human eyes

Caption: “Why are you avoiding my eyes?/Because I’m afraid you’ll somehow see my secrets with your facial recognition powers”

One of the many reasons I don’t like eye contact is my fear that someone will misconstrue an accidental expression on my face or, even worse, somehow read one that I’m actually feeling. Like what if I was secretly irritated or in love with with them and they magically picked that up? It might happen for all I know, I don’t understand how this works.

– Rahel

AU where Krieg is kidnapped/recaptured by Hyperion and they just ruthlessly experiment on him and pump him full of slag until he mutates into some gigantic mindless bloodthirsty monster barely recognizable as human, in constant agony. They set him loose to destroy his former allies and anything else that gets in his way and the other Vault Hunters don’t wanna do it but they know there’s only one option or innocent people will die. Kill or be killed. They gotta put him down

How You Can Turn Any Phone Into A Black Light (Not Recommended For Hotel Rooms)

Black lights help us see things that the human eye could never detect. Investigators use them to help solve crimes, and college students use them to make their felt posters look way cooler.Well, there’s a sweet way to make your phone’s flashlight into a black light so you can use one…

I'm going to vomit:

My ex just moved on the same street as one of my friends.

They are neighbors. Basically.

I want to cry. It’s my one ex that I cannot stand. I tried to make it work as friends between us and he is just too prideful to be a decent human being.