human fragility

The human condition

Is fragile
Veiled in ego and

To self detriment,
Self destruction

Swung inwards,
Reflected outwards.

A volatile balance
Of vanity,
Of empathy and
conscience and
self interest and

And more emotion.

Weight shifts,
Self topples.
Another collapses
To the death.

—  deAngelo // A contemplation upon Self.

So yesterday I was feeling so upbeat and today I can hardly move.. surely human is the most fragile being despite its arrogance. May ﷲ grant us shifa.

Fluffy bullet point time!

Primaris :

  • Chapter Master of the Lupi Ultramaris is called Einar Slowhand. The earned-name being a tribute to his wisdom and thoughtfulness rather than a mockery. (Slow to reach for his weapon — slow to get angry).
  • The Lupians have been tasked by Guilliman to handle contact with the Caliranites. They are the only ones — Except for the Lord-Commander himself, and other Astartes, when there is no other option — that are allowed to deal with the Eldar of that faction. A way to minimise xenos exposure and influence, no doubt (or to avoid the more anti-xenos factions of humanity to sabotage the fragile alliance).
  • Einar will be a sort of Jim Raynor to my Caliranite Eldar.
  • There will be moments with Commissars and other outsiders. Their heresy and anti-xenos talks will have to be dealt with.
  • A big battle that will reveal a lot for both sides is going to take place soon. This battle will inspire a lot of my model’s bases reworking.

Eldar :

  • Tarron Anastari is much less of a dick with Faelon Dirhael. He calls him “Farseer” publicly now and they are on first name basis in private conversations.
  • Tarron is generally softer on everyone. He has purpose and has had this renewed sense of the self for over a century now. He still runs his fleet the Spartan way, but suffering gratuitous cruelty or manipulation has become less of a problem for the people under his command.
  • In the same fashion, Faelon has gotten much more assertive, filling the void left by Tarron. The Farseer often adds precisions or completes the Prince’s orders in a menacing way. He fits the trope of the devoted henchman.
  • In the aforementioned battle, we will get to see how powerful the Caliranites can be and how bad-ass of a ship the Subjugation is. The Barge-Killer will really deserve its Monkeigh nickname.

It’s been about a week of driving on the road, and Stiles gets to his place and drops his things off. The rest of his stuff will be delivered in about another week. 

Stiles stands in the stillness of his tiny apartment and closes his eyes, takes in the quiet, a quiet he hasn’t heard and felt in a long time, when his phone dings.

Stiles opens his eyes, sees it’s text from Scott asking if he made it by the time he said he would. Stiles answered he made it, and then shuts his phone down, and proceeds to lay down on all the blankets he brought with him - his bed won’t be there for a few more days, at least - and sleep.

It’s night when he wakes up, and the street lights are shining into his apartment where he lay in the almost bare living room. Stiles turns on his phone, and this time his heart skips a beat - and Stiles doesn’t quite know why - when he sees the text he’d been expecting from Derek:

Have you made it? Do you want to meet up? 

It was sent an hour ago. Stiles replies back, saying he did and he would, but since it’s night time, they could meet tomorrow?

But Derek replies back a few minutes later that he wouldn’t might meeting up that night. It’s only 7PM, and so Stiles agrees and they agree to meet at a coffee shop a few blocks from where Stiles lives - Derek has been living in D.C. for a few months now, and ever since Stiles told Derek where he would be living, Derek made a point to get to know the area around it. Stiles found that oddly sweet, but he would never tell Derek that. 

Stiles’ heart is beating wildly as he leaves, locking his door behind him. He hasn’t seen Derek in over a year now. They’ve talked over the year, actually they’d talked quite a lot in the past few months, especially, but Stiles hadn’t been face to face with Derek in well over a year. 

Stiles feels and equal measure of excitement and nerves. He feels almost jumpy as he heads down the stairs in his apartment building, and then out into the warm summer night D.C. air. 

He texts Derek that he’s on his way, and Derek texts back that he’s already there, waiting outside. 

Stiles gulps and licks his lips, and walks faster, pocketing his phone.

Stiles is away from the only home he’s known for 18 years. But he feels oddly free. He misses Scott, his dad, everyone like crazy, but he also feels less…heavy. Less like he was drowning. Stiles still looked around him surreptitiously, not able to shake off the habit from almost two and a half years of danger and destruction happening to and around him, but the air is quiet, people barely spare him a glance. 

It feels wonderful.

Stiles is able to breathe

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this relaxed. 

When he rounds the corner to the coffee shop, he freezes, his inhale sharp when he sees Derek standing outside, and then it feels like his heart trips over itself when Derek hears him and turns towards him, and they lock eyes. 

Derek looks good. He looks as relaxed as Stiles felt. Derek was still in the tight jeans that Stiles remembered him wearing all the time (and damn, they always made Stiles stare a little longer than he should have) but his shirt looked soft and comfortable, and it was a light purple color that made Derek look absolutely…amazing. 

And he wasn’t wearing his signature leather jacket. He wasn’t standing with his arms over his chest. They were at his sides, just hanging, relaxed. He also wasn’t scowling. He was grinning. At Stiles.

And Stiles found himself grinning back. He let out a shocked laugh, and then he was walking fast toward Derek, who started walking toward him too. 

Stiles sped up the last ten or so feet, and then Stiles was practically jumping into Derek’s awaiting arms, and Derek gave a small “oof” as if Stiles, fragile human that he was, was able to knock the breath out of Derek. 

“Sorry,” Stiles murmured. 

But he felt Derek shake his head and wrap Stiles up firmly in his arms, and Stiles breathed out softly, tightening his arms around Derek’s shoulders and resting his cheek against Derek’s.

“I missed you,” Stiles whispered, surprised he let that slip out. But he did nothing to take the words back. 

“I missed you, too,” Derek said, and Stiles shivered. He and Derek had mostly texted over the past year, and the last time they had talked on the phone had been months ago. Stiles had missed his soft, beautiful voice. It was like honey to Stiles’ ears.

Two and a half years. That’s how long Stiles had basically lived in hell. 

But now….now, Stiles was getting out of it. With Derek, who actually picked Stiles up enough that Stiles was then on his tippy toes, somehow bringing Stiles closer in his arms, and Stiles huffed out a laugh. 


“Shh, just enjoy it,” Derek murmured. 

“Can’t imagine the Derek I knew saying that,” Stiles whispered. Even at the end, before Derek left, when he was in such a good place, he hadn’t quite been like this. So happy. So relaxed. So ready to hug someone. And hug them closely, for that matter. 

“Yeah, well…some time away helps,” Derek murmured, and Stiles felt his heart beating faster when he felt Derek brush his lips lightly against Stiles’ neck. 

“Good thing I’m getting some time away, then,” Stiles murmured. And then after a long moment, “with you,” Stiles said. 

He felt Derek inhale sharply, and then the arms around him tighten. But it didn’t feel restrictive. It felt amazingly comforting. Stiles felt warm, safe. Relaxed. And maybe even a little bit happy.

“I’m glad you’re getting time away, too. With me.”

Stiles smiled, buried his smile against Derek’s shoulder, and then decided to hold on to Derek just a little longer. 

He didn’t feel the need to be anywhere else. 

Sleep Paralysis

Since I just experienced it like 30 minutes ago it;’s fresh in my mind.

Not being able to move, at all, while being perfectly lucid and awake.

It sucks.

Now sleep paralysis happens in REM sleep to keep the body from acting out what you’re dreaming.

Imagine, for a minute, that aliens don’t dream and, as such, don’t have or experience sleep paralysis.

Imagine encountering it in a human.

Listening about how fucking terrifying it is, and how damn annoying it is.

Imagine the aliens asking the humans why it happens and the answer being: 

‘Oh. It’s uh, its so we don’t act out what we dream and dont hurt ourselves ‘n stuff’

And the aliens being somewhat terrified for us because What in the DICKENS would human dream about to cause them to need sleep paralysis. and Holy shit. The humans must dream about some crazy shit. 

and, asking the humans what they typically dream about, it’s basically a chorus of either weird flying bullshit, warped homes, and night terrors.


Sleep Paralysis

sworn to the sword rewrite:

  • pearl is hesitant to train connie at first, because she is so young. connie insists
  • pearl turns out to be a kind, patient teacher who who starts it slow, and even goes overkill on the safety precautions. connie is annoyed and insists that she can handle serious training and lies that pearl is overestimating how fragile humans are. pearl believes this, since she doesnt know so much about how full humans work
  • steven quickly finds out that connie is pushing herself way too hard and hiding her physical pain from pearl. she tells steven to keep it secret or else the gems will look down on her. she blames herself for being “just a human” with none of the cool abilities steven has. steven understands bc he also often felt looked down upon for being weaker than the gems
  • the song is from connie’s point of view. pearl sings the training instructions; connie sings to herself about not being good enough. she’s the one that calls herself “just a human”, not pearl
  • steven doesnt know what to do. he goes to garn and ame for help. they freak out and tell him that pearl would want to know, that she’d be the most concerned of all of them because she personally knows what it’s like to push herself too hard
  • garnet describes how dangerously self sacrificing she was during the war and how long it took for pearl’s self-worth to recover. the backstory is shown not to say ‘oh wow poor pearl!!!’, or to say that poor mental health makes you hurt others. it’s shown to say that pearl knows what it’s like and wants connie to be safe.
  • steven rushes to tell pearl. she FREAKS and pulls connie aside to tell her how harmful that mindset is. that no one should see themselves solely as an asset to another. that she would never want connie to suffer how she did. and that pearl vowed to protect humans, not hurt them. 
  • there are still parallels between pearl/rose and steven/connie, but healthy ones. pearl says “rose never wanted me to do that to myself, and steven would never want that for you either.” not “oh hi im the Crazy Lesbian Stereotype and im harming you kids by being gay!! im gonna push my unhealthy lifestyle on you bc thats what we lesbians do!!”
  • pearls crush is still heavily alluded to, with pearl blushing while talking about rose and other lighthearted cute stuff. not “wow being gay made me hate myself! :)”
  • pearl gives a very explicit heavy moral about how those who love you also want you to love yourself. she then tells connie that she’ll only train her if connie is responsible and honest about her limits
  • there is no implication that pearl only is overprotective of steven bc he has rose’s gem, or that she sees him as her at all. it’s revealed through pearl’s delicacy with connie that she was overprotective of steven bc he’s half-human
  • maybe steven speaks up about feeling weaker than the gems. pearl says that he shouldn’t have to be physically strong, that she’s there to protect him. this resolves stevens earlier worries that she’s disappointed in how human he is, as shown in the healing tears ep.
  • the episode focuses on connie and her pain, not pearl
  • on that note..connie’s low self esteem wouldve been better established as being from bullying or w/e, not her strict parents, bc that plays into the tiger mom stereotype

I think that one of the funniest things about the “Earth is a death planet and human’s are space orcs” posts and stuff is that that’s literally a major plot point in Animorphs. Like, the aliens in the series frequently comment on how there is just an extremely excessive amount animals with unique ways to kill or maim you on the planet, and that humans, despite looking fragile and weak in comparison, are scary as shit because they’re stubborn and ruthless and refuse to stop even when any sane species would have given up ages ago. Like there are aliens described as “walking salad shooters” with bladed spikes shooting out all over their bodies, and then you find out that all of that is just so they can harvest tree bark to eat and a whole army of them can be disabled by a single skunk. It is described in loving detail all the different ways a house cat can fuck you up, and don’t even get me started on actual predators and the damage they can do when a ridiculous stubborn, reckless, and creative human brain is what’s controlling them. The alien invaders comment about how they’re going to have to basically kill off 90% of earths species once they win the war because the planet is so damn excessive about this whole ‘murder animals’ thing, and sometimes they’re even like “you know, in hindsight, this is not nearly as easy as we assumed it would be”

I was thinking of Scott taking Jaal to meet his sister in the cryo bay after he met Sahuna and the rest of his family on Havarl. Jaal told him he feels like they’re family, so Scott thinks it’s only right he take his friend to meet the only blood relative he has left. Jaal is excited to meet Scott’s twin sister, and promises to be extra kind and gentle since she’s still a bit sick. He understands now how fragile the human body is.

And then I thought about how, as soon as he laid eyes on Sara, Jaal stops and stares at her. Machines and people go quiet around him and he forgets Scott standing right next to him. She’s the most lovely thing he’s ever seen, this strange beautiful human who is slowly sitting up and smiling at him. Jaal’s heart stops, his palms start to sweat, his eyes can’t blink. Alone by Heart starts blasting in his head.

Scott is just standing there awkwardly, wondering what’s wrong with his friend.

I have this au that I love deeply where Mikleo is a litteral seraphin (aka a little baby angel because come on, look at this face ! ) He lives in a forest near a village (called Camlann B3 ) and has to hide from the human because humans are bad and bring calamity with them, then taint or hurt angels.

Then one day he meets this little human kid called Sorey. They’re quick to become friends and Sorey come see him secretly almost every day. They grow up together and become closer and closer as the time pass by.

Adding the rest under a read more because I basically wrote the whole plot of a story XD

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anonymous asked:

did sunggyu really get kicked in the face?! i hear he broke ribs and now he wont promote with infinite in may and i'm so upset but i need to be told clear. you always make sense so please explain to me!

Time to address the rumours that are flying around and bust them, ‘cause here are the facts:

Yes, Sunggyu has hurt his ribs. He has a small stress fracture on them. (source) Strangely, I have experienced the same injury before, and believe me I got it while doing something equally as dumb as he was. It can take something pretty insignificant to do it, because the human body is sometimes fragile! Stress fractures can often come about from the body being under physical strain for long periods of time, which is why they are common in athletes. 

He did not get the injury as a direct result of being ‘kicked in the face’ by anyone. Sunggyu was playing a game with a member of GOT7 during Singderella and he slipped off the bar and landed awkwardly. The member of GOT7 (I think it was Jinyoung) was not at fault and immediately checked to see if Sunggyu was okay. You can see the clip here

Usual recovery time for an injury like this is 4-6 weeks rest, with light exercise after the first initial few weeks. This is something that needs to be healed naturally and so the most important thing is resting it. (source)

INFINITE are pushing back their comeback schedule due to the injury - they are not going to promote without Sunggyu. Woollim have said: “It is not a fixed schedule… Sunggyu’s recovery is our main focus.” (source)

The comeback MV will be altered to account for his injury. The dance parts will not be included because he cannot take part in the choreography at the moment. Instead, the MV will be drama-based. (source) This is likely due to the MV shoot already being scheduled and having already been shot in parts. If they have already booked studio time and staff, this will be hard to rearrange. 

I really hope this clears some stuff up and that everyone stops freaking out. Sunggyu will recover, as long as Woollim allow the right amount of time - and it seems they are doing all they can to ensure he has time to rest. There is no reason at all to be laying the blame on other people - either on the show, or on the GOT7 member he was playing the game with. Accidents happen all the time (just look at Hoya’s ankle injury from dance and Woohyun’s arm injury from a minor car accident) and sometimes when you are putting your body under physical strain a lot (like idols do) it makes the chances of getting an injury like this one higher

(FAO @becuzgyu because I know you were worried)

the cosmos already have:

bloodstained Achilles
burdened Atlas
brave Perseus
bright Prometheus 

they had the stars running through the veins 

you don’t need to ask for the humans ones too
they aren't guaranteed immortal life
or a place in the wonders of heaven

because what they have done haunts them
the human heroes are fragile and doubtful and utterly lost
no glory awaits at the finish even as they make the gods envious 

these souls are burning through the stardust that is a mere echo
these children are yearning for the knowledge that fate used to give
these heroes are cast in shadow and ruin

don’t wait for love to save them
it never saved the legends that shine in stars

so please

let them find comfort in the hands of a lover
let them find peace in the laugh of a friend

let them be soft and sure 
let them have a place to break and to mourn

forgive them for losing their way
for cursing the gods with all the anger that comes from the universe

save them from the ashes of the burning world
that they sacrificed everything to save

—  Beating Hearts Always Lose to Stardust by Abby S

anonymous asked:

what if texas kogane got the scar on his eyebrow from keiths mum

keith’s mom’s got Sharp Teeth and sometimes accidents happen

ma kogane: oh SHIT hon let me go get you a bandage… you humans are so fragile, i apologize for forgetting

texas kogane, bleeding: nah honey, it’s fine… a man’s gotta earn his scars on the battlefield of love at some point, y’know?

Hot Mess

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Request: Can you do a Damon Salvatore smut where he and the reader had a fight and she just walks out and leaves the boarding house for hours and doesn’t answer any of his calls or texts until she listens to a voicemail where he sounds so broken and she goes back and they have rough make up sex and she asks him to use compulsion on her to make her cum multiple times? So yeah definitely compulsion kink can be a warning idk I just love to think they can use compulsion for that kinda thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ thanks! - @fuckkoffcourtney (I’m sorry, the tag isn’t working)

Pairing: Damon x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Warning: Angst, smut, compulsion kink, slight praise kink, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys and gals) 18+ only

Song: Hot Mess by Cobra Starship

A/N: Italics are flashbacks. I hope you guys enjoy this <3 -Jo

“Damon stop fucking calling…” You muttered to yourself as you heard the ringtone for your boyfriend go off for the tenth time that day. You let that call go to voicemail too, still unable to bring yourself to talk to him. After the phone stopped ringing, you just turned it off and tossed it in your bag.

You marched into the Salvatore boarding house, Damon slammed the door behind you. “You’re not going anywhere until we talk. That bullet wouldn’t have killed me, Y/n.” His voice was law, his tone dangerous.

You knew you shouldn’t poke the bear but he was making it difficult for you. Your pride was also an issue. “And it didn’t kill me either, Damon.” You tried to make your tone match his. You didn’t want a fight, especially since everyone made it home in mostly one piece. “I knew Matt wouldn’t shoot to kill me, and I knew you’d take care of me.” You grinned, trying to cozy up to your boyfriend. You just wanted to diffuse the situation, get him to calm down.

Damon wasn’t having it. He gripped your upper arms almost too tightly. “Don’t you get it?! This… self-sacrificing crap doesn’t work when you’re human and incredibly breakable!” He barely had a hold on his temper anymore as he shouted at you. You continued to stand your ground, even as he squeezed your arms a bit harder as if to prove a point.

“I’m not as delicate as you make me out to be, Damon.” Your expression hardened before you winced slightly at the pressure from where he held you.

His eyes tightened as he relaxed his grip on you. He’d seen your flinch. “I beg to differ. What if I hadn’t gotten to you in time? What if you had bled out and I couldn’t save you, huh? Where would you be?” He all-but shoved you away from him. You stiffened, eyes filling with tears that you didn’t dare let spill over in front of him. “You’d be dead. And I don’t know where I’d be. You’re just a pathetic, fragile, little human who thinks she can play with the big kids because one of them is her boyfriend.”

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Not that we needed it, but if we did need more evidence that Kara deserves better than Mon-El, we got it tonight.

A few weeks ago, Kara ended up powerless on another planet. There, despite her lack of powers, she did everything she could to protect to people she’d gone to save, and was hurt multiple times by the cell guards in order to stop the people she’d gone to help from being taken.

Whilst this was happening, despite going there to apparently help her, Mon-El just watched in silence.

Tonight Kara went to save Lena and try stop Lillian Luthor. Whilst there she was temporarily incapacitated after one of Lex Luthor’s weapons was used against her.

As this happened, Lena leaped forward with “don’t hurt her!” despite being restrained by Hank Henshaw, and she was then thrown to the ground and knocked out.

Mon-El knew Kara was completely powerless there, yet chose to do nothing.

Kara was down temporarily and Lena’s a human, so fragile compared to those she was with at the time, yet still Lena tried.

Mon-El did nothing when Kara had no powers and she was being electrocuted repetitively. Lena tried to do something when Kara was temporarily down but certainly not out and still had her powers.

Stop trying to insist on this bullshit love story of Kara and Mon-El when he only ever does things for her that aren’t a serious risk to him whilst still making him look good. Don’t you dare insist on this being some great new romance for both of them when he doesn’t deserve anything from her, despite how many times she’s gone out of her way to help him no matter how horribly he treated her. The fact he’s less awful now isn’t much of an improvement, and he should be grateful she’s tolerating him, and we should all know she deserves someone who can be her true partner, her equal, someone who helps her be better and stronger instead of dragging her down to their level.

Kara is, in the wise words of Cat Grant, smart and talented and astonishing. She is strong and brave and always tries to see the best in people and help people as much as she can. Don’t lessen this incredible woman to try and justify the existence of this new character. It’s an insult to Kara, and it’s an insult to everything this show is supposed to represent.