human fountain

fanart of The Fountain of Humanity by @heronfoot

i really loved this scene and it was a good excuse to practice drawing a background <3 

im currently trying to colour it but mmm idk how well thats going 

deadsilencer  asked:

how can Lauren said 'it' "was never real" when all i can see every time they looked at each other is love? i'm a human fountain right now... still camren though.

yeah lauren broke my bs meter when she said it was never real

This photo was taken in the financial district during the River to River Festival’s “Extreme Movement” presentation on an iphone. The STREB dance company of Williamsburg, Brooklyn were making these incredible 30 foot leaps off of scaffolding onto an open black mat, choreographed to modern music. The piece, aptly titled “Human Fountain” was exciting and awe defying to watch. Don’t try this s%^#% at home. LOL!