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Volcurins (Homo avium) are winged humanoids (feathered) who reside in the land of Caelumis. Usually called “sky foxes”, these skybound beings are known for their agility, variety, and musical talent.

* (eyes)
    Volcurins have an extra eye layer that allows them to fly, dive, and ascend at immense speeds without the air rush damaging or disturbing their vision (which, by the way, is enhanced beyond human eyes. They see farther, in more detail, and have fantastic hue ranges). This extra layer somehow causes the irises to be very brilliantly colored and very varied.

* (mating)
    Like humans, Volcurins marry for life but can divorce. Like the birds of Earth, the males strive to attract females with brightly colored/patterned wings and song. Men usually have better singing voices and colors than females, but it is not uncommon for females to be as so.

extra notes:
.they can have feathers in their hair as well, but it is rare. 
.they preen and molt as birds do
.their feathers rise/fluff out when threatened or aroused
.their wings lack oil, causing them to be terrible swimmers.
.their precision and accuracy combined marks them as the best archers and long-distance fighters.
.they have very large hearts and lungs for anatomic reasons (flight/extra limbs)
.they are usually slow on foot
.find immense pleasure in massages, stroking, etc.
.they have to stay thin to be air-bound, therefore some obese Volcurins are flightless.

Yes, Avian is a volcurin. Specifically, a mature female falcon-winged Volcurin

This species belongs to me and only me, but the design does not (I mean there are so many winged humans alright)

this is not me, i mean this it not the real me.  she’s an example of ppl who cant fight with their own demons that’s why they let them in. she lets anxiety and suicidal tendencies eat her. she let them make her feel alone, sad and helpless. they lend her drugs to end her pain… either for a little while or forever. she also listens with the self harm. constantly whispering providing relief and also telling her it’ll all be okay if you cut deeper. evilly enticing her until the pain stop. this is me in the middle. the only one with human eyes. surrounded by my own demons. asdkjSJKAKSDkks let the pain go awaay. 

Some stuff on human vision

I learned an upsetting thing today and then fell down a rabbithole

So you know that human eyes can detect red, blue, and green light waves right? And the brain combines these waves together to form the color spectrum that we see?

Well, see that gap between the peak in blue and green? We used have a 4th type of cone that could sense wavelengths there. Then we lost it because evolution is a bitch sometimes.

But tetrachromacy in humans does still exist, though it’s very rare and occurs only in females. The genes responsible for color detection are in the X chromosome, and females have 2 of these. One of the X chromosomes is turned off (X-inactivation) because one chromosome is sufficient for making proteins, but cells don’t agree on which one to turn off, so it happens randomly from cell to cell.

If you have two X chromosomes with slightly different genes for the color detection proteins, you get areas that have peak detection in different wavelengths, and you get human tetrachromacy.

Digital cameras replicate this by capturing images in their red, green, and blue channels.

That’s a Bayer filter. Each square corresponds to a pixel, and white squares will interpolate between neighboring squares to calculate its own value.

But you’ll also notice that there are twice as many green squares as red or blue. Why is that? Refer to the first picture - we’re more sensitive to green light than red and blue, so the Bayer filter designs around that.

Oh, back to what I originally wanted to say - I’m upset we lost our 4th cone :(


Some old stream fallout; sleeping Ford and the Venetian Merchant.

Still working here, and going to be flying back to the states soon for bro’s wedding. Might not get another art post in for a while, but we’ll see!