human form in photography

Jacob Sutton captures ballet dancer Marie Agnès Gillot in “Étoile”
for Numero, May 2016.


Can you see it?
The worst is over.
The monsters in my head are scared of love.

Fallen people, listen up.
It’s never too late to change your luck.

So don’t let them steal your light–
don’t let them break your stride.
There’s light on the other side,
and you’ll see all the raindrops falling behind–

it’s a revolution. ☀

Diplo – Revolution 

Captured by an angel caught in human form,
Heidi of Heidi Nicole Photography!

13 Vintage Photographs Showcase the Soft Sensuality & Elegance of 1940s Women

Russian photographer Nina Leen is known for her timeless black and white photographs that have graced the pages of Life magazine. After emigrating to the United States of America, she captured the classic beauties, poised and graceful in the face of the camera, of the 1940s period. 

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