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Not a lot of clothes in space

I was thinking bout clothing in the intergalactic community for the book I’m trying to write

And what I figured is
• any furred or feathered species wouldn’t have needed clothes for warmth in thier early prehistory
• any scaled species wouldn’t have needed clothes or armour for protection in thier early prehistory
• any photosynthesizing species couldn’t wear clothes as they need sun access
• any species that DID evolve clothes would probably have evolved past shame & prejudice over nakedness by space travel time. They might hang onto clothes out of habit but would be a lot freer about not wearing them according to personal preference

Which all adds up to…
Not a lot of clothes in space. :P


Y: Jin and Tae are at work until later, but come inside and stay awhile. You’ll have to get used to Jeongguk, he doesn’t speak so he’s got his sign to write.

JK: Let us know any questions you’ve got!

(Ah welcome to the new AU~~ I’ll have character bios up soon. <3 Feel free to send in questions in the meantime! - Astro)

((Note To My Mother.))


Why won’t you believe that I’m hurting?

You say that I’m fine.

But, I’m not fine.

I’m in hell.

I’m going Insane.

You won’t even help me.

You won’t even take me to a therapist.

I just want help.

And you won’t help me.

You won’t save me from my prison of pain.

I’m suffering.

I want to end my suffering.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs.

But, I’m hiding that from you.

Because you don’t believe me.

And you won’t save me from my suffering.


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Bonnie finds this too cute to stand. Well, Bon, we’re even.

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