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How To Spot Faeries

1. Spheres of Light

One of the most common ways fairies and other ethereal beings are noticed, is as spheres, flickers or glints of light. It’s very common to see it around mushrooms, blooming flowers and springs. People associated with fairies (children of fairies) can watch these lights anytime. You may also notice unexplained movements out of the corner of your eyes.

2. Chilling sounds and music

Once you’ve entered the fairy Realm nothing is the same. Soft sounds may greet the strangers who enter the fairy land. Whether it’s the sound of various wind instruments - like the flute - or a simple sound - like the welcoming sound of tiny bells - it’s absolutely the same. Allegedly, if you ring a bell over a spring or pond you may see the reaction of fairies responding to your invitation.

3. Fairy Rings

It’s long believed that fairies love to sing and dance at night. They usually dance around a circle. Many who stay in forests at nights claim to have heard wonderfully enchanting songs, while later in the morning they find mushroom circles, circles of flowers or trace of footprints of human-sized nymphs dancing known as the Fairy Rings. Many believe that the “Fairy Rings” are the Gateways to the Fairy World. Respect the fairy rings and always ask for permission before entering the Circle.

4. Laughter

As Fairies are - almost always - described as cheerful creatures, when you are close with these entities it very likely to hear laughter or feel the urge to laugh. The feeling of joy fills your heart and lasts long!

5. Scent of Flowers

You are walking down a path, or even a road while your nose is filled with an overwhelming scent of flowers like Iris or Violets, or even the scent of the grass like it just rained or maybe it smells like walnuts, apples or grapes. As fairies are often associated with flowers, plants and trees, this could be the work of a playful Fairy sprinkling scented fairy dust to you, blessing you or trying to catch your attention.

6. Deviations of the Air

The “fairy wings” may cause a light breeze on the area around a fairy. Whether it’s actually the wings or the energy shift around the ethereal being does not really matter. Pay attention to the leaves around you. A gentle whirlwind may be a solid proof that a fairy (or fairies) like your company.

7. Animals around you Act Weird

You notice that you are being followed by birds like ravens, your cat acts weird, staring at something for minutes (with no apparent reason) or play with the air while your dog is nervous or probably bark at something you do not see. As Fairies could be described as the Souls of Nature they can easily cause phenomena like this.

8) Milk or Beer goes bad and candies are missing

Your milk has gone bad before its actual expiration date and so does your beer. You may also notice that milk is less as if someone drunk it while you are certain that no one would ever drink from your milk. This could be a sign of a fairy who entered you house. Try to contact them rather than getting angry.

9) Jewellery and shiny objects are missing

Before you call the police try to look around if you can find them in other places. Fairies love to play with humans in this way. They enjoy “stealing” stuff like this and hide them in different places. It is said that Fairies love all shiny objects and that’s what they love to take first. Keys or with fancy keychains is a “fetish” for this wonderful creatures. Be kind to them. They -almost- always return them!

10) A sense of warmth on your skin

The energy of the Fairies - when is in close contact with your aura - can be felt like tiny vibrations of energy on your body, or heat on your skin. You may actually feel the warmth of the beloved creature as a gently tingling or tickling on part of your body.

11) Flowers (and other plants) sprouting from bizarre places

This is another phenomenon that is often associated with the presence of Fairies. You may notice that from one second to another a flower has bloomed while you could swear that you have not even seen it at all! This is very common when Casting Fairy Witchcraft or a Ritual which invokes Fairies. If this happens in your house it means that you have a winged visitor… or maybe visitors! 

12) The Eyes of the Woods

Have you ever felt that trees are watching you as you walk down the path in a forest? Have you ever felt the presence of something really strange when you are alone and the night-sky is full of dazzling stars? The Trees may - indeed - have eyes of their own, as they are probably inhabited by magical creatures as Fairies (of course it can also be elves, gnomes or other entities). Greet these trees and ask for guidance and protection.

lonesomelittleangel  asked:

I heard you took requests so um Could you write a little something where Rhys is Jack's personal assitant and Jack has to take him somewhere or they're somewhere high and thats how Jack finds out Rhys is terrified of heights? (And maybe comforts him)

sorry if i didnt capture the fear of heights v well, the only time i ever felt freaked about being up high was in a ferris wheel at myrtle beach. the carriage would like, swing n shit it was spook af :<

Rhys’ worst nightmare was coming to fruition.

“Th-this,” he swallowed, throat feeling too tight, “did you say this Tuesday?”

Jack lounged on the other side of the elevator, pouting as he tried to figure out how to flip and spin the butterfly knife he’d taken off the most recent corporate stooge that had passed out at their CEO’s mere presence. Unfortunately the whole cool casual knife flipping seemed to be something one had to work at before going professional. Which was a supposition cemented by the fourth small hiss and Jack shaking out his hand where he’d pinched his fingers in the blade.

“I know right those ass nuggets took like a friggin’ billion years but my big throbbing metaphor riddled skyscraper’s finished.” Jack spoke about a Hyperion operated eridium mining town that he’d been bolstering with new add ons and developments until it had become one of the galaxy’s foremost green energy cities. Rhys had the commendations and certificates cross his desk a few times on their way to Jack’s, each confirming that the city’s existence was lowering the entire human population’s carbon footprint on that planet. He and Jack had taken a few trips to it over the years and each time Rhys had been faced with Jack’s smug pride and impatience at the ever taller skeleton of the city’s innermost tower. The sight of it unfinished had been enough to make Rhys’ fingers and toes go numb, just looking up at it from the ground imbuing him with the sense of it looming overhead and bound to topple over and crush him under its weight.

Suffice to say Rhys was desperately hoping the tower’s day of completion and subsequent celebration would never come.

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Sixteenth Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


“Mulder, it’ll be fine.”

“Can’t we just drive? I mean, we’ll leave early and take in some sights and get there and have Christmas and then drive home. It’ll be like old times.”

Scully looked at him over her spoon, oatmeal piled high, “you want us to drive through both the Smokey and the Rocky Mountains in December? Really?”

“We did a Christmas in northern Minnesota. I think we can handle a nice drive through the mountains.”

Watching him stir his tea, butter his bagel, dart his eyes from her spoon to her face to his plate in repetition, she saw the man she used to sit across from at a Formica diner table at 2am, in the middle of Nashton, Delaware or Tarkington, Colorado, eating greasy hashbrowns slowly while he tried to convince her that the footprint wasn’t human, the lights weren’t a wayward swarm of fireflies, the evidence he has was just slightly more extraterrestrial than he had imagined when they first arrived. He wore a smile that only she would recognize as such, the small muscle on the left side of his upper lip nudging just slightly upwards, fractions of millimeters, twitching more than moving, spasming so minutely that anyone else in the world would think he was sitting stone still.

She felt her muscles give way, her face soften without regret as she simply shook her head, once again, as so many countless times in the past, she gave in to him, knowing they may not get to their destination in a straight line or with relevant speed but eventually, with stories to tell and laughter to share.


And, as things progressed in the fashion normal from the first day they’d met to this very moment, he grinned in her direction, taking a bite of his bagel and talking around it as he chewed, “when do we leave?”


Maggie, being Maggie and loving her daughter and what she now referred to as her ‘one of these days, eventual son-in-law’, graciously patted Scully’s hand when she told her they’d be driving to San Francisco instead of flying, “he gave you that look, didn’t he?”

Her mother knew them too damn well sometimes and with an eyeroll of someone happily resigned to caving to her Mulder, she then nodded, smiling, “it’ll be a nice trip through the mountains.”


Jeep packed, house locked, food and blankets stowed, flashlights, shovels, emergency flares, tire chains, assorted rescue equipment stashed in a box in the back, they headed off into the early morning light, sky rosy, temperatures below freezing, Mulder smirking, poking Scully in the ribs as she attempted to continue her night’s rest in the passenger seat, pillow jammed up against the window, “I will cut off the tip of your finger if you keep doing that.”

“My God, you are still cranky after all this time knowing I’m going to be poking you. Why aren’t you used to it yet?”

“Why the hell haven’t I cut off your finger yet?”

Feeling his inner sass kick in, “you like what I do with my fingers, Scully. You’d be very sad if one of them disappeared.”

Her chuckle was involuntary and for it, she received another seven pokes, the last one culminating where she liked his fingers best and pushing his hand away in amusement, “would you just drive already? Christmas is in five days and knowing you and your tourist-trap stops, we’ll get there by New Year’s if we’re lucky.”

Removing fingers, he returned to the steering wheel, “you’re bossy in the morning.”

Scully settled into her pillow further, “you’ve never complained before.”

“Usually you’re naked at the time though.”

Her hand shot out, pointing through the windshield, “Go!”

“Yes, ma’am.”


First day, nothing.

Second day, she began noticing things but argued with herself that she was wrong.

Third day, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, she politely brought up the subject, “Mulder?”

He was sitting in the corner of the room, tugging off his shoes and absently pulling the curtain tighter over the window every few seconds, “yeah?”

“Are you okay?”

Genuine confusion met her gaze, “I think so. Why?”

Biting her lip, she wondering if prodding would bring about an argument she didn’t want to have, “you … you keep checking the curtains. Do you see something outside?”

The barest hint of anger chased its way across his face before settling back into Mulder, “I just want to make sure no one can see in. Not a fan of getting naked with an audience, especially on the first floor.”

Not wanting to ruin their trip, she let go of the fact that he checked several more times, then covered the peep hole in the door with a bandaid, moved the phones to charge in the bathroom covered with a towel, Scully assumed to block the cameras and their conversations from anyone possibly listening. He unplugged the room phone, pushed a doorstop from home under the room door, then came to bed, settling in to read his book while she did her nightly routine.

How had she not noticed his habits? Had she really been spending that much time at the hospital that she neglected signs so obvious to her that she felt utter stupid in having missed them?

When had he taken his paranoia to this next level?

Fourth day, she woke to find him spooned behind her, hand under her shirt, a little something pressing insistently against her pajama bottoms. Seeing the curtains opened to the third story morning glory that was the Rocky Mountains, she decided to let things go until they got home, choosing to keep an observant eye on him for now. Instead, she relished in his fingers, playfully grumbled something about sleeping in before she pressed back into him, his hands moving to slide her flannel down before pushing himself up inside her.


Only getting lost once, which was impressive for the pair to say the least, they pulled up to the house Christmas Eve morning. Once to the front door and inside, they found the holidays were in full swing at Bill’s house, Matt and Graham running to them, hugging, making general 12 and 8 year old boy noise. Maggie squeezed them both tight once the boys cleared out and then Tara made her way over, completing the greeting, Bill still at work until the late afternoon.

Festivities happened, dinner occurred, games commenced, sweets consumed, goodnights given, the pair ended up, at midnight, lying cozily on an air mattress in the back room, curtains open to the full moon pouring in the room. “Merry Christmas, Scully.”

Snuggling even further in, she nuzzled under his chin, “Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“This is our 15th Christmas together, did you know that?”

“I remember.”

Voice soft in her ear, “what if I hadn’t come over that night? You would have put your tree away and never blown on my hot chocolate to cool it down and I never would had fell in love with you that very second and we wouldn’t be lying on an air mattress in your brother’s house on Christmas Eve thinking that we should sneak out of here and go check out the Golden Gate all lit up for the holidays.”

“I don’t like to think about the first part of that and the second part is more comfortable than I thought it would be for an air mattress and the third is a really good idea except for the fact that I’m already falling asleep right here.”

His hands roamed lightly over her back, “thank you for driving out here instead of flying.”

Nearly unconscious as this point, her words were slurred and soft, “if I were afraid of flying, you’d have driven out here without hesitation.”

Mulder’s voice grew hard, “I’m not afraid of flying. I just thought it would be nice to take a little vacation with you. You spend so much time at the damn hospital that I never see you.”

Pulling back immediately, brain slow to react to his sudden harshness, but realizing they were doing this now, “you’ve been covering up the windows and the cell phone cameras and avoiding using anything with your name on it. I’ve been signing everything and you cover the camera at the gas station with your hand even though you think you look casual and leaning when you do it but I notice. It’s okay.” She moved her hand up his chest, stroking his chin, watching his eyes still full of fire, “you would have had to give the airlines your name and then whoever you think is out there would have been able to track where you were going and when you’d be leaving and you were worried about what could happen with us in the air and what could happen to you trapped in a plane full of people you didn’t trust.” All this poured out, Scully herself discovering most of the information as it came to vocal fruition, without more than one breath and with complete calm. Stopping with her last revelation, she felt her heart twist when she realized, in his expression, that it was all true.

Then she watched him morph into Deniability Mulder, the man who could talk himself out of anything involving a head-on collision with his darkest fears and feelings.

She simply closed her eyes, feeling him roll off the mattress and begin pacing, pulling on sweatpants and shoes while she lay there, dreading the prospect of the impending fight, the inevitable closed-off interaction, the silent, polite, pretending Mulder she couldn’t stand. Opening them back up, she found him kneeling on the floor, sliding his arms into his thermal shirt and about to apologize, he held up his hand, then leaned over to kiss her forehead, “I need to get away from you for a little while. I don’t want to fight and I can’t … just …” shaking his head, he stood, “I love you.”

And he was gone, slipping into the dark hallway, moving quietly enough that only Scully could track his movements, given years of midnight bathroom breaks and 2am snack attacks.

She tried not to cry but the moment she heard the front door click shut, she fell apart.


Not sleeping well, she spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with a cool washcloth trying to reduce the size of her puffy eyes to levels that wouldn’t warrant drilling questions about why she looked like she’d been sobbing most of the night. Once she achieved what she thought was a look of polite exhaustion from an uncomfortable mattress in a strange place, she snuck to the makeshift bedroom once again, finding Mulder dressed and lying on the mattress.

Before she could ask where he’d been, he took in her face, knowing it better than his own, and stood, enveloping her in his long arms, “I hate making you cry.”

“I wasn’t crying.”

“I hate … making … you … cry.” Each word punctuated with a kiss to the part in her hair, “I didn’t want to fly because I wanted to be alone with you, trapped in a car like the old days, where the only thing we had was each other and we loved it. Everything else … I’m not thinking about right now … but I’m sorry I made you cry. You have no idea how much it kills me.”

Enjoying his warmth, she stayed there until she heard footsteps upstairs then pulled back, “will you go to mass with us?”

“Will your mother believe in my eternal damnation if I don’t?”


“Then we’d better get out there.”


Church didn’t burst Mulder into flames. The priest didn’t call out the atheist amongst them. The demons weren’t writhing in Mulder’s soul. He knelt, sat, stood, moved politely aside when the rest of the pew moved to take communion. During the Sign of the Peace, he shook Bill’s hand, kissed Maggie’s and Tara’s cheeks, quietly patted the boys on the shoulder, whispered his apologies once again against Scully’s hair while he hugged her.

She held his hand tightly the entire time.

Then Maggie slipped on an icy patch, swore in front of the priest who was outside shaking hands and any tension between the intrepid duo evaporated, nothing like a good swear on Christmas morning to push them back to normal.

Scully broke first, then Mulder, then the priest, followed by Maggie and the rest of the family, the boys laughing so hard they nearly fell over themselves. After that, Christmas spirit returned and they all moved back home, breakfast and Santa awaiting.

In the midst of present opening, Maggie handed Scully an oblong box, tag stating, “for Small from Tall.” Smiling down at her daughter sitting on the floor, Mulder molded behind her, “I can only assume you are ‘Small’?”

Mulder took the box, “yes, she is.”

The room had quieted given it was Scully’s turn and looking at Mulder over her shoulder, “I’m ‘Small’?”

Grinning, “you are very small, indeed.”

Nudging him with her elbow, she opened the box to find her latest Christmas ornament, a glassy, metallic, painted mug of hot chocolate, complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and Mulder’s boxy alphabet announcing across the front, ’15 Years’. Scooting around to face him, she held up her gift, “did you really fall in love with me when I blew on your hot chocolate to cool it down?”

By now, their audience was listening intently, even the boys, “of course. You took my drink right out of my hand and blew germs all over it? How could I not fall in love with you?”

“You’d think that would have been a turn-off in some respect.”

“You kidding? Hottest chick in the room giving two craps about me burning my tongue? I really should have kissed you right then.”

“I was the only chick in the room, Mulder.”

“Still are.” Giving her a grin, he leaned forward, kissing her full and long, not caring about anyone or anything watching them.

Scully, however, remembered they weren’t alone after about 10 seconds and pulled back, pink with embarrassment at her sudden and unusual public display of affection. Gliding her thumb over his chin briefly, she twisted to settle against his chest once again, holding her hot chocolate mug and grinning happily.

Maggie handed Mulder, a few minutes later, his own box, “to You from Me.” Shaking her head down at the pair, “we have to talk about your labeling system, daughter of mine.”

“Thank you, Maggie.” She ruffled his hair as she sat back down and watched as Mulder opened Scully’s gift, a collection of eight glass-blown tropical fish, brightly colored and finely detailed, hanging from thin wire and ready for hooks, prepped for tree trimming the moment they found their back home. Admiring each one in turn, “why eight?”

“There were eight different ones and I couldn’t decide so you got eight.”

“Makes perfect sense to me.”


Much later in the day, after an obscene amount of food was inhaled, they were back on the air mattress, Scully on her side, Mulder on his belly, arms over the edge, examining his fish more carefully. Watching him with half-lidded eyes, she reached out, running her finger along the outer shell of his ear, staring peacefully as his lip curled upwards involuntarily, “enjoying your gift?”

“Of course.” Holding up a beautiful sunset colored one with fiery red fins and glittery blue eyes, “this one’s Scully,” then picking up a sword fish type with a long snout and long blue fins, “and this one’s Mulder.”

Scooting closer against him, “are you going to name them all or just those?”

“Just these for now. Maybe later, I’ll do the rest but these are the ones that matter.” Setting them down gently, he turned his head in her direction, resting his mouth on her forehead, whispering into her skin, “I don’t think fish mate for life but I like to think that ours will.”

“You get sappy when you’re sleepy.”

Moving in more, he found her lips, “but I think I can stay awake a few minutes longer.”

"The Vatican itself will commit to slavery-proofing its own supply chains and I hope that today's announcement will serve as encouragement for others to follow suit."

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Kiss by the lake (Josh Washington x Reader)

Requested by anonymous : You meet Josh on the bus up to the cabin (like when they’re 15 or something). Reader’s family’s cabin is at the next stop (they’re also rich). One summer he invites you to his cabin, because you’ve gotten to know eacht other over the years (You’re both 19). Everyone is alive, and you fall in love. But you don’t tell him. One day you all swim by the lake near your cabin. You tell him and you kiss in the water :)

A/N: Dear Anon, I hope you don’t mind that the lake is near Josh’s cabin :) And I also hope you like and enjoy this story!

Please, also check up my last stories “A maid for Ahkmenrah” and “Unexpected”. Love you. Xoxo

Word count: 2,338

Cold air blew into your face and your whole body was freezing while you were waiting for the bus that would drive you to the Blackwood Pines.  You pulled your jacket closer to your body, trying to keep yourself warm. It was your first trip alone; normally you would always drive with your parents. But this time you wanted to drive on your own. You were fifteen years old after all and old enough although your parents didn’t agree. Nevertheless, you could convince them somehow.

You pulled your headphones out of your jacket pocket, trying to occupy yourself with music until the bus arrived. Pop music filled your ears and you slowly began to calm down a bit. While you were listening to your favorite songs, your eyes examined their surroundings. Snow covered the whole area, the whole trees were nothing but white. Also footprints of humans or little animals were recognizable on the ground. 

Some footprints lead exactly to the bus stop where you stood at and your eyes followed their trace, leading to a young man who stood a few meters away from you. You observed him for a little bit. He didn’t even notice it. He was too busy with typing on his very expensive smart phone. You couldn’t help but being a little bit envious. It was exactly the same smart phone that you wanted to have, but your parents refused to buy it for you. Not that you hadn’t enough money; quite the reverse! You were rich, very rich. You parents just thought that you should keep your smart phone as long as it worked.

Suddenly the boy lifted up his head and looked at your direction. You blushed, instantly tearing your gaze away from him. Soft chuckles escaped from his mouth, that you couldn’t hear but you knew that he found it amusing. You wondered when your bus finally arrived, and after five minutes it luckily stopped at the bus stop.

You got in and found a nice place further back. There also were not too much people in the bus. Only a married couple, the driver himself, a young man and you along with the boy. You sat on the window so you could look outside during the whole ride. Then you felt some taking place next to your seat. As you turned to the person, you were greeted with some beautiful green eyes. Your heart stopped for a moment. It was the boy from the bus stop. Why had he had to sit next to you if there were so many seats he could sit on? You took your headphones off.

He offered you a smile. “Hello, I’m Josh. Josh Washington.” He introduced himself.

“(Y/N) (Y/LN).” you said.

Josh made himself comfortable next to you and your journey to the mountains began.

“So, (Y/N), where are you going?” Josh asked.

“Blackwood Pines.” You answered shortly.

“Really? Me too!” You could hear a trace of joy in his voice. You smiled at him.

During the whole ride you talked and got to know each other. You found out that Josh was sixteen years old and had two sisters named Hannah and Beth. His father was also a famous director, so you assumed that he must have been rich as well. Besides, he told you that he came every year to the Blackwood Pines. His family owned a huge lodge up there. You wondered what it looked like. You also told him something about you and the more your ride came to an end the sadder you became. You began to like him and who knew if you’d saw each other again.

The bus arrived at Josh’s stop and Josh needed to get out. He had a disappointed expression on his face. He enjoyed spending time with you. Before he stood up, he ripped off a sheet of paper and noted down his number.

“Call me sometime. I would like to see you again.” He said, handing you the note. Your lips curved into a smile and you nodded your head. “I will.”

As he was about to get out, you added “By the way, my cabin is at the next stop.


It wasn’t you last encounter with Josh. Two days after you two met, he and his family paid you a visit. Of course your parents were confused about who the strangers were. You explained that you got to know their son during your ride and so they welcomed them generously. The whole time you were excited to meet Josh sisters and as they stood in front of you couldn’t help but give them a tight hug. It felt like you knew them for your whole life although Josh told a bit about them.

You had a nice day with the Washingtons. After that day, you also became inseparable with Hannah and Beth. You had sleepovers, film evenings in their own cinema and more and more. Poor Josh felt excluded because you did nothing but girly things. He wanted to spend time with you too. It was him who introduced you to his sisters after all and also the one who got to know you first. But how could he if Hannah and Beth were in his way? Luckily, you managed to pay attention to the three at the same time. You noticed that Josh was said about you spending more time with his sisters than him.

Over the next four years, your friendship became stronger. The Washingtons didn’t live that far away from you, so you could visit them almost every day. Nothing really changed, except your relation to Josh. He became more attractive and masculine over these years and you couldn’t help but to fall for him. It was a hard deal to act normal around him because every time you saw him you had the urge to press him against the wall and to kiss him passionately.

Of course, Hannah and Beth noticed your strange behavior when their brother was present. You hesitated at first to tell them, you felt insecure.

“Are you okay?” Hannah asked worriedly, laying her arms around your shoulders. You just shrugged, saying that everything was fine. But they were Hannah and Beth. They knew if something was wrong.

“Aww… Come on! Tell us what’s bothering you. We can see that you’re not okay.” Beth exclaimed.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath, before revealing your secret. “I think I’m in love with Josh.”

The twins stared at you with their eyes wide open. Then they began to scream. “Oh my god!” Hannah shouted. “We knew it!”

You tried to calm them down; Josh was also at home and could come in any minute because of his sisters’ cries.  “Psst, girls. Please! Josh is here to…”

“I can’t still believe that you have feelings for Joshy.” Beth commented, making you blush. Suddenly, Josh came into the room with a very confused expression on his face and you instantly acted like nothing happened.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing, bro.” Beth claimed. “Just hanging out.” Josh looked at her skeptically, shrugged his shoulders and left. You couldn’t help but admire his beauty.


It was summer 2015 as Josh invited you over to his lodge. It was Friday afternoon and he said he wanted to spend some good time with his sisters and some other friends over the weekend. You instantly agreed, telling him that you would join them.

“I will pick you up in an hour!” He said before hanging up. Now you needed to hurry and collect your things together. You put everything that was necessary along with a pair of bikinis in a little suitcase. There was a lake very close to the lodge you could swim in. You also made sure to take a bath and shave your legs. As Josh knocked on your door you were already finished with everything, got dressed and dried your hair.

He took your suitcase and put it on the backseat. You wondered where Hannah and Beth were.

“Josh? Where are your sisters?” You asked.

“Oh, they will drive on their own. We’ll meet them there.”

Of course. I mean, how should it be otherwise? They planned all this. Cursing at them inwardly, you got into the car. You buckled up your seat belt and Josh started the engine, then driving off.

There was an uncomfortable atmosphere during the ride. No one really talked; you could only hear music playing in the background. You didn’t even know how to talk to him anymore since you developed strong feelings for him. That’s why you kept your mouth shut. But Josh noticed the silence. Normally, you would always talk a lot.

“Hey, is everything alright?” He asked concerned, his eyes never leaving the street. You only shrugged your shoulders.

“Just tired. Was a rough day at school.” He nodded with his head, leaving you alone so you could rest until you arrived at the Blackwood Pines. You fell asleep and as Josh shook at your shoulders, you were already there.

Hannah was the first who greeted you guys. You were the last ones that arrived. Everyone was already gathered. You hugged Sam and all the other ones, asking them how they were doing and chatting with them a bit. You had dinner and after that everyone sat at the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands.

After a while Jess and Mike decided to go to bed, followed by Emily and Matt. Later, everyone left, only you and Sam stayed awake.

“How is your crush on Josh going?” Sam asked. She was the only one who knew about your feelings for Josh besides Hannah and Beth. You knew you could trust her.

“Dunno.” You mumbled, massaging your temples.

Sam gazed at you sympathetically, laying her arm on your shoulder. “(Y/N), why don’t you just talk to him? “

“You think it is easy Sam? We’re good friends and he means so much to me. I don’t want to destroy our friendship.” You answered. You were afraid that his demeanor towards you would change if you told him. What if he ignored you after that?

“(Y/N), we all know how much Josh cares for you. He will understand.” Sam tried to convince you. “And besides, I think he has feelings for you as well.”

Your head shot up as you heard what she said. “Really?” Sam stood up, giving you a tight hug.

“You need to find out on your own.” She said and went upstairs.


The next day you decided to go swimming by the lake. The weather was very warm, the sun was shining and no cloud was to be seen. After breakfast, you put your bikini on and your t-shirt and hot pants over it. As everyone was finished, you walked down to the lake. When you arrived, everyone got out of their clothes.

“Are you going to tell him?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know.” You stared at Josh who was taking off his shirt, revealing his toned and muscular body. Your heart skipped a beat and you looked at Sam desperately, who followed your gaze and smirked at you. “Sam, please help.” You whined.

“I say go and talk to him.”

“But it’s not easy!” Sam was about to reply something as someone shouted.

“Hey, are you coming or not?” Josh asked. Everyone was in the water now, splashing each other with water. You took off your clothes and went to the water with Sam. Everyone had a good time. Josh never left your side. Sometimes he would wrap his arms around you, lifting you up and throwing you into the water. He would splash you with until you whined and screamed at him to leave you alone. He was so clingy and you didn’t know why.

After a while, you laid on your back, enjoying the feeling of warm water covering you. You let yourself drifting by tiny waves, not caring about everything else. You closed your eyes, feeling the sunrays on your skin. You sighed contently as your body relaxed.

Suddenly, two hands touched your back and you flinched. As you opened your eyes, you were greeted with some green eyes you used to love so much.

“Don’t worry.” Josh assured. “I’ve got you.”

And then, the urge to tell him that you loved him was too strong. You tried to fight against it but you failed. Why not giving it a try?

“J-Josh?” You murmured, straightened up to your feet. He looked at you questioningly.

“Yes?” You took a deep breath, before you continued speaking.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

You looked at him right into his eyes, not even blinking once. “I love you.”

Josh’s eyes widened and he was too shocked to say something. You could see it.

“I was too afraid to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I can’t take it anymore.” As you still did not get a reaction from him, tears shimmered in your eyes. You knew it was a mistake.

“I’m sorry Josh, I ruined everything.” You said as you were about to leave but and hand grabbed your arm and spun you around. Before you could say something, soft lips were pressed against yours that kissed you passionately. You had plenty of kisses behind you but nothing was as much as good as right now. Your heart punched against your chest and you felt butterflies in your stomach.

When Josh pulled back, he put his hands on your cheeks, stroking them gently. “You didn’t ruin anything, (Y/N). “ He panted softly.

“Have you any idea how much I have been waiting for this moment?” He smiled at you.

“Does that mean that-“

“I love you too, yes.

You laughed happily, never expecting that to happen. Josh loved you back and you were so relieved about that. “Do you know what I always wanted to do?” Josh asked. You looked at him expectantly, suddenly being pushed into the water. A scream escaped your mouth, before your whole body was covered with water, and then you felt his lips capturing with yours. You smiled into the kiss and could hear the muffled cheers and applaud of your friends.

# leave nothing but footprints take nothing but pictures kill nothing but time anti-capitalism green anarchism anti-capitalist time pictures footprints forest jungle ecology green eco environmentalism radical environmentalism

El texto sigue en Español despues del Inglés

The Sixth Lord of the Night is Chalchiuhtlicue, who governs the Ihiyotl of those born on her day. Chalchiuhtlicue is the Teotl of water. Her name means “She of the Jade-Stone Skirt,” which metaphorically signifies the green waters of the lakes and rivers, which are her precious garments spread upon the earth. As the ruler of the Ihiyotl, she signifies a tempestuous nature, like earthly waters, which nurture and purify, but which can also cause death and destruction through flood or drought.

Here, she stands upon the waters of a pond. In the water’s depths appears Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord, Teotl of Fire, wisdom, and time. Beside him is a flaming serpent. The combination of the serpent and the Lord of Fire with the water creates the glyph Atl Tlachinolli, “Fire and Water.” This glyph represents the masculine, “fire” element of the cosmos, intertwining with the female, “water” element. In their meeting is born chaos, conflict, and war, but through this meeting the universe and all things in it are set in motion. This is another element which reinforces the tempestuous and emotional characters of those born on this day. However, the water is further adorned with Chalchihuitl glyphs, symbolizing precious jewels.

Above the Teotl of Water appears a human heart, transfixed with an arrow, symbolic of suffering, from whose open mouth flames emerge. Beside this is a hand holding onto the tail of a coral snake; superimposed over the snake is a human footprint, pointing down. The coral snake symbolizes sex and uncontrollable emotion; the footprint suggests a downward path guided by a desire which is heedless of consequence.

This is a day of ambiguous fate; the symbols and Chalchiuhtlicue herself suggest a personality which is uncontrollable, capricious, and totally open to any passing whim. However, Chalchiuhtlicue purifies, and Xiuhtecuhtli, who also appears here, is the Lord of Wisdom. Furthermore, the precious jewels glyphs suggest that for those who learn to conquer the innately mercurial natures of their Ihiyotl, wisdom can be found.

El Sexto Señor de la Noche es Chalchiuhtlicue, que gobierna el Ihiyotl de los nacidos en su día. Chalchiuhtlicue es el Teotl de agua. Su nombre significa “Ella de la Falda de Piedra de Jade”, que metafóricamente significa las aguas verdes de los lagos y ríos, que son sus prendas preciosas extendidas sobre la tierra. Como regente del Ihiyotl, significa un carácter tempestuoso, como las aguas terrenales, que nutren y purifican, pero que también pueden causar la muerte y la destrucción a través de inundación o sequía.

Aquí, ella se para sobre las aguas de un estanque. En las profundidades del agua aparece Xiuhtecuhtli, el Señor Turquesa, Teotl de Fuego, sabiduría y tiempo. A su lado hay una serpiente en llamas. La combinación de la serpiente y el Señor del Fuego con el agua crea el glifo Atl Tlachinolli, “Fuego y Agua”. Este glifo representa el elemento masculino, “fuego,” del cosmos, que se entrelaza con el elemento femenino “agua”. En su reunión nace el caos, el conflicto y la guerra, pero a través de esta reunión el universo y todas las cosas en él se ponen en movimiento. Este es otro elemento que refuerza los tempestuosos y emotivos personajes de los nacidos en este día. Sin embargo, el agua se adorna además con los glifos de Chalchihuitl, simbolizando joyas preciosas.

Por encima del Teotl de Agua aparece un corazón humano, atravesado por una flecha, simbólica del sufrimiento, de cuya boca abierta brotan las llamas. Al lado de esto hay una mano que sostiene la cola de una serpiente de coral; Superpuesta sobre la serpiente es una huella humana, apuntando hacia abajo. La serpiente de coral simboliza el sexo y la emoción incontrolable; La huella sugiere un camino descendente guiado por un deseo que no se puede controlar.

Este es un día de destino ambiguo; Los símbolos y la propia Chalchiuhtlicue sugieren una personalidad que es incontrolable, caprichosa y totalmente abierta a cualquier capricho pasajero. Sin embargo, Chalchiuhtlicue purifica, y Xiuhtecuhtli, que también aparece aquí, es el Señor de la Sabiduría. Además, los preciosos glifos de joyas sugieren que para aquellos que aprenden a conquistar las naturalezas innatamente mercuriales de su Ihiyotl, la sabiduría puede ser encontrada.

Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time by Panic!@thedisco is totally inspired by young Sirius Black and no one can convince me otherwise

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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Original Female Character
Words: 2010

Fluffstravaganza comission for @eregyrn-falls, who requested “Ford getting a chance to converse with some sort of interesting/scary cryptid”

Somewhere deep in the Norwegian woods, there was a tree.

It was not, by most standards, a particularly noticeable tree – it wasn’t even the largest one in the forest, though you could still describe it as “bigger than average” if you wanted to. But the three sets of footprints – two human, one hooves – slowly filling with lightly falling snow that lead up to a little hollow in its side spoke to something about it that was exceedingly non-average.

There are certain modifications that the older and wiser creatures of the forest have learned to make to their environments using a classic combination of magical know-how and sheer stubbornness. A layer deeper than the bark, this was evident. The tree formed a decent-sized room, larger on the inside than its humble exterior ought to allow.

And Stanford Pines was loving it.

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this is the sort of shit that pisses me off. these so called “pagan” revelers celebrating the Solstice, left Stonehenge looking like a drunken frat party. this is so disgusting disrespectful and these fake hippie assholes should be ashamed of themselves. Litha should be coveted and celebrated by reveling in the beauty and wonder of the summer months and the goddess in her fullest pregnancy, not to trash a beautiful and wonderful place such as Stonehenge. i am so saddened just looking at this picture. makes my blood boil.


A new New York Times video examines the life and legacy of Mary Leakey.

The short documentary remembers the pioneering paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey, who discovered footprints of human ancestors on the African savanna. Her colleagues, several of whom help narrate, including American Museum of Natural History Curator Emeritus Ian Tattersall, uniformly remember her as an extraordinary character. Leakey was exacting in her science, and expected the same of her workers. 

Watch the video.


He’d been living near the house for about a week when he first started noticing paw prints in the mud by the fish pond.

He thought about staying for a few weeks more, but each day there was more paw prints in every place he roamed around. The small tree fort he built to sleep under had human footprints and the paw prints. The pond had them- even the grassy area where he liked to sit and watch the trees sway in the breeze had them.

Cas pulled his clothes off and folded them up- burying them in the hole he’d dug in the dirt, covering them with more dirt and some leaves and grassy branches before getting in the pond. The sun had been warming up things from the usual cloudiness and the water wasn’t deep enough for him to go all the way under. But halfway in he noticed the wolf. Bigger than any he’d ever seen before- almost positive it was going to find his clothing and somehow spot him in the water he sunk under until just his eyes were showing- watching the thing and trying to form a plan to get out of the water, grab his clothes, and run. Ten minutes of no moving made him shiver under the water and he didn’t like how deep he was, knowing if he went any deeper he’d go under without hope of getting to dry land again, so he stood up a little till his head was above water, sticking two fingers in his mouth and blowing out a hard whistle to try and get the animal to go away and quickly sinking under the water again so it wouldn’t see him.

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Bellamy x reader imagine where he says really harsh and hurtful things to her because he misinterprets something that she did and tells her to leave camp and she doesn’t say anything but accepts it and she leaves and he finds out that she did what she did to protect him because she loves him and then he looks for her and he find that she’s hurt. Sorry it’s so long 😁 but you’re writing is amazing and you have a way with words that I could never muster

I’ve done this a little differently than most of my imagines, here I’m going back on forth from PoV’s. I think it works with this particular prompt.

Characters: Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake.
Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Warnings: Bad language.


“You stole from us, your fucking friends.” Bellamy hisses in your face, his anger building up to the point where he could barely contain it. Hot pink cheeks where speckled with rain drops from the impending shower, a vein prominent at the side of his forehead. Both indications that Bellamy was nearing rage.

“I’m sorry.” You reply simply, wringing your hands as he stares you down with gritted teeth. Keeping your eyes firmly on the ground you try not to allow them to fill with tears. It was heartbreaking knowing that Bellamy was disappointed in you.

“You should be sorry. I don’t know why I ever thought you could be more than a dirty thief.” He sneers, hitting you where he knew it would hurt. It was a low blow, stealing having been why you were put in the Skybox in the first place, and Bellamy knew that calling you a thief would sting.

All you do is sniffle in reply, nodding in agreement to what he had said. Bellamy pauses, waiting for you to defend yourself, but it doesn’t come. Sighing, he turns to the guards at the entrance and waves at them to open the gates to which they promptly comply. With frightened eyes you look over toward the open gate and then back to Bellamy, who now has his arms folded across his shoulders in a guarded stance.

“You’re banished.” He announces, his tone quiet and dejected but also stern. Clearly he was hurting, and you’d done that to him.

Nodding once again you walk toward the exit, Jasper handing you your bag back as you go. No one says a word, all too full with shock to speak.

Tears along with rain spill down your face as you walk around the forest looking for shelter, eventually finding a cave and setting up camp for the night. You build yourself a fire and decide to go out hunting because you’d be getting hungry soon.

“What the fuck do you mean it was you.” Bellamy growls, sounding more dangerous and furious than O had ever heard before.

“I’m sorry, Bellamy.” Octavia tries, Bellamy looks away in disgust. “But I didn’t know you’d throw her out of camp! I needed the medicine box, I need the pain pills for my detox… She was just coving for me, I didn’t know she’d be banished for it.” She continues, her voice pleading. But Bellamy doesn’t want to hear it. He’s banished you for something his sister has done. You were trying to protect him from finding out the truth and he’d fucking sent you to be captured or killed.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Bellamy gruffs as the walks out of O’s tent, out into the heart of the camp.

With a booming voice he calls out “Re-con mission.” and a group gathers around him, waiting to hear what was going on. “Y/n’s innocent. We need to go out and find her, bring her back here. And we need to do it before nightfall. I need volunteers to come with me.”

Catching rabbits was a lot harder than Bellamy had made it look, but after an hour or so you’d caught one. As you were making your way back to camp with your dinner, however, you accidentally set off one of the grounder traps and almost got your head cut off. Instead when you saw the blade coming toward you, you stumbled back and fell backwards down a small slump. Rolling to the bottom you immediately grab your ankle, sharp pains running through the muscles.

You’d twisted it. Great.

“Two west, two east. Two north, I’ll go south.”

“I’ll go with you, Bellamy.” Clarke offers worriedly.

“I want to be on my own right now.” He replies blatantly, too fouced on the task at hand to be nice to the princess.

The team dispatch and Bellamy begins to make his way south. It didn’t take long to find a trail of human footprints leading away from camp.


Standing was not an option, as you had realised from several painful attempts. Which meant that you could only shuffle and crawl your way back to your cold, lonely cave. First the boy you love banishes you and now you’ve got a twisted (or possibly broken, considering the pain you were in) ankle.

“Why me, God?”

“Because you’re stupid enough to admit to a crime you didn’t commit.” A voice replies, causing your eyes to snap up, seeing a wet and miserable look Bellamy Blake standing above you.

“I was protecting Octavia.”

“No, you were protecting me from being forced to banish O. You put my feelings before your own.”

“Well… Yeah.” You mumble, realising that Bellamy must be able to see the amount of love you had for him in your actions and wondering if he reciprocated them.

Bellamy carefully steps down the slump and comes to your side, looking at you for a couple of seconds before putting his attention on your ankle. He inspects it with gentle hands while you watch him, just thankful that he’d come looking for you.

“Fractured, I think. Clarke will be able to tell.”

“I’m allowed to come back?” You ask in joy.

“Don’t be stupid.” Bellamy grunts, leaning down to scoop you up in his arms. You cling onto him, afraid he’ll drop you. “Relax, I’ve got you.” He promises softly, holding you close to him as he begins to walk. You wrap your arms around his neck. “How could you let me bark at you like that, nevermind let me banish you from camp?” He asks.

“I would have been banished if I didn’t take the fall. And I didn’t want that for you.” You answer him honestly. Bellamy stops in his tracks, shuts his eyes tight and groans.

“I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

Immediately your eyebrows shoot up at his wording and you say “Boyfriend?” with a sly grin on your face. At the Bellamy opens his eyes and looks at you for a second, unashamed.

“Yeah. That okay with you?” He questions, trying to sound manly as he does but his heart races in his chest as the words pour out.

“I’ll deal with it.” You reply with a grin, causing Bellamy to nod firmly. The both of you are secretly elated but trying to play it cool. This day had been coming for a long time.

“Good. Let’s get going to the Deopship, I’ve gotta kick my sister’s ass to the Ark and back.”

Claudio Parmiggiani, Simon Lee Gallery.


Over the course of his career, Parmiggiani has maintained a radical stance and singular vision, utilizing recurring motifs such as dust, emptiness, fire, glass, bells and shadows to interrogate the dual nature of time. His overarching investigation is his search for an image, object or assemblage that transcends time and individual experience to evoke a universally existential and perceptual truth. It is a search that is at the heart of his practice, an excavation of history and mythology that is rendered still, silent and impervious to time. 

The works in the exhibition reflect Parmiggiani’s ongoing commitment to investigating the human condition and the footprints we leave behind, the communication between the intimate and the exterior, and themes such as memory, absence, fragmentation, silence and uncertainty.