human footprints


Today, America was about to sleep when his dog, Liberty, starts barking maddeningly at the window, followed by his motion detector beeping to indicate that there’s someone.. or something in his backyard. Holding his baseball bat, he opens the backdoor and his dog bolts out, chasing something in the dark. America quickly use the torch mode of his phone as source of light but there’s nothing there. Liberty went back inside, disheartened that she’s unable to capture whatever it was.

But before America could close the door and lock up, he caught a sight of human footprints, coming from the fences then to the window next to the backdoor and then back to where it came from.


Human Footprint.

Thoughts on Pink Diamond

Steven Universe has this habit of subverting expectations, at least it subverts my expectations when I’m watching so this might just be me. As an example, in Gem Hunt when Connie and Steven found the tracks showing human footprints, I made the exact same assumption as Steven did, that the corrupt gem was turning somewhat humanoid. Then BAM! Jasper appears and it wasn’t something that occured to me for even a second.
The point of me saying this is that, assuming anything with this show is kind of hit and miss and unless it’s visually confirmed in Cold Hard Evidence then you should probably doubt the truth in it.
At least that’s what my experiences watching it have showed me.
So what I’m saying is that we had Eyeball say they saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond and we had Pearl and Garnet’s very visible reactions and we had the talk at the end of bubbled where Garnet basically confirmed it…
But we didn’t get a flashback scene, not even a few dramatic seconds of what happened. Maybe it just played out that way to retain the eerie atmosphere but it also means there’s room for doubt.
Seeing is believing and we have yet to see.
So yes, Rose Quartz probably did shatter Pink Diamond, but I have serious doubts it was as simple as that and if it turns out she didn’t then… I won’t be shocked.
Subverting expectations is 90% of what makes SU so exciting and I’m honestly loving all the theories floating around.
Anyway yeah, just something i’ve been thinking about.