~ Having fun designing an Kinda-French-Royal-Outfit for my Human!Tamatoa if he was in a Royal!AU hahaaaha CrabMonsterKing ♥ GOLD GOLD GOLD TAXES GOLD. GJDMFgfh well I’m in love with designing costumes, sooo… Here we are ! I’M NOT SORRY

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Horóscopo Alquimista - Zinc + Boceto de Cobre.

El numero 4 de los Alquimistas, Zinc, el especialmente servicial~ 

Y el boceto de Cobre, numero 0 

Siempre dejo a este Horóscopo de lado y eso que los amo, por que todos son…tan excéntricos, si, esa es la mejor palabra para describirlos XDDDD. 

Es decir, tiene a este sujeto con ojos de dos colores, el líder conquistador, un travestí, un poeta ¡Tiene de todo! XDDDD

Pero bue, ya se vengaron en el cap siguiente~

moondoggiestyle  asked:

things you said after you kissed me + lirry or narry :)

“You’re a twat,” Niall says, spins on his heel, stomps out of the kitchen.

“Niall, wait,” Harry starts, but Niall’s not interested. In any of it.

He doesn’t want any of it, not the soft brush of Harry’s lips against his, or the helpless sounds that Harry makes in the back of his throat, or the squeeze of Harry’s hips under Niall’s greedy fingers, or the complete vulnerability that comes with being in love with Harry Styles.

He used to want that. But he’s grown now. Things have changed.

They’ve had nearly four years and careers and kids and time for things to grow and time for things to fall away.

Niall looks out the glass door to the backyard, watches Liam and Louis smoke and shoot the shit next to the grill. This was supposed to be the weekend they figure their shit out. It’s not supposed to be the weekend Harry corners him in the kitchen and tries to snog him senseless.

“Look at me,” Harry says from behind him, and doesn’t everybody at every moment of the day want the pleasure to. Harry’d have the whole world looking his way, if he really wanted to.

Niall kids himself for as long as he can, tells himself he doesn’t have to do whatever Harry asks him to, even though some three minutes ago, he’d kissed Harry because Harry asked him to.

“Don’t touch me again.”

“I won’t,” Harry says quietly. He’s looking at his shoes when Niall looks at him.

“Where d’you get off, doing a thing like that?”

Harry quirks an eyebrow. “I didn’t get off, was that much of a kiss.”

“Now is not the time for one of your jokes, mate. I swear to god.”

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