human castiel

I swear my parents don’t know if I’m satanic or a religious freak.

-I have devil traps all over my room
-Wear an anti possession bracelet
-talk about how cool lucifer was
But then I:
-Can name 20 different Angels
-I could do an exorcism in less then a minute
-And can explain the relationship between Michael and lucifer with exquisite detail.

But what my parents don’t understand is I’m neither I just watch supernatural.


Requests (combined): May I request a Castiel one shot where it’s just fluff? Like, Castiel and reader have just woken up from a great night and it’s all just pillow talk and fluff and small kisses? Thank you in advance if you do it! ~requested by an anon. AND If you’re still doing requests, could you do a Casxreader post-coital (wouldn’t hate you if you threw some during-coital in there too) ball of fluff? Lots of giggles and smiles and enough fluff to make build-a-bear look empty. ~requested by @fight-the-faeries

A/N: I seem to be getting back into my writing groove after the finale hit a little to hard. I didn’t think I’d be able to write Cas this soon. But here he is!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Oral (male receiving), fluffy fluff

Word Count: 1.3k

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Memories of last night flooded your mind as you began to wake up. You could feel that you were still safe and sound in Castiel’s arms with your head resting against his bare chest.

You felt safe next to Cas, you knew that he’d never let anything harm you. You knew that he’d be with you, always.

You could tell that he was still asleep just by the rhythm of his breathing. It’d taken him awhile after his grace was stolen, but he now slept peacefully. You readjusted yourself in his arms as you laid there, taking in his sweet, natural musk. The aroma of last night’s activities still lingering on his skin.

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Things I want in season 13:
- Cas back
- Gabriel back
- No more British Men of Letters
- Jack to be cool and not evil
- Human!Impala episode (starring John Barrowman)
- Gabriel back
- Maybe Destiel
- This Scooby-doo episode would probably be cool
- Lucifer dead
- Boys smiling more
- Did I mention I want Gabriel back

Teach Me

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1496

Warnings: stupid fluff and smut. Yay.

**This one was kind of fun to write. Just saying. Anyway, enjoy. ;)

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“And how is Cas doing?” you looked up from your coffee as you leaned back into your chair. Sam and Dean sat across from you at the library room table.

Dean chuckled as he chewed his burger, dripping grease onto the plate in front of him. “It’s like having a toddler roaming free around the bunker. It’s actually kind of hilarious,” Dean mumbled with his mouth full.

Sam smirked up at you. “Yeah, it is pretty hilarious. He tried to use the toaster this morning…” Sam chuckled with Dean.

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My grace is gone. What did you expect? Do you have any idea how hard it was? When I fell to earth, I didn’t just lose my powers. I– I had nothing. Now I’m a sales associate.

(Angel Cas, Emmanuel, Godstiel, Leviathan Cas, Endverse Cas, Honey Bee Cas, Puragtory Cas, Bunker Cas, Agent Cas, Homeless Cas - Clarence, ALL!!)


What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?

(Angel Cas, Emmanuel, Gas n Sip ‘Steve’, Godstiel, Leviathan Cas, Endverse Cas, Honey Bee Cas, Puragtory Cas, Bunker Cas, Agent Cas, ALL!!)