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it may be hard to believe BUT I have drawn other mane7 ships than rarijack before. Take a look at all this old art. All of these are ships I enjoy too, even if I don’t draw them a lot. I’d have liked to add raridash and raripie too, but for some reason all the raridash is nsfw and I don’t have any cool raripie pics at all (which is weird because I love that ship)

Continuation pic to this post from @scisetdaily! The girls give their best wishes to Sunset and Twilight, who are temporary moving to Equestria!

Also taking the chance to say that SSD and DoS are both connected, which means they’ll share same world and ships ^^

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i think its weird when people interpret gabriel as some kind of loose canon, as if he isnt canonly one of the greatest tactical minds in the overwatch universe; its important to note that in light of the omnic crisis, humanity’s greatest struggle against them was that omnics continuously evolved and strategized to counter humans without any moral perimeters. so, the fact that the overwatch strike team that gabriel led is what pulled humanity out of the crisis says a lot– it says that under gabriels leadership, they managed to outsmart and outfight and subdue the omnics. under gabriels leadership, they took the world back for humans. its hard to comprehend the enormity of what a small, apparently seven man unit did, but they really did literally save the world. so like… interpreting gabriel as chaotic good is fine and all, and dont get me wrong, the dude does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, but the fact of the matter is that it obviously works. gabriel reyes wasn’t just shooting off into the dark. he wasn’t just getting lucky. gabe is a goddamn genius and you gotta wonder what the hell he’s up to, because i can assure you, he’s doing it with purpose. 


Behold, all the femme appledash/butch rarishy junk I’ve been drawing! Make AJ looking feminine was hard, not even RD was as hard :_D I liked how most of them came out tho. There’s less Rarishy than Appledash because I focused on the last. Have some headcanons:

>Even if AJ and RD are the feminine ones, they would still beat the shit out of you if needed to. So don’t mess with them, ever.

  • RD is less likely to fight you, as she woulnd’t like to break a nail. But AJ won’t hesitate b*tch

>AJ likes to keep it natural and simple, in a “less is more” way. RD is the other way around tho, and even likes to show off.

>RD likes to use makeup. She’s always wearing some, even if you don’t notice. And it needs to stay nice. If you mess her makeup she will kill you.

>Rainbow is a very aggresive girl, who is like “fite me!” all the time. Applejack is calm, and looks like a nice girl (and she is!) , but can be very, very, sassy and sarcastic.

>AJ is the kind of girl that snorts while laughing.

>Almost everyone at school has a crush on AJ. The day RD and her confirmed to be in a relationship, you could hear the crying in Manehattan.

>They are the most popular couple at school.

>Butch Rarity doesn’t like dresses and girly stuff. At all. So of course Rainbow LOVES to make her dress in such things. Oh, how the turns have tabled…

>Rarity is very popular, but in a weird way, half the school likes her, other half dislikes her.

  • The half who dislikes her, usually laughs at her, or wouldn’t like to get involved with her.
  • This bothers Rarity but she acts like it doesn’t.

>Butch Fluttershy is like normal Fluttershy but with even more insecurities, if that’s possible.

  • People at school bully and make fun of her, telling her she doesn’t look like a girl. She has been always told she should be more feminine. And poor Fluttershy can’t understand why they wouldn’t leave her alone.
  • Rarity protects her and always shoo the bullies away. And after that she cuddles her a lot to make her feel better.

>Fluttershy doesn’t dislike girly things, she just feel more comfortable with her short hair and wearing very baggy clothes.

  • She’s often mistaken for a boy, because of that

>Rarity and Fluttershy have a very tender and calm relationship, they support each other a lot. 

  • Fluttershy is the only person Rarity truly loves and completely cares for
  • She is super protective of Fluttershy
  • Fluttershy feels completely safe with Rarity, as she’s the first person who didn’t laugh at her or asked her to change, when they met.

>AJ and Fluttershy are besties and love to do picnics together.

>Rares and Rainbow are the friends who are always fighting. Despite they clash, Rarity was the one who helped Rainbow with AJ.

>AJ and Rares are surprisingly good friends. Together they are the ultimate trash couple who will destroy you with their sassiness. They playfully flirt a LOT, but aren’t interested in each other at all. they still might have made out once or twice….

>Rainbow and Fluttershy are good friends too. Despite her rough nature, Rainbow makes an effort to be more gentle with Fluttershy, and kindly encourages her to be more girly, because dammit, she has the potential!

And that’s all I can think of :D