human disaster~

The world revolves

Never stopping

To consider the pained flowers

Or its bleeding wounds

 Or its broken barriers

Or the ants upon her killing their kin

Because the world does not care for that

The world revolves

For the broken

Because it can offer something

Though slow

Comfort through time

Change through growth

Healing through effort

Kindness through little moments

A fire

An earthquake

A hurricane

A blistering wave

A frozen storm

Things happen in this world

 Because the world offers

Through that fire

A forest will grow and a family will come together as one

Through that quake

 A mountain will grow for generations ahead to climb

Through hurricanes

We learn to rise and rebuild as a world

Though unheeding heat

We will cry as the sky turns dark for the downpour to come

Though the numbing ice

 When silver light glistens on the snow that is what we hope

The world revolves

Not for cruelty

But for tests

And comfort

What I want Donald Duck to be for Halloween

Hawkeye. Not Marvel Cinematic Universe Hawkeye even thought he’s awesome. But Matt Fraction’s “Hawkguy” Hawkeye! Instead of a Human Disaster, Donald Duck as Hawkeye will be an Avian Disaster.

I don’t know

these two




with me.

Donald Duck: Avian Disaster 


crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 2.08 who is josh’s soup fairy?


I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory,
Is this where it gets me? In space, 60000 feet above the Earth…

Modern AU featuring TJeffs as local human disaster, Jmads as #givemeabreak2k17 and A.Ham as your obedient gremlin

[Someone actually did this]

“alt-left” is not a thing

Don’t use it, don’t let others perpetuate it. Shut it down. The Alt-right is a self-named, self-identified group that has existed for years. “Alt-left” is a false-equivalence invented and “named” by the Trump administration. No progressive or antifascist group created this identity. This is anti-progressive propaganda. 

There are roses on Derek’s doorstep.

No note. No scent trail. After determining that there is nothing inherently magical or deadly about them, he spends the entire rest of the day researching symbolism and archaic demon customs, trying to figure out what kind of death threat he’s just been handed.

It doesn’t occur to him until nightfall, when the neighbors start discussing their romantic dinner plans at a decibel he has trouble tuning out, that he realizes the flowers might not have been delivered with malicious intent.

Because, apparently, today is Valentine’s Day. And apparently someone decided that Derek should receive flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Derek Hale has a secret admirer.

He honestly would have preferred the death threat.

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How I first imagined the opening of "Say No to This"
  • Aaron Burr: There's nothing like summer in the city.
  • Aaron Burr: Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty~
  • Aaron Burr: *straightens his cravat*
  • Aaron Burr: *leans seductively against a lamp post*
  • Aaron Burr: *bats eyelashes*