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kara: pretty much I would let Mon-El of Daxam know that he is an ugly cunt and the abusive relationship he gave me was not particularly something that I would ever want for myself I just struggle with compulsory heterosexuality and he said he wanted to be a hero to be with me so if that’s the case he should have put it back on the wrack and should have never even tried it because he’s unqualified to be a hero if that’s the case I just think Mon-El is a disgrace he’s a disgrace to humanity and aliens and he’s a disgrace to women and men who are actually heroes and classy and he just doesn’t have the capacity he thinks he has someone lied to him several times and told him he was fly sexy and beautiful and he is nothing like that he is nothing of the sort

me: *makes a joke on a mutual’s post* heh heh THIS’ll give em a chortle

me after a minute without them acknowledging it: oh my god im a fucking fraud piece of shit im not funny im a disgrace in human form why do i even have followers

mutual: *likes and reblogs, adding “SNDHISBGNDSBBNLJG” or “FUCK” or something like that to the tags*

me: *in a deep, empowered, big-dicked voice that splits the continent in half and reveals a massive trove of gems and jewels that enhance the earth’s splendor immeasurably*

My name is Funnymandias, king of jokes:
Look on my blog, ye Mighty, and despair!

It’s an absolute shame and disgrace to humanity what’s going on in Syria right now. Innocent people are dying and so many of them are children. The people of that country are paying for who’s sins??? it doesn’t make any sense. They do not deserve this. Fuck whatever horrible leaders are causing innocent people to die.

pretty much I would let Floriana Lima know that she is an ugly cunt and the Maggie Sawyer performance she gave me was not particularly something that I would ever watch for myself it was an old maiden performance and she said the role was for a woc latina so if that’s the case she should have put it back on the wrack and should have never even played the role because she’s unqualified to play the role if that’s the case I just think Floriana is a disgrace she’s a disgrace to humanity and she’s a disgrace to women who are actually woc latina and classy and she just doesn’t have the talent she thinks she has someone lied to her several times and told her she was fly sexy and beautiful and she is nothing like that she is nothing of the sort


I really didn’t wanna talk about Steven Universe again. This show may as well be dead to me, because from day one it has constantly failed at nearly everything it tried to achieve. However, this “human zoo” thing is too much for me to ignore, because this is an all new low for this series. The “human zoo” thing is genuinely unacceptable. 

It should be very clear that the mere inclusion of a “human zoo” in Steven Universe is horrendously tactless on the part of Crewniverse. Human zoos (comprised of non-white people from European colonies) were a very real occurrence and most people are blissfully ignorant of their history. The oversimplified version of a human zoo presented in Steven Universe only emphasizes this ignorance. Here I thought “Coach Steven” was the epitome of racial insensitivity, but Pink Diamond’s “human zoo” definitely usurps it in terms of negligence regarding the brutal, dehumanizing history of racism and colonization. 

The insertion of a “human zoo” into the framework of the series could have been easily avoided, so there’s no excuse for this nonsense. From a story telling standpoint, it’s uncalled for and shoehorned in with very little consideration. The term human zoo has a lot of historical baggage attached to it and Crewniverse did not take that baggage into account. Furthermore, Crewniverse should have known better, because all it takes is a quick Google search to become acquainted with the atrocities of human zoos. By evoking the image of a literal human zoo, Crewniverse has disgraced all those who had been stripped of their humanity by white colonizers. While the influx of SU fans rationalizing and justifying Crewniverse’s disregard toward people victimized by colonialism is unnerving, it creates a rather telling portrait of how many people truly feel about colonization.  

UPDATE: By representing the humans as happy, unburdened, and innocent without a care in the world, Creniverse really undermined why human zoos are so heinous. The captive humans portrayed in Steven Universe satisfy the stereotypes perpetuated by the white colonizers who spearheaded human zoos.

Pekka Eric Auvinen

Similar to majority of us in the TCC Pekka was infatuated with columbine,and he often identified with Eric Harris (hence his username naturalselector89). He’s commonly known for making youtube videos and he would often rant and talk about atheism, terrorism, Nazism, and columbine. On November 7th,2007 Pekka fatally shot the headmistress, six classmates, and a nurse at Jokela Highschool. He had 500 cartridges on him, and shot kids at random. Once the police arrived and began moving towards the school in a large mass, Pekka turned the gun on himself inflicting severe blows to his head, and he later died in the hospital. He killed seven students and a teacher.

He uploaded scenes from Schindlers list as a homage to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, which showed jews being tortured and killed and he also created a post praising the twin towers. Like how almost nearly every school shooter wore a shirt with some sort of message or domineering word, his said ‘humanity is overrated’ and was determined to murder those he deemed to be "unfit, disgraces of human race". In the last video he uploaded was entitled as Jokela High school Massacre - 11/7/2007 shows a building which appears to be his highschool and a red tinted picture of a man pointing his handgun towards the camera.Once he uploaded his last video Pekka went to his highschool and wandered the halls aimlessly, getting ready to find his victims and aim fire. It was his way of curing the world of its disease.

Pekka was eager to leave his existence and humanity, for he saw nothing but miserable arrogance and he wanted to inspire others so they can make a change. “I cannot say that I am of the same race as this miserable, arrogant and selfish human race. No! I have evolved a step higher”, he declared on his blog, no longer wanting to be apart of humanity and those that reside within it. He saw everyone as weak,and he was determined to spread his message- not considering that it might generate even more ugliness in the world. To him he was inspiring, a godlike figure, revolutionary. He looked up to Eric Harris, eager to be like him and follow his footsteps, even if it meant war.


Request: Can you write an imagine were you and Evan peters are dating and you guys are home off from work. And your both just relaxing watching movies cuddling etc. I thought this would be really cute. And you guys make brownies and stuff idk. You can be more detailed lol -Anonymous

Pairing: Evan Peters x Reader

Warnings: Just fluff… and you’ll probs crave chocolate after this..

“Evan! Hurry up and get the popcorn already!” “I’ll be there in a minute!!” You laughed as you heard Evan fumbling around and dropping things in the kitchen. It was the night of your weekly movie night with your boyfriend and you were prepared to soak up every minute of it as he was gone shooting for his next movie all week.

Sliding into the room in his socks Tom Cruise style, you had to stifle a giggle as he almost tripped and spilled the popcorn everywhere. “Don’t worry ‘bout it, babe. I got everything under control,” he assured you.

Taking another few steps, Evan tripped on a crease in the carpet. Almost as if it were in slow motion, the popcorn flew into the air and littered the carpet with white. “…nevermind.”

A few minutes later, Evan traipsed after you into the kitchen. “But baaaabe! It won’t be the same without snacks. I need food. Running around as fast as I do drains your energy, you know. Besides, you’re always telling me to make sure I stay healthy during shooting time.” “I don’t really thing that brownies count as healthy,” you speculated. “And you’re not actually Quicksilver, babe. ”“Yeah, sure, ok.. but the brownies would sure help.”

There was no arguing with this boy.

“Fine, fine. I’ll make you your stupid brownies.” “YUSSSSS! Thanks, babe. I love youuu!” “Yeah, yeah. But you have to help me.” “Alright,” he agreed, “how hard could it be?”

*Ten minutes later*

“This is so harrrrrrd.” Evan was complaining nonstop. I mean, you loved the guy. He could just be.. really super freaking annoying sometimes. “Evan come on. It’s just brownies. They’re really simple. How are you not getting this?”He glared at you then his eyes snuck over to the brownie mix sitting in a bowl nearby. 

“Evan Thomas Peters. Don’t you dare.”

With an indignant smirk, Evan shoved his hand into the bowl and hopped up from his spot on the counter top. Backing away slowly, you were positioned to make a run for it. With slow calculated steps, that grinning idiot made his way towards you. You started speaking to him as if reasoning with a toddler.. which if you think about it, isn’t really far from the truth.

“Now Evan. Think about what you’re doing.” “Oh trust me, baby girl. I definitely am.” At the end of his sentence, Evan hurled the powdery substance all over you. “Ugh! Oh Evan,” you looked at him with a vengeful glimmer in your eyes, “what did you do?” Realizing his mistake, Evan started sprinting out of the room as you start chasing him with the egg carton.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Babe come on! I’m literally scared for my life right now!” Then he realized something: it was quiet in the house. Completely petrified now, Evan crept through the house. “B-babe?” he whispered.

All of a sudden, eggs were being pelted at him, seeming to come from all directions. “Mercy! Mercy! Please! I beg of you!” Evan screamed as he shrunk into a corner. The eggs stopped for a solitary moment while you checked to make sure he was actually fine. Then the eggs started shooting again.

Determined not to die that day, Evan was filled with a new courage. Standing up from his little bomb (egg) shelter, he raced towards you, picked you up, brought you to the living room and tackled you onto the couch. He mercilessly began tickling your sides until you were crying from laughter. “Abuse! Abuse!” you shrieked. “Do you surrender?” he asked.

With a nod of defeat, the tickles ceased. “You suck,” you muttered. “But I don’t spit,” he replied with a smirk. You gave him an incredulous look. “You, Evan Peters, are a disgrace to humanity.”

“I try,” he winked. “Now what about those brownies?”

“Oh no, buddy. We’re not making brownies. You destroyed the mix remember.” After fifteen minutes of Evan whining and you protesting, you finally decided to just make popcorn again.

The both of you cleaned everything up and made your snack. Flopping down on the couch after putting Lord of the Rings into the dvd player, you and Evan settled in under an abundance of blankets and a mountain of popcorn. Nestled under Evan’s arm, you looked up into his eyes.

“How did I get stuck with a child like you?” all said with a grin on your face. He leaned down to your ear as if telling you the most confidential information in the universe. “Because secretly, you’re one, too.”

PEKKA-ERIC Auvinen sat among the chaos he had caused at Jokela High School, pressed a .22 calibre pistol against his skull and pulled the trigger. He had done what he had come to do.

He had killed seven students and a teacher in the small town of Tuusula, in southern Finland. The killing spree came just hours after he posted a final video on YouTube, the last chapter in a grim catalogue that foreshadowed his deadly intent.

The 18-year-old student, who was fascinated by Nazi and Stalinist ideologies, saw it as his job to rid the human race of “failures of natural selection”.

In recent weeks Auvinen posted several blogs and videos on the internet. He called them the “Manifesto of a Natural Selector”. The blonde haired teenager railed against society, said he no longer wants to be a part of it and predicted killing people.

“I cannot say that I am of the same race as this miserable, arrogant and selfish human race. No! I have evolved a step higher”, he wrote on one blog.

Auvinen set up a YouTube account under the name of Sturmgeist89 and described himself as an 18-year old Finnish man “who is ready to die for his cause.”

He uploaded a selection of scenes from Schindler’s List in which Jews are tortured and killed, a tribute to Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and a post glorifying the last days of the Twin Towers. American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and a tribute to the Unabomber were also among Sturmgeist89’s collection of macabre tributes.

It wasn’t long before Auvinen moved on from his heros and began to post videos of himself.

In a video called “Me and my gun, Catherine (.22 LR semi-automatic Sig Sauer Mosquito). I love her! :)“ Auvinen aimed the weapon directly at the camera. And just days ago he uploaded a film of himself using apples for target practice in a forest.

Auvinen’s friends say the teenager began to draw pictures involving guns and he seemed disturbed. But when they asked about his strange behaviour, the gunman said he was joking.

Online, though, Auvinen left little doubt of his intentions.

Weearing a shirt proclaiming "Humanity is overrated”, Auvinen told the world of his plan to murder those he saw as “unfit, disgraces of human race”.

Sturmgeist89’s last YouTube post entitled Jokela High School Massacre - 11/7/2007shows a still photo of a low building that appears to be Jokela High School.

The photo breaks apart to reveal a red-tinted picture of a man pointing a handgun at the camera.

Only hours after he last edited this last post Auvinen systematically prowled the hallways of Jokela High School targeting his victims.

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Anonymous (Pt. I)

Tyler Joseph Series

Summary: Tyler Joseph, an insanely talented lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the world famous band ‘Twenty One Pilots‘. Little do they know, that the young gentleman is also the secret admirer of an angelic voice, without knowing whom it belongs to.

(A/N): Let me know if you want another part, I‘d also love receive some feedback. Enjoy x PS (Y/H/C) means (Your/Hair/Colour) and ‘Birdy‘, the nickname, has no relations with the artist x

Words: 1,259

“Hey there, this is my cover of ‘Can‘t Help Falling In Love‘, a song by Elvis Presley and it goes something like this…“

Tyler instantly turns up the volume of the audio as the pure and heavenly voice, that he adores so deeply, begins to vocalise the melodies of the song. The voice, that he has been listening to non-stop for the past months and yet doesn‘t know who it belongs to. But that‘s not him to blame, every week, an anonymous user on Tumblr would post an audio of herself singing a song either followed my an instrument such as bass, piano, guitar, his personal favourite ukulele & etc. or just plain vocals, without any additional information. No name, no pictures whatsoever. Sometimes she‘d even cover one of his songs, which would make him deliriously happy for an entire week, giddy even. That‘s actually how he came across her talent for the first time. Someone on Twitter sent him a link of her cover of ‘Holding Onto You‘ and he completely fell in love with it during first seconds. 

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QUEER queer QuEeR qUeEr queer QUEER Queer Brought to you by your neighborhood pansexual who thinks exclusionists are a disgrace to humanity.

haha anyway i hope you get hit by a bus homophobe! go die

eyebrowsraised  asked:

Any advice on dealing with failure as an INTP? I feel like it's harder because Fe's like, feelings? What feelings? And Si rewinds you back to that exact moment of horror all the time and Ti is trying to figure things out but it's compromised because you may be in a loop/grip. The Ti-Si part just makes it more intense in my opinion.

Right. So, when you fail, you’re at your touchiest. Because we put a high priority on intelligence, that’s one of our most vulnerable points. And when we start to think that we might not be as intelligent as we thought or wished to be, then our emotions come into play, and things get ugly.

However, when you fail, you need to immediately tell yourself, “I’m human. There’s no disgrace in a human failing after he tried his best.”

Now, one of the side effects of being an INTP is that people think that it’s fun to poke at your soft spots because often INTPs aren’t as good at holding back reactions. That would be due to our inferior Fe. So, sometimes when we fail miserably, people like to tease us. After all, we do have a tendency to show people up without meaning to, and that can be annoying. So, there is a bit of human nature that likes to see someone who’s usually high up take a fall. A lot of people think of INTPs as high up intellectually, so when we have a dumb moment, it’s kind of a gleeful time for them.

Dealing with those people is the hardest part of failure, if you ask me. I mean, I know that I failed. I do it a lot. I don’t need some joker teasing me about it when I’ve already figured out what I need to do to not fail next time.

(We are also usually pretty good at coming up with quick solutions to our failures.)

The thing to do here is just to smile and say, “Yeah, it happens.” Brush it off. Don’t react with your touchy Fe. Just don’t.

When my Si brings up past failures, I usually try to sing. Sometimes to myself, if singing out loud would be too weird. But generally it’s an upbeat song, and it actually does help. I don’t know. It sounds silly, but it does work.

And, above all, don’t be afraid to try again. 

John Laurens and Francis Kinloch

This post is a compilation of the information I have gathered about the Laurens-Kinloch relationship, their subsequent “breakup,” and their post-breakup interactions.  This was honestly one of my favorite posts to research and write.  It’s a long one, but I promise you that it’s worth your time (there are some quotes that rival that Hamilton-Laurens correspondence in terms of affection).  Some of the quotes I have in this post are from transcripts sent to me by Massey and are generally not publicly accessible.  If anyone wants me to post the whole transcripts of the letters, just let me know, and I’d be happy to oblige.

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  • woman: has period
Life is just a meaningless coincidence… result of long process of evolution and many several factors, causes and effects. However, life is also something that an individual wants and determines it to be. And I’m the dictator and god of my own life. And me, I have chosen my way. I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection.
—  Pekka Eric Auvinen