human cello


I have no context for this but it’s amazing.

I Made One of My Friends Question Their Sanity

A couple of weeks ago, two of my friends and I were watching an episode of Hannibal where someone is turned into a human cello (you can look it up if you’re curious). One of my friends freaked out when a character started playing the human cello.

Skip forward to last night’s drinking party with me changing my friend’s phone wallpaper to the human cello scene. The next morning, he asked whether one of us had changed his wallpaper or if he was that out of it last night. We said no. That was when he started looking a little concerned about his mental state last night since, according to him, he remembered everything he did even though he was a little drunk. But now he wasn’t so sure.

So, for the past 12 hours, my friend has been coming up with theories on how he could have changed the wallpaper himself on accident. 

He moved on to questioning his whole memory of last night. And his mental state in general. 

Then, I changed his laptop wallpaper.

He didn’t see it until later, but I had forgotten to clear the history on chrome, so it auto-filled when he was looking up Hannibal. It led him to the google images page I had used. He freaked out a little again.

External image

Lapse in memory again or chrome on his phone somehow syncing to chrome on his laptop (his theories)?????

“I swear I don’t have any psychopathic tendencies.”

Half an hour ago, he finally realized it was me when he saw the wallpaper on his laptop and I burst out laughing at his face, which was a bit like this:

External image

Honestly, I didn’t think it would end with him doubting his memory/sanity.

But it was fun seeing it. :)

- Alice

P.S. Apparently, after a month living with these people, I have gained the reputation of being a good liar. I don’t see it. Gwen and Stella should agree.