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Heya fellow criminals! I have been feeling for some human contact! So If anyone has any ideas or wants me to join in their roleplays I would be happy to. (I can also write extract so that you can join in)
Feel free to also submit anything from asks to roleplays or just even to chat.
Im always here!

The shy guy is often “affection / human contact deprived” so you should expect weird reactions if you sit too close to him or if you touch his shoulder or if your hair brushes against his face, etc. He’ll probably back-up a little, slightly move away, as if he doesn’t want to be touched.  What is happening is that he’s absolutely convinced that you’ve touched him by accident, involuntarily.  So he’s giving you a way out of this “incident” by immediately playing the “sorry, it’s alright, no problem…” card.  But the truth is that he’s overwhelmed by it. If you keep your hand on his shoulder or stay close to him, he’ll clench up. If you want to make him comfortable with your presence, leave your hand there a bit longer, stay close and make it look like you haven’t noticed his discomfort. Talk to him normally and once you’re done talking leave with casual “bye see you later”. Slowly but surely he’ll realize you are not repelled by him even that you are comfortable around him. He’ll be relieved about that.