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Okay, I had this drawing idea since I worked on that human design for Crane and I absolutely had to draw it. A random anon asked me what Crane would looks like with an hair cut too which gave me another good reason to draw this. Human!Chill actually love to play with Crane’s hair a lot especially since this one doesn’t really care about looking neglected. And Crane one his side is just super curious and try his best to do the same with him in response. This was fun to draw, gosh. I’m really happy how it turned out~<3

@azraeltree, love ! Here’s your lovely bean ! I meant to draw him for a while now and gosh I’m so happy how it turned out~<3 I love you so much *kisses*

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

Chill Vibe© @azraeltree

Human Kung Fu Panda Team by CoraOvart (deviant art) I really love humanized versions of animated animals. Everyone has such creative designs for them, and I can’t help but like It! She did an amazing job, especially with Po’s design!

i know ive already gotten into this many times before but arya isnt too damaged to live and love. that opinion is fucked up and stupid. like honestly pull your head out of your ass. arya is traumatized but that doesnt mean she’s not “”a normal person”” anymore than she’s “”a fantasy terminator”” (forget d&d’s hackjob) she is a real person - so to speak. thats the point. she’s a child and like so many others who have been exposed to this kind of violence she’s struggling. also just like literally every other pov btw. grrm is using many aspects of the child solider with her character. which is a situation that is all too real in war - even the ones going on today. these kids are the ones who are left homeless and starving and scared. they have their childhood torn from them and are forced to commit violence. thats arya. but she’s a not monster. she’s not too far gone either. she’s still a human being who deserve a life. because arya hasn’t lost her humanity. she is still driven by a desire to be with her pack - whether thats her friends or family. she loves deeper than any character in this series. and there are those who love her in return and will continue to do so no matter what. like gendry. 

gendry and arya share very similar experiences. he’s her companion for two books. they both suffered and fought alongside each other in the war. they saw their friends die and dug graves and witnessed atrocities. they are both child soldiers who have killed in battle. gendry knows that arya instigated weasel soup and he’s angry - but not scared. he saw her hands covered in blood after she silt the harrenhal guards throat but he never recoils from arya. while they’re on the run he still makes sure arya sleeps and eats first. he doesnt see her as a monster. she’s a little girl who tries to be brave but has been through a lot. after all the death and trauma he still teases and play wrestles with her. when she punches him he just laughs. with gendry she’s able to just be arya from winterfell again. she can let down her guard and drop the aliases. he thinks her hands are soft even though he knows what theyve done. gendry only smiles with her. he’s clearly harboring a deep affection for her. and arya cares about him too. he’s her “pack” and her “true friend”

gendry has no reason to fear arya. she would never hurt him. their entire relationship is built on trust. he’s also in no position to judge her since he’s working for an undead zombie who casually hangs people. which, again, is an experience not unlike what arya is going through with the faceless men. she’s not too damaged for him. she’s not too dark or scary either. they are kindred spirits who are going through many of the same struggles. they’re feeling the same grief and fear and anger. if anyone can understand what arya’s gone through its gendry. 

Remember when I told you I was working on a human!Crane design ? Here it is ! When I first though of human Crane I already knew he would be albinos since he doesn’t have a pigmentation of his own even as a skeleton. I could only picture hi with long messy hair as well, they don,t bother him much. 

Chill would actually play with his hair a lot and make pony tails, breads and tons of stuff with it X’D

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

“Tell me what you fear, Nigma.”

“…I’m sorry, what?” 

“Tell me what you fear.” The Scarecrow leant in closer, his eyes boring into Nigma’s with an expression that was both cold and feverishly intense. “What sends shivers down your spine, what makes you wake up in the night with a scream on your lips?”

“Well…” The Riddler looked thoughtful for a second, then shrugged. “I suppose you could say greatest fear is failure.”

“Is it now?”

“It is. I suppose that’s why I find you so terrifying, Professor Crane - you’re my worst fear given human form.”

It took Crane a second to realise what he had just said.

So you know how ronan lynch is the human equivalent to a crane? well I’m pretty sure he uses this height advantage to bestow forehead kisses on poor, unsuspecting individuals such as adam I’m-trying-to-study parrish and blue what-the-fuck-get-off-me sargent

Crane Wife AU

This fic idea was submitted by an anon.

Keith is a blacksmith with a shop on the edge of town, backing up to the local forest. During his lunch breaks he likes to walk through the woods to the small pond nearby. One winter day while walking through the woods, Keith comes across an injured crane caught in a hunter’s traps. Taking pity on the poor animal, Keith sneaks close and sets the crane free. He thinks nothing more of the bird as he returns to his shop.

The next day, a terrible blizzard blows in, trapping Keith in his shop. While the snow piles up around his shop, Keith is surprised to hear a banging on his door. Opening it, he’s greeted by a beautiful yet scarred young man severely under dressed for the weather. The man introduces himself as Shiro and asks if he can take shelter with Keith until the storm passes through. Of course, Keith welcomes him into his shop.

The storm lasts for several days, and Shiro and Keith bond during that time sharing stories and talking about things they love. Keith finds out that Shiro is a an ex-soldier who wanders from place to place without much destination in life. By the time the storm passes, Keith is amazed to find out that Shiro has become someone he could almost call a friend. When Shiro asks if he could stick around and maybe help Keith around the shop rather than continue his aimless wandering, Keith is overjoyed and accepts right away.

Time passes, Keith and Shiro grow closer and closer, first becoming the best of friends and then something more. All is well, until one day Keith faints while working at his forge. Shiro drags Keith from the room, and despite Keith’s insistence that he’s fine, calls a doctor. The doctor looks him over and declares him very ill, Keith has been hiding his symptoms from Shiro for quite a while. Unless he receives regular medication, he is only going to get worse.

The medication recommended is far too expensive to afford from the money Keith makes at his forge, and with his health declining he can’t even keep making that much. One day, Shiro tucks Keith into his bed, and makes him promise to stay here and not watch while Shiro takes over the forge. Keith agrees, and while he sleeps Shiro fashions the most amazing metallic accessories Keith has ever seen. They are beautiful, and when taken into town fetch a high enough price that they can afford Keith’s medication.

For that and many days after, while Keith sleeps, Shiro takes over the forge, fashioning these accessories. With regular medication, Keith’s health slowly recovers, but Shiro’s health begins to decline. The more Shiro crafts alone, the paler and more tired he grows. Keith worried for his lover, ask to watch Shiro while he works, so that he might take over the crafting and give Shiro a break. He’s feeling much better, and thinks Shiro’s health is suffering from how much he works. Shiro refuses, and tells Keith to never come in while he is at the forge.

At first, Keith does as Shiro asks, but there is only so long he can sit by and watch Shiro grow more ill himself. Eventually, Keith sneaks into the workshop while Shiro is crafting his accessories. He’s shocked when what he see working at the forge is not Shiro, but the crane he saved all that time ago. The crane’s right wing is nearly bare of feathers, and as Keith watches he sees it pluck one of the few remaining feathers from the wing to mix into the metal to craft Shiro’s beautiful works.

If the tale follows the original, where Shiro flys away to never be seen again or not is up to you.

OKAY so @reyindee did this awesome Human!Decans desigh and since then I just wanted to sketch a human version of my character so yeah uhm… here have some awkward human Decay!sans sketchy headshot… I kinda… easily saw him having dirty blond hair for some reason ? It was either that or brown. It was kinda fun to draw especially since I don’t draw human as often as I used to X’D Anywaaaay hope you like it ! (totes design a Human!Crane just for fun rn)

Art & Decans© @little-noko