human dial

very bad and hurried drawing of human!Dial between boards because I said I would draw him for my good buddy potentialforart who is helping me with translators and drawing RGB in dresses and is just an all round swell person and you should definitely be following her by now


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You stupid amazing fucker you did NOT JUST DRAW RAISTLINE MAJERE FROM FUKIN DRAGONLANCE FIGHT ME YOU AMAZING HUMAN!!! Seriously dial down how ON THE FUKIN MONEY all your art is with aligning to my interests > O >

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must be the dragons in the titles and the wizards in the content!! I fall for it every time!! hahah ALL THIS LOVE FOR RAISTLIN IS MAKING ME SO HAPPY you are all enabling me and I have poor impulse control

You stumble into an abandoned warehouse and find a room completely covered in dials marked with years. Each dial is labeled with a different species. You find the dial that’s labeled “Human” with the dial turned to 122 years, the longest anyone has ever lived. You decide to tamper with it.


The Adventure of the Three Gables:

Now, Watson, this is a case for Langdale Pike, and I am going to see him now. When I get back I may be clearer in the matter.”

I saw no more of Holmes during the day, but I could well imagine how he spent it, for Langdale Pike was his human book of reference upon all matters of social scandal. This strange, languid creature spent his waking hours in the bow window of a St. James’s Street club and was the receiving-station as well as the transmitter for all the gossip of the metropolis. He made, it was said, a four-figure income by the paragraphs which he contributed every week to the garbage papers which cater to an inquisitive public. If ever, far down in the turbid depths of London life, there was some strange swirl or eddy, it was marked with automatic exactness by this human dial upon the surface. Holmes discreetly helped Langdale to knowledge, and on occasion was helped in turn.

The Valley of Fear:

“Who then is Porlock?” I asked.

“Porlock, Watson, is a nom-de-plume, a mere identification mark; but behind it lies a shifty and evasive personality. In a former letter he frankly informed me that the name was not his own, and defied me ever to trace him among the teeming millions of this great city. Porlock is important, not for himself, but for the great man with whom he is in touch. Picture to yourself the pilot fish with the shark, the jackal with the lion—anything that is insignificant in companionship with what is formidable: not only formidable, Watson, but sinister—in the highest degree sinister. That is where he comes within my purview. You have heard me speak of Professor Moriarty?”


Cliffjumper leaned back in his chair, stretching his sore shoulder articulators. He ex-vented softly, looking around the office; his Sparkling had vanished again. Spotting multiple datapads lying next to each other, he reached out a servo, hesitating. That one. He brushed two digits along its side.

The datapad blurred and morphed into what some mecha colloquially referred to as a ‘bean’.

Tickle. Darker patches spread across its front. Funny.

“Do you know what time it is, Azoth?” The red mech smiled softly.

The Shifter-class Cybertronian’s sides wiggled happily and it opened and closed its mouth a few times.

“You got that right.” Cliffjumper held out a servo, allowing his Sparkling to flow around his digits and form a band around his wrist. It morphed again, forming what the Intel Prime had discovered was a Terran invention, a wearable chronometer, primitive even by the humans’ standards. The dial on its face spun before pointing to the current time.

He tickled its sides again, pulling his servos away with a frown and tapping the communicator on his helm. Who could be pinging him at this megacycle?

::What the frag do you want? I’m busy right now.::

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Can I get a mermaid!Lance startling marine tech!Keith fic? Please and thank you!!

OF COURSE YOU CAN. This is super rough but ENJOY

The boat was back. Lance hovered just under the surface, tail flicking as he covered his ears against the growl of the propeller. Twice a week for the last month it had come, perched just over his favourite part of the reef, and disrupted his studying. It bobbed along for a few hours before shifting course and propelling over to another part to do the same damn thing. Hours upon hours of useless noise. It was enough to drive any merperson insane.

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