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12 Days of Christmas - Cas x Reader series

As part of @waywardlullabies 12 Days of Christmas collab, I’ll be writing a Cas series!

Each part of the series will be named as the song goes: ‘On the nth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…’, and the story follows Human!Cas and Y/N as they spend their first Christmas together in their new home.

Some parts are drabble length, others 1k+, but they’re all fluffy and Christmassy and full of holiday goodness.

It’s a whole lotta Cas x Reader fluff, a pairing I rarely write but am absolutely adoring!

If you wanna be tagged, let me know! The first part comes out on December 14th!

"Stress" Relief

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by Destiel_spinster

Bar AU

Cas has had a shitty night at his Law office. Who knows what will happen when the cute green-eyed bartender asks to hang out.

Jokes! We all know how this story ends.

Words: 1956, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today

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by brittyelaine

One night, Dean is visited by a mysterious figure, who drags him kicking and screaming down Memory (and Future) Lane. After he sees what could be, Dean is forced to face the music about his feelings a certain recently-fallen angel.

Words: 5096, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Human Stuff

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by badseb

Cass and Dean’s relationship is slowly coming back together, though it’s gonna be different than it used to be. Likely because Cass is Human now, and that comes with some interesting side-effects.

Words: 1345, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of The story of Dean (and Castiel)

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“Dean, just to clarify, there is also no coffee under my shirt.”

“Oops, my bad.”

Cas won’t give up his morning coffee, but Dean has other ideas anyway. Happy times in the bunker, because they deserved it, damnit.
 I swear to god, I will go down with this ship. [x]

I swear my parents don’t know if I’m satanic or a religious freak.

-I have devil traps all over my room
-Wear an anti possession bracelet
-talk about how cool lucifer was
But then I:
-Can name 20 different Angels
-I could do an exorcism in less then a minute
-And can explain the relationship between Michael and lucifer with exquisite detail.

But what my parents don’t understand is I’m neither I just watch supernatural.


My grace is gone. What did you expect? Do you have any idea how hard it was? When I fell to earth, I didn’t just lose my powers. I– I had nothing. Now I’m a sales associate.

(Angel Cas, Emmanuel, Godstiel, Leviathan Cas, Endverse Cas, Honey Bee Cas, Puragtory Cas, Bunker Cas, Agent Cas, Homeless Cas - Clarence, ALL!!)


Requested by: @littlefandomlover

Castiel winced as you dabbed the gash on his arm with antiseptic, his face contorting into lines of poorly masked pain. He had tried to brush his injuries off as nothing, but he wasn’t an angel anymore. For the first time he was subject to the gruelingly slow process of healing, same as you.

“It must be weird for you to feel pain now,” you mused, taking caution to be as gentle as you could. You realized the wound wasn’t all that bad when you were able to tend to it up close, but when that monster first slashed him, blossoming red soaking through the sleeve of his shirt, your heart froze from fear. He wasn’t invincible anymore, and you should have taken greater care to watch out for him.

He had never been this vulnerable before.

“It is… odd,” he agreed. “I have found that much of humanity is.”

With light fingers you turned his cheek to inspect the dark bruise that had painted the skin. There wasn’t much you could do for this one.

“I’ll bet you sure miss having your grace right about now,” you said, sparing a sympathetic smile. “I’ll go get you some pain killers.”

They weren’t far, set on the counter of the bathroom that connected to this one. Castiel’s words followed you as you crossed the room.

“Being human is strange, but there are good things too.”

You grabbed the pill container and retook your seat beside him. “Yeah? Like what?”

“Eating,” he offered with a light laugh. “Needing to sleep was hard to adjust to at first, but I have grown to like it, especially when I dream at night.”

There was a pause as his blue eyes locked with yours. The words seemed to roll around in his mouth, soaked with hesitation, before he finally released them.

“Falling in love.”