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Um this isn’t a fandom blog or any kind of blog really but I had this conversation with fellow fannibal @franicie about murder husbands on social media and I. I had to. And then she suggested I put it on here, so. Just a little sketch thing, used references but drew it quickly so excuse my lazy handwriting/general sloppiness!!

(〃・ω・〃)ノ~☆ Pewdiepie - The response 


A good community for a good guy !//winky wonk//

i’ve been rly touched by his video  explainin’ how he could this stoopid situation. 

an u kno’ waht? 

Fake news won’t change my perception of this amazing guy. (・ω・`〃) i’m not talkin’ as a fan but as human being. Don’t let the media become that superficial. Why would they lie? bc it’s like youtube, money,



non-muslim white: [treats a muslim like a normal human being]
western media: THIS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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There's no such thing as a pro-life feminist. Sorry.

I knew i would get this ask ever since i put it in my blog description so i’m going to stick to my beliefs and im not sorry if I offend you. 

long story short: yes there is. because i am one of them. there are plenty of pro-life feminists in the world and on tumblr. 

feminism is the advocacy of equal rights for the sexes. i believe in a woman’s right to have equal pay, equal treatment before the law, equal treatment from other human beings, equal representation in media, etc.. we’re good on that, right?

i also believe a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. HOWEVER: a child developing inside a woman is not the woman’s body. the child has its own unique DNA from the moment of conception. it develops its own heartbeat, its own fingerprints; it is its own person. 

and absolutely no one has the right to take the life of another person. 
there is something terribly wrong with a society that kills the weakest of its people because it’s the easiest way out. guess what: what is easy is almost never right. guess what else: the aborted girls who never get a chance to see the world have rights too. who’s standing up for them? i am. 

read this.  
and this.

you’re not sorry, anon, so screw off. 

From Alice White to Parker, or the thief who learns that she doesn't need to steal herself some friends

So I was rewatching Leverage last night, picking out Parker-centric episodes from all five seasons (you know, as you do) and I ended up watching The Broken Wing Job in season 5 right after The Juror Job in season 1. And I sat there like a proud mama bear all warm and happy inside because look at our girl Parker, what a long way she’s come when it comes to making friends.


Parker in The Juror Job kind of broke me with how lost she was when it comes to basic human interaction. (By the way, all the kudos to the writers and Beth Riesgraf for showing us the depth of this character’s dysfunction without ever making her tragic. I can ache for Parker as I find out more about her past, and at the same time adore her to pieces for who she is in the present.) Look at that scene where she realizes that Peggy considers her a friend, just look at the surprise on her face and the way she tries and utterly fails to hide her pleasure, and tell me that isn’t the first time that’s ever happened to Parker.


Parker is brilliant, brave, reckless, and strange. She’s a legend in the crime world; she’s feared, admired, envied, and hated in about equal measures, and she’s used to those reactions. She’s also used to people telling her she’s crazy. I think this might be the first time anyone has ever called her nice.

With her new team’s help, Parker is slowly feeling her way out of her isolation, but at this point she still needs the cover of “Alice White” to do so. The team needs to repeatedly remind her that she is Alice White, and it’s so difficult for her to absorb this because it turns out that people actually like Alice, and that is such an odd and novel experience for Parker that she keeps dissociating from it.

However, look at her in The Broken Wing Job. There’s Amy, as normal as they come, and Parker has no veneer of Alice White to hide behind. She doesn’t need it. She’s difficult at first, sure, but a lot of her awkwardness is caused by her discomfort from her injury,  which makes her defensive. This time, however, Parker has enough sensitivity to realize how her behavior must be affecting Amy, and she lets down her guard to apologize and explain. Compare this scene to season 2, when Nate takes her to meet a client in The Fairy Godparents Job and Parker’s malfunctioning emotional radar leaves her disastrously unaware of how she’s upset the woman they’re trying to help. This time around, Parker does much better. And I love, love, love the fact that the narrative brings her to this point by way of other female friendships already established.

Sophie is a mentor, a big sister of sorts, perhaps the closest thing to a mother Parker has ever known. She introduces Parker to the wonders of having a female support system, a dynamic that Parker is so unfamiliar with she doesn’t even know what to call it, as evidenced in The Girls’ Night Out Job:

PARKER: You know that thing you do when you fix whatever I’m doing wrong?

SOPHIE: You mean advice?

Can I just say how much I enjoy that the femme fatale character here is one who doesn’t feel threatened by other women, but instead sustains meaningful relationships with them? Without Sophie, none of Parker’s other female friendships would have happened.

With Peggy, Parker found an equal. Her kindness and acceptance of Parker’s quirks give Parker a safe space to explore friendship with a woman her own age. They do brunch! Sophie is very proud. Parker even learns how to repair a strain on their relationship and allows Peggy to get a glimpse behind the façade of “Alice White.” The fact that Peggy accepts her and doesn’t push for more details bodes well for the longevity of their friendship. Who knows, one day Parker might be able to tell her everything. The way Peggy dealt with that rogue waiter shows promise after all.

Parker’s success with Peggy, and her ongoing mentoring from Sophie, influence the way she relates to Amy. This time around, she’s the one taking the lead, and she finally has the confidence to do that, and the openness to want to do it in the first place. Parker, who used to throw poor Hardison off of skyscrapers and interpret his screaming as simply goofing around, has finally learned to be considerate of other people’s limits. She doesn’t assume that what’s easy for her is easy for Amy, and she talks her through her fears and gives her the encouragement she needs. She’s doing this now as Parker, not Alice White, and she wins Amy over so thoroughly that the crew returns to find them sitting cozily together in the living room, eating popcorn and watching movies.

This is how you do character development, people.

The development of Parker’s friendship with Amy is a joy to watch, but I’m also pretty interested in how she deals with the lonely doctor whose regular visits to the pub turn out to be an attempt to deal with his wife’s death. Unlike Amy, or even Sophie and Peggy, whom Parker gets to know due to circumstance forcing them into each other’s space, this man has no claim on Parker’s time, and certainly no need of her talents as a thief. The only reason she even gets involved is simple human empathy, something Parker hasn’t known very much about–giving and receiving–before she met Nate, Sophie, Eliot, and Hardison. This time, her approach is respectful, sensitive, even charming, and it leaves a grieving widower feeling less alone. And the wonderful thing is that not once does Parker have to pretend to be anybody except herself. She doesn’t have to be “normal” Alice White. Being accepted, being loved by her people has given her the security to offer up something of herself aside from her skills. Parker as a friend is worth just as much as, even more than, Parker as a thief. And she finally knows it.

The whole idea behind humanizing horrific awful garbage fire human beings in media is to show you that anyone can become a monster, anyone can do terrible things if they convince themselves to and that even people you respect and like could turn out to be bad

Unfortunately it ends up just being “actually the fascist that eats babies and shits their corpses into the mouths of their parents is really cool and I ship him with the scared love interest” most of the time 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so proud of Johnny Depp. After seeing all the pictures and all the videos of him with fans these days in Vancouver, I remember why I love him so much.
He literally spent an hour the other day of his OWN TIME meeting fans just because he cares so much about us and because he wants to make us happy.
While other celebrities do this for money, Johnny does it because he’s such an amazing human being.
But the media will never post this kind of things, they’re too worried making up things about his private life and how much he spends.
And what I love the most about these meetings are the lovely comments of the people after being with him. They’re all so grateful, saying he’s so kind and generous and patient while listening to the stories that they tell him about their life.
He is the most amazing human on earth and he deserves all the happiness in this world.
And I think, everyday I love him even more.

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So as of last week I'm off work because of my health (I now can't stand for long periods of time without passing out) do you know of any ways I can be making a little income to pay some bills while I'm getting treated?

How To Make Money From Home (For Beginners)

I went over this a little in this post, but I can make a list of recommendations since I do a fair amount of work from home. Keep in mind that I found a few things that worked well for me off the bat and had a full-time job on top of them, so I cannot personally attest to the success of all of these. But I’m going to list to a bunch of resources to help you figure out what works for you rather than specific jobs.

What Kind of Jobs Are There?

In terms of working from home or earning passive income, I would recommend:

  • phone, email, chat, or social media support
  • direct sales
  • data entry
  • search engine and website evaluation
  • transcription
  • freelance writing, design, photography, etc.
  • virtual assistant
  • eBay/etsy seller
  • surveys
  • mystery shopping
  • blogging
  • social media management
  • writing ebooks
  • mechanical turk

Bolded items are the jobs I’ve personally had. 

I really like Fiverr for design work and writing Kindle ebooks (I’m hoping that’ll be my primary income by the end of the summer). And even though it’s tedious work, I think transcription is very reliable once you make good connections. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and similar services like odesk are also good for tedious unskilled work that can only be done by human beings, like transcription, social media management, or proofreading.

Blogs and Resources

The links I included in my previous post provide a few employers or job posting aggregators for each of these jobs. This one in particular has picked out some of the most reliable work, and this post from the same blog has a good rundown of flexible schedule WFH employers/contractors.

I mentioned in that post about online work that if you’re in college, it would be wise to keep an eye on stay-at-home mom blogs. As a student, you’re working with roughly the same amount of work experience, education, and available time as a mommy blogger. 

I’ll probably talk about mommy bloggers a lot, but that’s because they know their shit when it comes to making passive income online. The blog I linked to above also has a post about how teens can make money online, which would definitely be a great post to check out if you don’t really have a lot of experience or employable skills.

I have quite a few masterlists on my Work At Home Jobs Pinterest board, but here are some blogs and resources for getting started working from home:


I know that Reddit is a cesspool of awful, but I use it a lot for getting useful information about some of my freelance work. In particular, these subs may be useful to check regularly:

These subs have a lot of great information about getting started working from home or being a telecommuting entrepreneur. 

If you’re just looking for easy passive income to get a couple hundred a month, this post on /r/beermoney is a good rundown of the most popular online gift card and minimal income providers. Each of the subs has some kind of FAQ/Getting Started post pinned so definitely start there to see what your options are.

Writing Smut

If you’re looking to get into writing erotica for Kindle, your first stop should be /r/eroticauthors/ as I noted in my blog post about getting started in the genre. (Tumblr-rebloggable post here.) 

Do you read/write fanfic? This is a pretty good route to take. It takes a little SEO knowledge and market research, but once you hit the right market you can make five figures a month. I’m serious.

I hope this was a good starting point! cc: averysmartbowlofoatmeal

I will never ever get over the fact Bryke wrote teenage girls as the most terrifying, powerful force in both ATLA/LOK, that they wrote multiple teenage girls as prodigies, that all these young, female characters are wonderfully complex and different and talented, that they were never belittled or made fun of for their gender and age, that the best earthbender in the entire show - entire series - was a tiny twelve year old blind girl, that the scariest villain was a fourteen year old princess, that they wrote the seventeen year old, dark-skinned female Avatar as the most powerful and strong one to date.

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When it comes to leslie jones' character in Ghostbusters, she's always been comfortable that her personality is close to the "loud sassy black woman" stereotype. Do you think black women should steer away from this stereotype because of how it is portrayed in media & treated in real life? I feel like this stereotype is associated with "frowned upon/poor" jobs a lot, like in the movie, even though it's possible to have this kind of personality and be a scientist or be in other high paying jobs.

Listen, this is all very complicated and layered, but if you’re asking whether real live Black women should alter their personalities or their behavior in some effort to avoid being stereotyped or fulfilling a stereotype, the answer is a loud, full-throated no. Respectability politics won’t save us. Black women can be as quiet and meek and humorless as possible and anything we say will still be interpreted as “loud and sassy” because of implicit racial biases. Also, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being loud, funny, or sassy.

To all my sisters, I say LIVE YOUR LIFE! BE YOU! DO YOU! Because the reason said stereotype is associated with “frowned upon/poor” jobs is because it’s associated with Black people and white supremacy will turn anything associated with Blackness into something white supremacy deems bad or wrong or less than. That’s it.  We are always going to be Black (and are lucky and should be proud to be so). We can’t perform our way out of Blackness.

Now, do these white writers need to stop only writing Black women as stereotypes or have their pens and jobs snatched away from them? Hell, yes. But I’m not gonna tell a Black woman trying to make it in the industry what kind of jobs she should and shouldn’t take when she’s trying to make a living given the dearth of acting jobs for us period.

Leslie Jones is hilarious and I’m glad she’s getting work. But that doesn’t erase the fact that the WRITERS choosing to only have one WoC in the cast, and made her, as a Black woman, the ONLY one not in a STEM field perpetuates anti-black racism.

I don’t begrudge any Black person how they choose to navigate and deal with anti-black racist oppression as long as we aren’t condoning or perpetuating it. We aren’t the problem.

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Ty, as someone of faith, do you have any tips on how to write Muslim characters respectfully? Especially Muslim women?

You know, I get this question a lot, more than I care to remember. And while I know you’re probably very well-intentioned, this question is vague, generalizing, and tiring.

Muslims are human beings just like any other character you’d want to write. We are varied and unique, and while our experiences and faith provide a common ground and sense of community, even that is vastly different depending on the individual. 

Like I said, I know you’re probably well-intentioned, but we’re not a monolithic group that can be represented in one character. If I told you how to write a Muslim character based solely on my experiences, I’m sure many other Muslims would argue with you about the accuracy of that character.

I tell people this all the time, but consider writing more than one character. Writing multiple characters forces you into seeing them as individuals instead of token minority characters. It will force you into differentiating them even if they’re related. 

And this is what we’re looking for: not ONE well-written Muslim character, but many different unique HUMAN BEINGS represented in media who are Muslim. Muslims of different body types, ethnicities, races, cultures, sexualities, genders, interests, dreams, goals, pain, success.
There is no single “best written Muslim character” because we take up a fourth of the planet’s population and there is no way for you or anyone to fit us all into one fictional character.

A lot of this will be your own trial and error. Yeah, please learn about the religion and cultures a bit, but there is no magic switch that will make your character “unproblematic” or whatever kind of validation you are seeking.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but I hope you understand how many times I’ve been asked this and expected to speak on behalf of other Muslims. My back is not your bridge into diverse literature.

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Who is Harry Styles? (x)


EVERYONE should see this, Harry is such a genuine and lovely person and he doesn’t deserve all that media shit