human apple bloom

sidotsy  asked:

Hey Apri, have you drawn the CMC yet? If not I'd love to see them with their sisters (adopted or not!)

Yes I have drawn them once for this blog, or at least two of them! Here, in this post

However, I made more pictures. They’re are pretty sketchy tho, today has been a bad drawing day 😅

Can’t do missy. How ‘bout an old reunion photo instead. (Tryin’ to figure what to do)

[I originally intended to pony but changed my mind and go human with this one :) And yeah, unfinished background ‘cause the toaster couldn’t handle that much information and slow down *sigh*… the rest of the bg was mostly trees so y’all ain’t missing nothing vital I guess.

As a side note: Apple Bloom is doing a thing that a baby cousin like to do.

PS. I wonder how many people will noticed the apple family trait. ]