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Animated Characters Losing Arm Logic

Teen blonde hair characters trying to save their love one and then they get a metal arm

Finn Martin

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Edward Elric 

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Yang Xiao Long

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BERSERKER ( ♀ human, illuskan)

I plan on drawing all of Dungeons & Dragons class archetypes (paths, schools, patrons, etc.) on a rough and fast style. And YES, I know it’s insane: currently there are 76 character options including the Player’s Handbook, Player’s Guide to the Sword Coast and several Unearthed Arcana updates (I will use only those up to date or final, so no Psionicists yet but yes to the revised Ranger)

Griffith really made me understand humans better. The reality that you’d do anything to make your dreams come true. Even freakin’ sacrifice friends you consider as family.

It might look a little selfish - but that’s just how humans work. We can’t blame Griffith for being the most human existence Berserk has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with just thinking about yourself and little to none about others. That’s just how we work. That’s how Griffith works and I love him for it.

I love how alike Griffith and I are.

I have a nagging  feeling that Guts isn’t human. Even comparing him to the humans in the berserk world Standard. At least not a whole human. There is no way a regular human body can withstand the beatings Guts have gone through. There’s  also still a lot  of mystery  concerning his birth. The way I see it is that all thoughout his life he is protected by unnatural forces like that flower fairy and his son (and this ‘force’ is not doing a very good job by the way) or or he isn’t  human. Maybe even a combination  of the two.