human aya

when first they met
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They met him with guns raised.

Of course they did.

Oberon had only just outrun the Archon and a veritable cloud of kett ships. The Tempest was no better than a wounded bird, unable to fly far enough to get them anywhere the needed to be. So they landed, breathless, at the demands of the aliens who surrounded them the moment they hit the atmosphere, and everyone knew what this meant. First contact, again. First contact, when the first went so very badly.

After taking a moment to compose himself at the helm, Oberon lifted his head and turned towards the crew. They stood there, staring back at him with differing expressions. Cora looked concerned. Liam, angry and excited for different reasons. Vetra folded her arms, unhappy with his decision to go forward alone. Drack and Peebee were curious to see how all of this was going to pan out; one had a more positive outlook than the other, though not by much. Delight glinted in Suvi’s eyes, but Kallo looked afraid. Worried. About Oberon, or about his ship? It was hard to tell.

“I don’t know how this is going to go,” Oberon admitted, his voice as soft as it was unsure. “I could step off of the ramp and get shot. They could blow up the Tempest.”

Kallo made a quiet, distraught noise in his throat.

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Been in a GLTAS kinda mood lately…God I miss this show so much,it was so good! I wanna know what happens next since I can’t do it myself. my sad attempts at a reincarnation of Aya in human form *sighs* also I’m still fighing to design Blue Lantern Razer,I feel I am getting closer to a winner.

One character I really admire is Reim. He’s essentially a normal person stuck in a world of fighting and yet he still does pretty well and proves that normal people can be strong too in their own way. Thats admirable and a lesson we really should learn.
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Oz is my favorite shounen protagonist. His character development is perfect and well written. He is clever, understanding and has a gentle personality. His character and relationship with other characters are both realistic and cordial. I usually don’t like shounen protagonists, they are annoying and perfect but Oz is calm, sincere and has flaws which make him stronger and more human. He lose, he fall but he stand up and continue fighting. He is too beautiful, reading him is really interesting..
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Victorian human Razaya?

yeah, I have yet to watch this show but this lovely fanart by Kremzeek got my creative juices flowing and I had to take a shot at this couple which I’ve seen tons gifs & screenshots & fanart come across my dash…always thought they look like a cute couple.  I have no idea if I’ll color this…I’m picturing Aya with snowy white hair and her dress is white with pale green accents.  Razer…I guess dark gray hair (a lighter shade of black) and his outfit consists of blacks, grays, white and dark red.   Couldn’t make up my mind what era either one’s clothing is from. Its like a mix of Victorian with Regency fashions…I couldn’t make up my mind…anyways! this one for the razaya fans. 

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Aya Shameimaru, Editor-in-Chief
Bunbunmaru Shimbun

Aya Shameimaru, the crow tengu smiles at the troll, “Hello there. What brings you to this part of the world?” She wonders if he was expecting Nepeta to greet him, giggling to herself.

“Mourning dead bodies cannot preclude questioning when dead bodies are made visible. Or why mourning is being colored in red, white, and blue. And hues of hatred against refugees. When presidents declare, what was assuredly, an ‘attack against humanity’ in Paris but not in Beirut, in France but not in the Central African Republic, not in Yemen, not in Iraq, Afghanistan, nor Palestine–then how is humanity being defined? Who is declared nonhuman? How does our exclusive mourning become a dehumanizing act? To what extent can mourning become violent?

Refusing to confront these questions is not, as many will argue, a reservation out of compassion or respect for the dead, but rather out of complacency with rendering a certain type of dead invisible and expendable.

Please, do not let our most human of tendencies– our capacity to mourn– become dehumanizing . Prayers for Paris, Beirut, and all the other black and brown bodies that remain local instead of global, shadows at the edge of 'humanity’.”

—  Aya Abo-Basha