human duality

🔥 Aries is ruled by Mars - initiation, will, and spirit
Esoteric Ruler: Mercury - a point of light and illumination of consciousness

🌹 Taurus is ruled by Venus - the pure love of every sensual, sexual, and artistic form.
Esoteric Ruler: Valcun- he who soaks into the material to produce beautiful artistry

👯 Gemini is ruled by Mercury - generous intellect, skilled communication, and dexterity.
Esoteric Ruler: Venus - the resolution of duality, making human connections, and creating harmonious relationships

☂️ Cancer is ruled by the moon - creative fertility, creating safety and security, and nurturing life.
Esoteric Ruler: Neptune - the great mother, the giver of life to all organisms, god


👑  Leo is ruled by the sun in resplendent expression and creative exhibition. The sun also rules Leo in esoteric astrology. It symbolises the activation of the self and the stimulation of love

👓  Virgo is ruled by Mercury - analysis, detail, and intellect.
Esoteric Ruler: The moon - the mother of harvest working humbly in the shadowy background

🦋 Libra is ruled by Venus- exemplifies connecting, collaborating, and forming relationships.
Esoteric Ruler: Uranus - represents a moment in time where personality and soul meet balance

⚰️ Scorpio is ruled by Mars - powerful will, compulsive, and volatile. Pluto also rules Scorpio and hands them the keys of the unconscious, healing, and sorcery.
Esoteric Ruler: Mars - battles, crusades, and passion

🎊 Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter - quest for the expansion of consciousness through personal experience.
Esoteric Ruler: Earth - the inner and outer pilgrimage undertaken in life  

❄️ Capricorn is ruled by Saturn - mastery over the physical plane and achieving ultimate human potential. Saturn also rules capricorn in esoteric astrology, the process of initiation, the crystallization of mental energy

💫 Aquarius is ruled by Saturn - tremendous depth perception, obsession, and pedantic mental state. Uranus co-rules Aquarius, - individuality, humanitarianism, and genius.
Esoteric Ruler: Jupiter - the magnificent fortune showered upon humanity at the hands of humanitarian Aquarius

🌺 Pisces is ruled by Jupiter - belief, imaginative vision, spiritual consciousness. Neptune co-rules pisces - idealism, escapism, and hypnosis.
Esoteric Ruler: Pluto- development of spiritual will and ascension


any man can fight,
any man can swing his fists,
or shoot a gun.
any man can fight for himself,
but a hero fights for others.

(he fights their demons, but who fights his?)

any man can defend.
any man can raise his shield,
or make a narrow escape.
any man can defend himself,
but a hero defends others.

(he is a wall of solid rock,
but rock cannot bend; only break)

any man can suffer.
any man can weather a storm,
or feel the sting of pain.
any man can suffer for himself,
but a hero suffers for others.

(he has scars that none can remember;
or is it they not care to recall?)

any man can be happy.
any man can make money,
or indulge in all his desires.
any man can bring happiness to himself,
but a hero brings happiness unto others.

(they praise his name to the sky;
but no one asks why he cries)

any man can die.
any man can be killed,
for he is still but a man.
any man can die for himself,
but a hero dies for others—

and so a hero never dies.

(but sometimes, they die inside,
and there’s no marker for that grave.)
—  heroes aren’t what we are made into (they’re what we’re made of) | m.a.w

“i’ll slap every bitch in this room” is such a riveting meme it displays the duality of humans , we are all slapping every bitch in the is room and yet we are all daring a bitch to slap us….outstanding

Ravenclaw: you know if you don’t learn to trust people, you’re going to die alone.

Slytherin: *exhales disconsolately*

Gryffindor: Really. Like I get the “Slytherin Aesthetic”, but you’ve turned sullen and forlorn into an art.

Slytherin: it’s not that I don’t trust people. I trust everyone to be exactly who they are, and I trust myself to be exactly who I am. It’s not just about trust guys, I just. I accept myself fully for who I am, and I accept humanity for what it truly is. I fully trust and accept the worst of myself; I know I can break hearts remorselessly, commit atrocities, betray those devoted to me, and not only lie but create beautiful, wondrous falsehoods. I trust this unto myself in the utmost, and it makes this cruel, cold world easier to bear because no matter what I’m never surprised. Whatever happens I’m not shocked because I’ve already accepted and learned to trust that people, especially myself, are capable of these things. I don’t want to fall in love with the idea of a person, to hope they’re better than the duality of human nature, and find out they’re just like me.

Hufflepuff: you need a fuckin’ drink mate chill it’s just a trust fall in the beanie bag room damn

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You know, I used to be part of the OUAT fandom and one thing I appreciate about the people working on SG is that after the people working on OUAT found out how big SwanQueen was they started to literally pull them apart on the show and writing them differently. I thought the same was gonna happen in SG, especially after SDCC but I'm glad to see that at least for now that isn't happening. I appreciate their friendship and if that's all we're gonna get I'm at least happy that they are super close

I always hear what a disappointment OUAT turned out to be for people. While I was never in the fandom, I got away from the show early-ish, after the also clear bait and switch known as Sleeping Warrior. But let’s move on…

I agree. I think it is very evident that they understand the importance of Lena and Kara’s relationship.When I say that, it isn’t just to us as Supercorp shippers or the general audience, but to the show and the characters themselves. 

@kara-danvers-lena-luthor made an amazing post that discusses the importance of Lena and Kara’s relationship and what it represents to Kara as a character concerning her humanity, her duality and a major part of her development. 

When you consider elements like that, it is hard to imagine that, it is hard to imagine that they would want to change it so drastically because of some loud and immature fan interactions, yeah?

In truth, something that I have been saying for months is that Kara truly does need Lena. Originally, Lena was able to contribute to filling a void that was left by the absence of both Cat Grant and Lucy Lane. Gone were two women that supported both Kara Danvers and Supergirl – however, the primary difference with Lena is that she supports them both separately. Lena views Kara Danvers as a best friend and a hero in her own right – someone that she can rely on and someone that, in turn, sees her as just Lena. She sees Supergirl as a friend, inspiration, hero, and mentor. 

Yet the importance of the separate friendships is that Lena doesn’t put Kara Danvers on a pedestal. She does not expect Kara to be able to take on more than she feels she can handle. She doesn’t pressure Kara to be both human and superhuman. She doesn’t pressure Kara to be better. Instead, she believes in, encourages and elevates her, knowing deep down that ‘just’ Kara can handle whatever comes her way.

It is Lena, after all, that is able to really push Kara to rethink her earlier notion of Kara Danvers being a mistake. Where Kara was faced with frustration, anger, and worry from her sister and one of her closest friends, she was faced with positivity and motivation from Lena. 

Twice now, Lena has indirectly made Kara realize that just being Supergirl isn’t enough.

So with that, they have really set the stage to have Lena be one of the most important people in Kara’s life. She has essentially become irreplaceable. It will be really interesting to see how the relationship develops now that they have both their established relationship and the newest addition to their dynamic.

I don’t understand why people want to justify/demonize certain characters. There are few people in the series who are strictly “good” or “evil”; even that statement is wholly perspective. One of the major themes of this series is the world isn’t split into good people and death eaters. A good person can do a bad thing; a bad person can do a good thing. Human complexity, the human condition, the duality of man. Arguing about it is not going to change that, it’s all LITERALLY GREY, PEOPLE.

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Any thoughts on the significance of the bright yellow bathroom in 13x2 (especially since there's been so much color meta going around re: Cas and yellow and the curtains from 13x1)?

HECK I HATE TUMBLR. I had a really long reply written out for this, and freaking tumblr ATE IT. oh my god. Stop being such a jerk tumblr… Okay, gonna try and recreate it >.> Okay… what had I been saying now…

That entire motel room (oh, excuse me, HOTEL, according to their sign >.>) was decked out in some really bold jewel tones, despite having gone a bit shabby with age and use. Some of the paint was chipping off, the whole place was dingier than a lot of the motels they visit, and whoa nelly that was a really sickening sulfurous shade of yellow.

Let’s start with the other parts of the motel, though. (partly because this is what I remember from the version of this post that tumblr nommed). Their room itself was a dark sapphire blue, highlighted by this deep red, diamond and flower pattered sofa:

These have long been our conflict colors, blue and red. And the diamond pattern itself reminded me of Lizbob’s meta about the diamond-pattern (sulfur yellow) bedspreads from s1 that made a reappearance in 12.19 in the motel room where Cas was hiding out with Kelly…

go read that real quick… I’ll wait.

Dean had already been the subject of prison imagery (when he first entered the motel room and the louvers of the blinds cast him in reddish light that resembled bars), and now the diamonds cast him against even MORE cage/prison imagery, this time embedded with FLOWERS (which have long been a symbol associated with Castiel… I mean even the wallpaper in 12.19 was a flower motif…)

That brings us to the hallway outside their room, painted the same deep red (and peeling away in places) as their sofa. Everyone knows about Dean’s shirt that color we all refer to as the Murder Shirt or the Shirt of Bad Decisions… But blue and red in contrast to one another like this have been used as a warning of conflict, and breaking the codependency… 

But that red is also the Winchester Family color, and so many “adopted Winchesters” have worn it, from Kevin to Mary to Charlie to Claire…

(I won’t even go into the symbolism of the light giving Dean a halo in the red hallway as he throws an angel blade to kill a demon, because I talked about that yesterday… :P)

Which brings us to yellow (and also yellow and blue together, which have always been a warning sign on Supernatural… she says as she’s watching 9.01 and looking at Hael wearing a sulfur-yellow sweater over a dark blue dress. Those are the colors of Heaven and irresistible duty). First, the bathroom itself:

Dean opens the door, reaches in and turns on the light, then leaves the door open. He doesn’t even go in, just gives it that look… Later when he’s fighting the demon, we get this shot, with the brightly-lit duty color set against the deep blue humanity color…

It seems that so much of the imagery around Jack (and the Winchesters) is about this duality– humanity versus (in this case) non-humanity. Jack is about as clear a dual-natured being as it’s possible to be, and in turn it’s divided Sam and Dean against one another. Sam sees Jack’s humanity, but Dean can only see the potential for his power to “take over” and for human Jack to be lost to that power.

To copy/paste what I said to @shixpe when I was busy crying about how tumblr ate this original post, right now “Jack” and “Jack’s Power” are two entirely separate entities. Nougat vs “unimaginable cosmic power,” and he hasn’t even BEGUN to reconcile those two halves within himself. Right now, he doesn’t even identify with his powers at all…

We’ve seen a lot of the s9 and s10 imagery of duality coming back into play again with things like the return of the Panheads sign which we also know will be in 13.03, along with Patience wearing these same bright primary colors in various promo pics. I eagerly await how they continue to use these colors as the season continues to unfold.


I would love to have a m/m werewolf LI for DA4. I’ve always loved the Beauty and the Beast love story and I’m a big fan of werewolves since forever. I love the duality human/beast and the inner struggles that comes with it and I think it would be a cute love story. This is not a confession per se because everyone that post on BSN know who I am, I’m just spreading my werewolf propaganda and I love this tumblr :) #WerewolfLIforDA4 *happy dance*            

The Duality of Human Nature: *exists*
Hyde:👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self
Jekyll:💯 i say so 💯
Hyde:  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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On subsequent watches, Charles and Ray don't seem to be as good people. Not to say that they're bad people, but that they're more complex than just cool parents. They especially had a ton of conflicting dualities, such as how they preach freedom yet are controlled by their obsessive grudges (Charles in that pic refers to Holland joining Adroc in death, implying strong contempt). They genuinely care for Renton, but they take him in more for their own sake. I wanted to know your take on them.

I think that this speaks volumes to their ‘humanity’: that such characters can have faults, yet still be admired and cared for by characters like Renton since we essentially see their arc through his eyes. 

I quite liked Ray and Charles, but interestingly more so in subsequent watch throughs. Part of me feels like my own age plays a factor: when I first watched E7 completely I was about 13/14 years old and while I liked being introduced to them the first time, my heart was always moreso with Renton/Eureka, Sakuya/Norb - a lot of the younger couples, closer to my age at the time. Now that I’m in my 20′s, I feel like I can understand (and in some cases even relate) to Ray and Charles more.

 I feel like E7′s writers explore this human duality in characters fairly often (Holland, Talho, the Gekkostate as an organization, Anemone etc.) as its a major theme in the show: that people are never truly one-sided. Charles’ and Ray’s characters received this treatment (and its one of the most interesting because they are not a part of the Gekkostate nor do they want to return to the military) but I feel like this development could have been explored further (mostly comes down to screentime in my opinion. I feel similar about Anemone’s development, as much as I liked her character).

first: i’m going to assume you’re super new around here if you’re just now getting the memo that i like hansy. it is the year of our lord 2016, friend, you are incredibly late to the party.

second: keep your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times, and do not exit until you are explicitly instructed to do so. it’s about to get a little bumpy.

*cracks knuckles*

if you genuinely think hansy is “disrespectful” to canon, you haven’t been paying very much attention to canon. i know what rowling has said/not said about pansy parkinson—how she essentially wrote her as a one-dimensional placeholder for every Adolescent Mean Girl ever—but that isn’t canon to me. want to know why?

pansy spends the majority of the series as one of draco malfoy’s lackeys; a literal hanger-on; she’s barely an individual, and when she is given speaking lines, she’s petty and mean and the embodiment of several highly unflattering stereotypes. she coos at draco, she giggles a lot, she wears a frilly pink dress to the yule ball. she likes unicorns. she’s clearly written as the Anti-Hermione, and while i certainly have thoughts about that, they’re beside the point. pansy is not an individual. she is, at best, a caricature of a teenage girl, an easy-to-hate amalgam of a dozen different negative traits that harry, our most unreliable of narrators, is particularly critical of. she is not an individual.

until she is.

i honestly can’t fathom why rowling picked pansy parkinson, of all the available tertiary characters at hogwarts, to be the only one to speak up and try to hand harry over to voldemort. i can only guess that it was intended to be another nail in her Mean Girl coffin, but the older i get, and the more nuanced the implications of that act become, the more i start to wonder.

why would a girl who, historically, was perfectly content to follow draco malfoy around—again, she was not an individual—why would she stand out in a crowd? why would she go against the grain so dramatically? was she desperate? okay. why? was she frightened? okay. why? was it a commentary on war in general, that it had fundamentally altered something inside of this non-character, this girl without a personality? what were her motivations? why was she alone in wanting to stop this battle before it started?

it’s an absolutely fascinating about-face for the character.

and it certainly sheds an interesting light on what the dynamic between her and harry might have looked like had it ever been explored.

which—back to hansy.

despite sirius black’s words of wisdom—“we all have both light and dark inside of us, harry”—harry doesn’t really buy into the duality of human nature at any point in the series. even snape, one of the most morally grey characters behind dumbledore, has to be proven a long-standing double agent, a spy for The Good Guys, before he’s given any kind of in-text redemption. harry sees the world in strict delineations of black-and-white. dumbledore’s rampant shadiness is excused because, ultimately, he was trying to do the Right Thing. snape’s completely broken moral compass is excused because, ultimately, he was trying to do the Right Thing. harry values these grand gestures enough, posthumous or otherwise, that he literally names his children after these men. (what’s that? a grand gesture?) harry doesn’t ever learn how to fully appreciate an approach to problem-solving that isn’t rooted in bravery—in these huge, sweeping, powerful acts of gallantry and sacrifice. the subtleties of surviving a war are lost on him, and that’s a very real, very relatable flaw in his character.

which is why i love the potential of hansy.

there’s nothing unequal about how their relationship would have to pan out. they would each have to grow, and change, and compromise. i can’t emphasize that enough. so often in shipping culture, especially when there’s an ideological disparity between the two characters in question, there’s this theme of one saving the other, or fixing them, or teaching them, and it always leaves a sour taste in my mouth. relationships are about give and take. balance. harry and pansy are depicted as radically different in virtually every way. just putting post-war versions of them in the same room would result in friction, and given enough time, i like to think certain aspects of the other’s character would bleed out a little bit. make them both wonder.

because harry would have to start understanding that there are layers to people, to their motives and their weaknesses—and their strengths, even. blanket statements and generalizations about slytherins, about enemies, are inherently wrong. there’s nuance to everyone and everything. so often in canon, he glosses over the details and relies on hermione to point them out. i would love a harry who grows up and realizes that the people around him aren’t shaped precisely as he’s always thought they were.

similarly, pansy’s perception of the world—as well as harry & co.—is also pretty narrow. we know significantly less about how her mind works than we do about how harry’s does, so there’s some obvious room for interpretation here, but even with a bare-bones, totally factual reading of her character, we can infer that she’s as disdainful of gryffindors as they are of slytherins. she surrounds herself with people who share her prejudices, and she’s smart. (she’s a prefect, remember?) she latches onto draco malfoy with alacrity—wealthy, politically savvy, pureblood draco malfoy—and, if her act of rebellion at the end of the series is any indication, she has no qualms about placing her own well-being above that of everyone else. i quite like the idea of a pansy parkinson who just doesn’t get it, doesn’t get why harry was willing to die to save the world, doesn’t get why anyone was willing to die to save him. i like the idea of a pansy who learns to see the bigger picture.


hansy is important. in canon, outside of canon—they’re two characters who could have a positive impact on each other, whose wildly opposing viewpoints could clash, and then settle, and then meld.

hope this was helpful.


P5 Fic: Duality

Can also be found on AO3 here.

In his pursuit of truth and passion, Yusuke discovered the duality of humanity, and the beauty that can be found within its hideous depths. He never expected to find that same duality in Akira, much less be so drawn to it, like a moth to the flame. 

OR, Yusuke learns the wonders of gap moe. 

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To Consciousness


I thought I did

See you last night

In the blink of an eye.

Where the moment caught like a firefly on the shutter shock of the most Misty High

Forget my eyes and televise the inversion of Oneness

Exploit my crown chakra, Indoctrinate me into the Program;

within a systematic synapse like reverie of sin that grins, passing for a veil and a crooked lipstick smile with style

Play the game and try coming out the same

It’s insane, it’s upside down, nothing feels right except a cheap laugh and maybe a good fight

Shows how far our species has grown… Have we done this already?

Have we been here before?

Did the ancients have uniquely advanced technology eventually leading to a massive shift and extermination of most of what was “Much long ago”? Why can I not sleep tonight?

My country’s president is picking fights with a nuke-happy dictator in North Korea

World War 3 is flashed across the headlines

A mysterious surge of awful hurricanes that the government doesn’t give a shit about

Feigning thoughts of HAARP manufactured weather

Terrifying, but do you ask Why?

Lost in rabbit holes beckoning for your sanity because every twist and turn, tunnel and burn, a corpse arises and will begin the chase

A trip and a fall

Down to an undeniable Wonderland

Full of mother Earth and her mystic beauties, and the evils that lurk-

the ones who appear human,

Yet exploit them at the same time

Yes they are the ones that appear human yet send us overseas to war to die in the hundreds of thousands for their benefit



How real is this murderous concept? This concept of Profit…

NO democracy can exist with capitalism as it’s foundation.



Understand the enemy

But also that You are not They,

And once you remove the mask that’s become your “identity”

The world will open up

Seeking the Spirit




CLANDESTINE | Teacher! AU | Jimin X Reader | Smut | Part 5

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading!

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

You had a dilemma. It had been three days since you had been sprawled across your English teacher’s desk. And since then, your interactions with your teacher, Park Jimin, had been painfully insignificant.
Time and time again, you would catch him watching you in class. But when your eyes met his, he would avert his gaze, acting as if nothing had happened.
Of course you had his phone number, but that would be way too easy.
Day and night, he was the only thing on your mind. Your body and your mind were addicted to the drug that was Park Jimin, and it seemed that the only thing to satisfy your cravings was the man himself.
A man who had suddenly become out of your reach.
It didn’t take long for you to decide that you would have to change this.
You decided you would have to break him.
Park Jimin had a dilemma. It had been three days since he had finally caved into his secret desires, all of which involved his student, (Y/N).
His body yearned to go to her, to touch her, to take care of her, to do anything in order to her hear euphonious moans of his name again.
But he couldn’t do that.
So instead, at the end of a long day, he would moan her name, his hand in no way being able to compare to her.
Everything about her enticed him. Her innocence, her beauty, her intelligence, the distinct and profound naughtiness she so deftly concealed.
But he couldn’t go to her, because she made him lose control. And if he were to lose control, he knew for a fact he would give up so much, all for her.
He couldn’t allow this.
So he prayed that his restraint would hold up, even though he could barely stay away from her as it was.
And he hoped nothing would break him.
Once you had made a plan, you immediately set it into motion.
It was fifth period on a Thursday when you set about achieving your goal. You had no choice but to succeed, for you feared you wouldn’t be able to control yourself if your teacher continued to resist you.
Luckily for you, the desks in your classroom were positioned on steps, each one higher than the one closer to the front of the classroom, very much like a lecture hall. This made carrying out your devious plan so much easier.
As Jimin (you refused to call him Mr Park, at least mentally) drawled on about the duality of human nature, you weren’t at all listening. You had other things on your mind, and you intended to make that clear to Jimin.
Due to the positioning in the class, your teacher had a clear view of below your desk, which was exactly what your plan required.
So, as he continued teaching the class, you very slowly uncrossed your legs, and spread them apart subtly. Your left hand held a pen to your mouth, which you absentmindedly chewed the end of, whereas your right began to caress your inner thigh. Your fingers traced upwards from your knee to your thigh, and then travelled back down again.
Although he did not acknowledge you, you knew that almost immediately, Jimin was watching you in his peripheral vision. Not once did he direct his gaze to yours, but you knew very well he had noticed the lazy actions of your fingers.
Slowly, you slipped your hand down the waistband of your skirt, and you flicked the hem of your skirt to a position where you knew Jimin would be able to exactly what your hand was doing.
As you began slowly rubbing circles into your clit, you bit your lip to hold back a soft whine that threatened to slip from your throat. You were beginning to soak through your panties: it excited you, being so public. None of your peers could see the naughty pleasures you were indulging in: only Jimin received that privilege.
As you continued, it was plain to see that Jimin was struggling not to glance over to you. His mind was running away with him. He knew what you were doing. He couldn’t clearly see if he didn’t look at you, but oh, he could guess what you were up to.
He bit his lip as he scanned the text before him, before pushing back his hair and tilting his head back. You noticed that he lowered the paper he was reading to the class, and decided to pick up another topic. This was a very wise decision, seeing as by lowering his arms and the paper, he effectively covered the growing problem in his jeans.
You knew you were coming so close to getting him to look you way, to breaking him. So you slipped your fingertip into your entrance, before bringing it to your mouth, and gently licking your arousal off your fingertip.
It was then that Jimin could no longer hold out. As the class wrote their answers to a question he had just asked, Jimin cast his gaze to you. He held your eyes, and you wanted to shy away from his stare, but you refused to.
You winked at him, before your hand began its descent again- and then the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson.
Now it was time to see if your plan had worked.
You gathered your things and walked towards the door, and, out of the corner of your eye, you saw Jimin approaching you. Victory was yours, and you couldn’t be happier.
But before Jimin could reach you, he was intercepted by your peer, Kim Taehyung.
Taehyung smirked at you as he blocked the exit of the classroom. Yes, he was hot and yes, according to all your friends, he had a thing for you. But did you care? No. Not while your English teacher was around.
‘So, (Y/N),’ Taehyung began, tilting his head cockily as he spoke, 'I’m having a party tomorrow night. It’s going to be huge. Wanna come?’
Pausing, you considered the offer. You had no interest in going to the party, because, knowing Taehyung and his fuckboy reputation, he would undoubtedly have a plan to charm his way into your pants.
So you were about to politely decline, before you noticed the reaction of you teacher.
He was stood behind Taehyung, slightly to the left. His eyes were burning holes into the side of your head, and you noticed how his fist clenched when Taehyung blocked your exit.
You flicked your eyes over to Jimin, and God, if looks could kill, Taehyung would be a dead man.
Jimin’s eyes met your eyes for a mere heartbeat, before you turned away from him. Standing on your tiptoes, you whispered, 'I would love to,’ in Taehyung’s ear, before winking at the boy and ducking under his arm and exiting the classroom.
What? If you were going to break Jimin, you were going to have some fun first, right?
The fall is always the best part anyway.