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o_o so i'm reading the part of Future!Cas where it's storming and Lucifer appears and guess what? It just started to storm here, hold me I'm too young to go to hell D: then again... Lucifer IS hot... haha punny lol. o-o;; seriously though this is creepy *pours salt at my door and windows and hides in my closet*

I totally planned it that way. O_O

Nah, just kidding. *bear hugs* It’ll be okay. You’re safe! Pwomise!

But oh boy… you’re in for something with In Our Time - Part 8. *makes popcorn* *sits and watches inbox*

Title: The Perfect Life

Request: Anonymous: Could you write one where Reader gets taken by a djinn; and she’s in her perfect life but when she finds out she’s doesn’t know the winchesters she bummed out about it? But when the boys find her she’s a little upset that she that it wasn’t real. Maybe Human!Cas x reader ?

Warning: Light making out, other than that nothing. 

Word Count: 920

Notes: So this is shorter than any of my other ones and I’m so sorry for that but I did enjoy writing it and it was so much fun! I gave myself feels so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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|Imagine Castiel not wanting to leave you in purgatory|

“Cas you are going with Dean I don’t care if I’m left behind. I’ve lived here longer than you could imagine.” You said to Castiel as you hold him in your arms, your whole being had changed since arriving in purgatory, when you were killed by hunters you found yourself in here. Only recently had you felt human again with Castiel by your side you knew when they left, you would be hunted until your untimely second death but you were drawn to this strange band of men as soon as they arrived and you acted as there guide along with benny who would have killed you in any other situation.
“No Y/N I cannot leave you alone here you will be killed for helping us.” Castiel said letting you go and you shrugged your shoulders and pulled your bag of arrows further onto your back, as you did this you felt your sleeves rise. Pulling them down hiding your battle wounds from Castiel you did want him to know how bad it was in here without protection, you didn’t want him to see how weak you had been in battle and in the safety of your own hiding places.
“Castiel, that is a risk I am willing to take. You and Dean need to get back, you need to save people. Promise me you won’t turn into some broody angel when you get back, or I will find a way out of this place just so I can kick your butt.” You laugh at him, you had tried your hardest to not cry over the past few days, you didn’t want to lose the people you now saw as friends but you knew that they had to go and you knew that you couldn’t follow.
“I still don’t see why you can’t come.” Castiel says and you shook my head.
“Castiel I don’t deserve to be saved I did terrible things before you got here. I should suffer.” You said looking at your feet you hated what you had to do to survive but you knew that it had been key.
It had been a what seemed like forever since Dean and Benny left but you was happy because for some reason that he refused to disclose Cas stayed with you and although you had wished him to go you were happy he did, because you were happy to have company, happy to still be human, still have hope. Still have Castiel.  You walk off around your base that both of you had been living in it had been a few weeks now since the last leviathan attack and you knew that you still had to be on guard for them. Castiel had gone to the river to collect some water as you was beginning to look like shit, you was covered in filth, grime and blood and that was not pleasant. You waited as it began to get darker in purgatory, you worried as you sat in your cave dwelling, the floor was covered in scraps of clothing you had salvaged and, several weapons lay around well hidden in the mess the den had become. You felt your eyes begin to close as you hear a distant howl.
Waking up light steamed in through the cracks in the rock and you shot up to find that Castiel still was not beside you, you panicked as your angel had become your security blanket. You jumped out of your hovel and you ran to the water front your bow and arrows close by as you got to the steam. You saw the almost bucket that you had managed to carve out of wood laying strangely next to a pile of what looked like clothing although you knew too well what looks to of happen, you walk over to the cloth and pick it up finding the clothing that Castiel had worn. Slipping your hand into the pocket of his trench coat you found a picture that looked like it hand been handled to much it was of Castiel, Dean and a group of other people one of whom was in a wheelchair ,you slipped it into the pocket of your trousers, you walked back to you home  placing the picture of Castiel next to where you  slept you began to carve the shaft of another arrow.
You woke up to someone talking outside of your base, you aimed your arrow out of your Cave and slowly left to see three men, one turned his head to you, He was stood above a dead body and you aimed at his head firing but he caught your flying arrow and snapped it in half. “Don’t bother love.” He said and you began to hyperventilate you were scared of this man and you didn’t know why but as the other two men turned to you the one who spoke disappeared.
“You know Castiel.” You say remembering the photo that you carried with you at all times.
“Yes, we know him, do you know how to get out of here?” They asked and you nodded and began to escort them to the portal firing an arrow often at the people lurking in the darkness. “Is he okay, did he get out, is he alive?” You question dying to know about the man that you had fallen in love with.
“Yes, would you happen to be Y/N?” The taller man asked and you nodded your head. “Yes both Cas and Dean have said how much that you helped them stay alive in here. So Y/N I have to thank you for that.” The man said
“Well if it’s okay can I know your names, I mean I have seen you before. Cas dropped this when he left.” you say taking the picture out of you jacket pocket , you wiped off some dirt and them  gave it to the men and they smiled at the slightly damaged photo.  “Take it with you if you want.” You say although you instantly regretted it when you realised you wouldn’t get through the portal again so there was no chance of meeting Castiel again. You fired an arrow again this time hitting a vampire between the eyes.
“Thank you Y/N, I’m Sam and this is Bobby.” You smile at them and I see the portal up ahead.
“Will you tell Cas that I miss him and I’m glad he’s okay.” You asked and the tallest man nodded as the portal opened before them. “Tell him…” You say as they begin to walk to the blue pulsating light. “Tell him that I love him and…” You start to tell them but you are grabbed by something and you see a pair of glowing eyes, Looking back once more as the portal clothes you feel blood pouring from an open wound in your leg.

Eat Me

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by bloodandcream

Cas picks out a few shirts. If he strays from the men’s section to the women’s section where he finds a few glittery shirts with kittens on them, Dean doesn’t say anything. He’ll make sure Cas knows he shouldn’t wear those out on hunts and serious things like that, but he can wear them around the bunker if he wants. Dean strays to the underwear aisle, maybe lingering a little too long with a package of men’s boxer brief’s in one hand eyeing that package. The package of underwear. Yeah, that.

Words: 1767, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Mending the Brokenhearted

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by IAmProudOfUs

Castiel is human and there is no chance of him becoming an angel again. He is forced to adjust to life and when he meets a girl at the bar the night before he doesn’t go home with her that night. Instead Cas asks if they can go out for lunch and she agrees, but Cas waits for her and she never shows. Eventually he texts Dean who comes to pick him up and help him through this painful experience. As they go home an incident happens that makes Dean question if Cas is truly okay and when they get to the bunker he ends up taking care of Cas knowing he needs him.

Words: 4637, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Deleted Scene from 9x10 - Road Trip (x)