human being from the beginning

Tokugawa Ieyasu - with a smile that never quite reaches his eyes. He’s got that almost innocent face but then there is something off about him. Lol he’ll kill a person while smiling sweetly. Or just kill us by smiling, I dunno 😆

Art rant: Definitely should do this on better quality paper… I sketch these slbp portrait series onto almost mediocre sketching paper (ノД`) if only I planned this from the beginning like an organized human being would they would come out so much better.

Anywhooz, so far I drew Masamune, Shingen, Saizo, Yukimura, Kenshin, Ieyasu… Next will be… Oda Nobunaga!! He is the only lord whose MS I played and have not drawn yet… (^∇^)

Haha there are so many more characters I have not gotten to yet…I’ll decide after Nobunaga based off of requests/popularity of the characters (if anyone cares to read my text feel free to chime in with your Vote!!). NPCs will come after the PCs :D

Kim Namjoon: An extremely talented, handsome, and smart man that has done nothing but care, thank, and apologize to ARMY.

Why does this beautiful human being get so much hate?

Namjoon has been my bias from the beginning and it has never changed because I love him with all my heart. Even if he’s far away, I still care for him and want to protect him as much as I can just to make sure he’s okay.

People who hate on him have no right to call him ‘ugly’ and 'untalented! Because he has been through so much to get to where he is now! My baby matured to be such a handsome and talented being that I cry because I’m so proud.

Why can’t people see that he’s just as amazing as everyone else?

How the fuck can someone call themselves ARMY when they go around hating on the leader of the group? How the fuck can someone hate on someone who apologizes to his fans about everything even when he fell, something he can’t control?!

Have you ever thought about how that can effect him?

Every time I hear him say that he hopes that tomorrow will be a better, happier day it makes me sad because all I want to do is comfort him from all of the disrespectful assholes that dare to call themselves ARMY?

I understand that not everyone in ARMY has Namjoon as a bias but that doesn’t mean you can go around throwing shade about him like its no big deal!

All I’m asking is that you treat him with more of the respect and love that he deserves. Please, send him love spread this around, and participate in #weloveyouNamjoon

Thank you.

I have lots of feelings, and I don’t know how to process them. The ending was truly beautiful. I want to personally thank every single human being that worked on this tiny little webshow from the beginning and all of the people that joined the carmilla family after season one. Thank you for this. Thank you for touching so many lives. Thank you for giving queer representation on a show without hyper-sexualizing it. Thank you for giving us action packed, funny, suspenseful, heart wrenching, exciting plots. Thank you everyone. Words cannot express what this show means to me.

Sexism, Religion, Rights, Tradition: But not an Afghan Woman

I picked up a book titled “The Underground Girls of Kabul” a few days ago. I’ve read a lot of poems, but none as raw and honest as this touching piece. 

“When there is need, I stand beside it. When there is risk, I stand in front. When there is sorrow; I grab it. When there are rights, I stand behind them. I would love to be anything in nature, but not a woman. Not an Afghan woman.” 

Through this amazing book, I could see the lives of other women, women who are struggling to receive an education, women who are craving for their own basic rights. Women who are taught to stand behind decisions without question, who do not have a say in anything they do or they risk punishment. Women who are treated like objects, and not human beings from the very beginning of their lives. Through this book, I learned that mothers loathe daughters not only because of the gender sometimes, but the inevitable pain she knows her child would one day go through, the torment no mother would wish upon her child. It saddens me to feel helpless and pains me to think that somewhere out there, a baby daughter is being loathed because of the organ between her thighs. 

The monstrous forces of scientific industrialism and global politics that have been born into modern times were conceived at the time of the shattering of the symbiotic relationships with the plants that had bound us to nature from our dim beginnings. This left each human being frightened, guilt-burdened, and alone. Existential man was born.
—  Terence McKenna in Food of the Gods p. 63

We are human beings because “human” is not something to be achieved, but a state of being. We do not become more or less human with time. We are human, and as humans we get older, bigger, stronger. We develop skills and relationships. None of these things change the fact that what we are, what we have been from the beginning, is a human being.

That is why we call human rights by that name. Rights are not earned or achieved. They are not the trophies of the strong and able and successful, nor the property of the wanted or the loved. Rights belong to all humans equally. They are tied directly to our essence, our state of being that does not change from the moment our life begins to the moment it ends.

If they were earned or granted, they would not be rights. They would be the privileges of the privileged and the wages of the successful. They would not protect the weak, the vulnerable, or the oppressed. They would be, in essence, useless.

The strong, the clever, the loved, and the successful do not need rights. They are able to protect themselves or be protected by those who have a vested interest in their well-being. Those who need rights are those who cannot protect themselves and have no one willing or able to protect them.

Thus, the moment we allow some humans to sit in judgement over whether other humans do or do not have rights, we cease to understand what rights are and we threaten the rights of all humans.

Human rights are inalienable — they are neither granted by humans nor taken away by humans. They are either respected or trampled.

A society that respects the human rights of all humans and makes no attempt to decide which humans deserve rights and which humans don’t is a society that promotes true justice, true liberty, and true equality.

A society that sits in judgment over which humans do and don’t deserve human rights has no right to claim justice, liberty, or equality. It does not matter how vulnerable, defenseless, unloved, or inconvenient the human is. To deny human rights to any human is to commit injustice, suppress liberty, and promote inequality.

Science tells us in no uncertain terms when the life of an individual human begins. Conception. The fusion of egg and sperm creates a living organism that is undeniably human. That organism is produced from two humans. That organism has human DNA. That organism is alive and growing before the mother knows she’s pregnant.

Science cannot determine morality. It can only tell us what is, what isn’t, and what might be possible.

If, then, we can accept as a society that all humans have human rights, and that no human has the right or authority to deny the rights of another human, and if science tells us that the preborn are undeniably human, we cannot pretend any longer that we, as the United States of America, are not actively engaged in the violation of human rights. We are actively undermining justice, liberty, and equality at a rate of nearly 3,000 human lives per day.

Equality, liberty, and justice are only achieved when human rights are not qualified. Only when all humans have their human rights respected and upheld can we claim to be a free, just, and equal nation.

The question is: do we want liberty, justice, and equality, or do we want to give some humans the authority to decide the rights of others?