human animal bonds

Don’t Forget the Animals

Here’s a shout-out to all those animals that are in the potential path of Hurricane Matthew.  If you are evacuating, please don’t forget to take your pets and be sure they are wearing proper identification.

My heart goes out to the animals in zoos, shelters, sanctuaries, and farms throughout these areas.   I know many places have emergency plans in effect, but I can’t help but feel sad to know that many animals will also be left behind.

Why every time a fantasy book has some kind of human-animal bonding thing, 90% of the time it’s a wolf and the rest of the time it’s some other cool animal like a hawk or some other bird of prey?

Why not some ordinary animal that people usually come in contact with, like a rat or a pidgeon or hell, a pig?

I could write that, actually. A dude practicing Dark And Forbidden inherent animal magic, whose familiar is a pig.

Not even a wild boar or anything, just a completely ordinary sow.

Just a man and a pig, hanging out, being friends. Making morbid jokes about eating each others’ children.