human beings

something truly amazing happened to me today.

I went to the post office to drop off some mail and there was a quilt waiting for me. a woman from new zealand, a total stranger, wrote me a letter on a page from my book and basically explained that she follows me on Instagram and can see that sometimes I “struggle a bit with days that feel blue.”

she wanted me to remember that things are okay and sometimes a hug is the answer. she sent me a beautiful quilt that she made herself. she went on to explain how making quilts got her through her own rough patch.

the part that kills me is that she described herself as a “nobody who lives at the bottom of the globe” when actually she has proven the exact opposite. SHE IS A SOMEBODY and I AM A SOMEBODY and the world can be a very hard place sometimes but LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE are out there, connected in ways now that we weren’t before.

I try to remember that when I feel like shit, that there are good humans and I’m hopefully one of them, and emoting outwardly and online helps us all find each other. it’s easy to forget sometimes that it’s okay and feelings are okay and sharing is okay.

I am still completely floored by this act of generosity and pure human kindness. I can’t believe someone out here in the world used their own two hands and made me a quilt. it means so much and I’m not sure I deserve it but I’m very grateful.


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 a couple of wks ago i started drawing a person from the street every day and posting to instagram. it’s been a nice ritual, and a nice reprieve from longer on-going projects that can seem a lil unrelenting. if yr on instagram and wanna follow