare insist on this being some great new romance for both of them when he doesn’t deserve anything from her, despite how many times she’s gone out of her way to help him no matter how horribly he treated her. The fact he’s less awful now isn’t much of an improvement, and he should be grateful she’s tolerating him, and we should all know she deserves someone who can be her true partner, her equal, someone who helps her be better and stronger instead of dragging her down to their level.

Kara is, in the wise words of Cat Grant, smart and talented and astonishing. She is strong and brave and always tries to see the best in people and help people as much as she can. Don’t lessen this incredible woman to try and justify the existence of this new character. It’s an insult to Kara, and it’s an insult to everything this show is supposed to represent.