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“It is a mistake to see issues of human and animal exploitation as mutually exclusive. On the contrary, all exploitation is inextricably intertwined. All exploitation is a manifestation of violence. All discrimination is a manifestation of violence. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and speciesism are all forms of violence. As long as we tolerate violence of any sort, there will be violence of every sort.”
— Gary L. Francione

i’m really taken by this ‘Talon is really controlled by an AI’ thing. That would explain why Widowmaker was sent after Mondatta, an omnic calling for human-omnic peace, because Mondatta represents a possible future where the possibility of a second omnic crisis is incredibly low. This AI wants synthetics to reign supreme to organics and starting a second global omnic crisis, in the absence of Overwatch, would be a way to win this time. We all saw what the war was like in The Last Bastion. The omnics would have won if not for Overwatch. 

And if you ask yourself “But why doesn’t the AI just control all the Omnics again?”, it’s because that shit didn’t work the first time around. This AI understands that it has to work in the shadows this time, exploiting humanity’s own fears and insecurities, using the rift between human and omnic as a way to start the war again. It uses humans to do its dirty work, in fact. Talon saved Gabe from the rubble of the Swiss explosion and used nanobots (the ‘smoke’) to bring him back to be used as a tool.

I don’t think the AI counted on the return of Overwatch, however. It tried to send Reaper to retrieve the information on the Overwatch agents but Reaper failed unexpectedly. It will no doubt be trying to snuff out Overwatch before it becomes strong again.

PARADISE LOST: HUMAN EXPLOITATION IN MADAGASCAR / AT RISK - A young girl huddles beneath a market stall table in the Madagascar city of Toliara. The city is a center of human exploitation, including sex trafficking and organized prostitution. Children are at risk all over Madagascar. They face being sold as slave labor, kidnapped for sex trafficking, prostituted by their families, and killed for organ harvesting.

It is not surprising that human rights efforts serving women, LGBTQ populations, and the marginalized in many parts of the world are simultaneously viewed as Western hegemonic cultural invasion - and thus met with strong resistance - when Western governments exploit human rights as a means to execute militarized and economic interventionist policies in other countries. It is simply very unfortunate that the concept of human rights has been corrupted in this way.

PARADISE LOST: HUMAN EXPLOITATION IN MADAGASCAR / PARTING SHOT / HOPE - This young boy is one of 165 students at Nosy Be’s only Christian school. Operated by South African missionaries Dries and Lynette de Jager, students are not only given a solid education, but are also taught fundamentals of the Bible, and they experience genuine Christian love. The de Jagers request volunteers to help them from a few days, to weeks, months and even years. Nosy Be is a hub of sex tourism and human trafficking in Madagascar. 

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You're almost convincing me to go vegan,but I was thinking and if you get rid of animal cruelty,you contribute to slavery and human exploration in plantations (as cruel as slaughterhouses). How do you feel about that?

I never tried to ‘convince’ anyone to go vegan, im only putting my views on my blog cause i simply can :) But im glad youve taken notice <3 

In the plant food industries, humans are in NO way harmed (or slaughtered) in a way thats comparable to how animals are. Veganism is about minimizing as much pain as possible. But if you really are concerned for those working in slavery for your food (which, by the way, you would be currently contributing to BOTH as a meat eater), buy local! Or make sure you aren’t buying food from countries that are known for human slavery and exploitation. It’s that simple :)

PARADISE LOST: HUMAN EXPLOITATION IN MADAGASCAR / UPSIDE-DOWN TREE – Madagascar’s flora includes six of eight known species of baobab tree – commonly called the upside-down tree. The six are indigenous to the island and found only there, while the other two are found only on mainland Africa. Tourists flock to Madagascar to see its unique flora and fauna. An alternative tourist industry is growing, however – sex tourism. Indeed, something has gone wrong in paradise.

Some of the arguments made by carnists are eerily similar to the ones that were made by pro-human slavery supporters.

“But slavers depend on slaves for their living!”

“Not all slavers treat their slaves badly!”

“I know a guy who owns slaves who treats them really well.”

“Why would slavers treat slaves badly? That would cut into their profits; that would be bad for business.”

If you said any of these things in support of slavery today (in other words, exploiting human beings for profit or other benefit), almost all people would be appalled and call you out on it, because almost everyone these days is in agreement that treating human beings as commodities is wrong.

Yet, replace “slaves” with “animals”, and carnists get all up in arms. Why is exploiting human beings wrong, but exploiting animals is perfectly fine? Slaves didn’t want to be exploited and abused for the benefit of their owners any more than animals want to be exploited and abused for the benefit of humans.

Animals deserve to life freely without fear of being treated like objects and subject to endless cruelty. They are not ours to simply use.

tenets of swarnpertism/swampunism

just some ideas i wanted to write down

-leftists of all branches overthrow of capitalism through violent revolution
-set up a temporary government in order to set up the new country and get everything calmed down
-after everything has calmed down a countrywide vote is cast on how to proceed in terms of governing [e.g. anarchist path, temp. government is dismantled. socialist path, dictatorship of the proletariat is enforced. other ways?]
-put on trial and execute every politician and CEO rounded up within the country for crimes against humanity for exploiting the poor and working class
-abolish heteronormativity
-people’s army created in case of times of war when other capitalist countries try to interfere. citizens should own guns for defending themselves or their country against the counterrevolutionaries but are not forced to

may add more

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"[...] if I was loud about it and trying to convince people how it’s not a big deal, then I would actively be working against the vegan message and it could have consequences that I wouldn’t consider okay anymore" ^This!! The other day a Carnist told me about a Vegan they know, who eats the eggs of their pet chickens 'cause they are treated good. They thought of this as strange and concluded that they should just buy organic eggs. @allVegans: DON'T talk about or don't DO this. You're doing harm!

Yep. I mean eat your rescued chickens’ eggs if you really feel that strong a need to eat things that come out of someone’s ass, but shut up about it. Don’t tell vegans who are against all egg consumption that they’re elitist and pushing people away and all that trash. You are the one confusing people if you brag about your humane exploitation. 

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hey brontë I'm sure you've answered this 100000 times but do you have any tips for new people interested in veganism? even link me to another post if that's easiest for you! thank you so much I really hope I can do this ☺️

I have a general veganism tag which has loads of resources in it, but I also have a tag specifically on health if you’re concerned about getting enough nutrients! I also have tags for animal welfare and environmentalism, and I strongly recommend this post on human exploitation within animal agriculture, if you’re interested in learning more about the politics behind veganism.

These posts are especially good as primers:

Best of luck, and please let me know if I can be of any more help! ❤️🐔🐐🐑🐄❤️

Human beings see their own oppression vividly when they are the victims, otherwise they victimize [others] blindly and without a thought.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

This was written in reference in reference to human exploitation of animals.  But really, this quote is relevant to just about…well, everything. 

Think critically.  Try to see things from others’ perspectives.  And if you aren’t sure what’s right, err on the side of kindness. 

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I am curious why you think aquariums exploit animals. I understand horrible corporations like SeaWorld, but what about Audobon Aquarium in New Orleans, or the several in California that take care of sick fish, then release them?

hi! first of all, keeping wild animals in captivity for our own enjoyment is wrong, no matter how well they are treated. fish deserve to live their lives in nature free of human interference & exploitation. also, many animals live in small, unstimulating tanks that simply can’t compare to life in the ocean. some are taken from the wild, which is an extremely stressful and often dangerous process for them.

the work that aquariums do rehabilitating & releasing some animals is great, but ultimately it doesn’t outweigh the suffering they inflict on others.

PARADISE LOST: Human Exploitation in Madagascar 

Trapped. Exploited. Hopeful.

Something’s gone wrong in paradise. Madagascar truly is a paradise, unique in so many ways. People come from all over the world to enjoy its pristine waters and beaches, virgin rainforests, and indigenous fauna and flora. Yet this paradise is quickly becoming a “paradise lost.” Human exploitation in its worst forms is taking root here. Children are at risk of slavery and sexual exploitation. Girls prostitute themselves for quick money. Women are trafficked to the Middle East. Organ harvesting is on the rise. Can the church step in and offer solutions? Is there hope for the Madagascar of tomorrow? Photo essay to follow …

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A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)? And if you don't mind, could I ask about Interstella 5555 in particular? Here's hoping you had a swell time at the party! <3

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

Regarding Interstella 5555, my OTP is always going to be Shep x STELLLLLLLAAAAAAAAA! Stella like there is no mistake whatsoever about that. And for once I wholeheartedly prefer this ship to be happy with no bad things occurring whatsoever

g o o d b y e

If you also think about it Shep is an ultimate anticapitalist hero
he doesn’t come from earth and is free of the socio-environmental concerns that shape the proles into what they are and he rescued human mortals from the exploitation and untruth that plagues pretty much industry we try to step into