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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Original Female Character
Words: 2010

Fluffstravaganza comission for @eregyrn-falls, who requested “Ford getting a chance to converse with some sort of interesting/scary cryptid”

Somewhere deep in the Norwegian woods, there was a tree.

It was not, by most standards, a particularly noticeable tree – it wasn’t even the largest one in the forest, though you could still describe it as “bigger than average” if you wanted to. But the three sets of footprints – two human, one hooves – slowly filling with lightly falling snow that lead up to a little hollow in its side spoke to something about it that was exceedingly non-average.

There are certain modifications that the older and wiser creatures of the forest have learned to make to their environments using a classic combination of magical know-how and sheer stubbornness. A layer deeper than the bark, this was evident. The tree formed a decent-sized room, larger on the inside than its humble exterior ought to allow.

And Stanford Pines was loving it.

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Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time by Panic!@thedisco is totally inspired by young Sirius Black and no one can convince me otherwise

bizzy111  asked:

Hi was just wondering do you think it's possible that Estela was the creature with the golden eyes in the new chapter of Endless Summer? I mean it left a human footprint and the streak was blue like Estela's jacket.

Hi bizzy! So I’ve been thinking about this. Blue streak - yes, consistent with Estela’s jacket. She also moved speedily when she was going to combat the King Crab.

I do wonder about the golden eyes though. If she had golden eyes, it would’ve been easily noticed by the classmates because it’s so unusual. UNLESS she wears contacts. Or unless they glow on command.

Eerie and interesting!

My answer: For now, it could be her.

Or someone else like her. 😉Another “highly trained” one.

My theory is there’s someone who can shapeshift. A little far off, but this island is just so weird anything can happen.

"The Vatican itself will commit to slavery-proofing its own supply chains and I hope that today's announcement will serve as encouragement for others to follow suit."

REBLOG to congratulate Pope Francis for taking a stand against slavery in our everyday products.

Ok so I have 94 followers now, here’s the plan.For my 100th follower I’ll  draw a verry cute shitpost of Asgore dressed like Elsa from Frozen because, you know..

Long ago, two races rules over Earth, humans and monsters.
One day, war broke out between the two races.
After a long battle, humans were victorious.
They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.
Many years later…

The monsters broke free.
Eager for vengeance, the king of all monsters, Asgorre, ordered all his kind to attack with no mercy.
But him alone, was enough to exterminate the most of Humanity.
With his newfound powers, and his wrath, humans became in one month, an endangered species.

Humans stopped fighting back, and flew to hide.
To let them less chance of surviving, Asgorre plunged all the land into an internal winter.
All that was remaining of the human footprint, was ruins in a freezing wasteland.”

That’s kinda how he acts in my Huntertale AU.


lemaitre-tetsuya  asked:

What's your opinion on Endless Summer? Any predictions for future chapters?

Here you go! Thanks for the ask.

Thoughts on the last chapter:

1. Rourke is definitely playing with time and space. How? He’s a very powerful man so could have access to all sorts of secret hi-tech experiments. Why he wants to play with time we don’t know yet, but I’m assuming it’s money related. He must have some ROI on all that he’s playing with here.
2. There’s a shapeshifter. A human footprint was spotted last chapter but the figure moved really fast. And it had golden eyes. Sabertooth had golden eyes too.

What about you guys?

anonymous asked:

So we know La Huerta plays with fabric of time. And we know weird stuff like the handprint stone we found in the mine can trigger it. Could it be that there was an old civilization and Rourke stole their technology? That could explain the human footprint and flash of blue. But the zodiac, lion masks and frosty the fox add some fantasy that an old civilization does not explain. I feel like this is a tough mystery. What do you think?

I think I am so excited that you asked!

There’s a lot of speculation following the mysteries of La Huerta. There’s definitely time manipulation being demonstrated. There’s been examples of it with, for example, the old wine, the 1920s marriage theme, the WWI(I? I can’t remember which) gas mask, the SABERTOOTH TIGER, etc. I’m almost starting to wonder if these all exist simultaneously? Or within a proximity of each other; like a time jumper. The MC has demonstrated abilities to see things that’s out of the ordinary, like visions of the future or through the eyes of someone else. It’s all speculation for now until more is revealed. I’m almost wondering is Rourke is manipulating time. Or if there’s something naturally abnormal about the island.

this is the sort of shit that pisses me off. these so called “pagan” revelers celebrating the Solstice, left Stonehenge looking like a drunken frat party. this is so disgusting disrespectful and these fake hippie assholes should be ashamed of themselves. Litha should be coveted and celebrated by reveling in the beauty and wonder of the summer months and the goddess in her fullest pregnancy, not to trash a beautiful and wonderful place such as Stonehenge. i am so saddened just looking at this picture. makes my blood boil.


A new New York Times video examines the life and legacy of Mary Leakey.

The short documentary remembers the pioneering paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey, who discovered footprints of human ancestors on the African savanna. Her colleagues, several of whom help narrate, including American Museum of Natural History Curator Emeritus Ian Tattersall, uniformly remember her as an extraordinary character. Leakey was exacting in her science, and expected the same of her workers. 

Watch the video.

I want to get lost.

In foreign countries and beautiful cities and in the town I grew up in.

I want to get lost.

In old bookstores and abandoned movie theatres and quaint little cafes on the corners of unnamed streets.

I want to get lost.

In meadows and forests and on a beach where the sand is undisturbed by human footprints.

I want to get lost.

Because I’ve heard that’s how you find yourself.

—  f.a.w

Homo erectus footprints hint at ancient hunting party 1.5-million-year-old tracks give snapshot of early human life

  • by Ewen Callaway

“A long-past hunting party left a permanent sign of its outing — and it was not empty beer cans. Dozens of 1.5-million-year-old human footprints in Kenya may be evidence of an early antelope hunt, offering a rare look at the lives of ancient humans, researchers reported at a conference in California this week. 

Footprints are the rarest of human relics. They tend to erode away very quickly; only the choicest of conditions keep them preserved for thousands or millions of years. But unlike collections of bones and tools — which are difficult to link to a single individual or group — footprints offer a snapshot of daily life.In the late 2000s, researchers exploring the area near a village in northwestern Kenya, called Ileret, for human bones and tools instead stumbled on a collection of 22 human footprints. Their 2009 publication on the discovery, in Science1,  focused on the anatomy of the people who left the prints: tall individuals who probably belonged to the species Homo erectus, and who walked very much like modern humans (Homo sapiens).

But Neil Roach, a palaeoanthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, saw the prints as an opportunity to catch a glimpse in the day of a life of Homo erectus. He and his colleagues returned to Ileret to take a closer look at the prints and to search for more” (read more).

(Source: Nature; bottom image: AMNH)