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I just want a horror movie where the person being terrorized snaps and decides fuck it and goes after the bad guys with gruesome results and evil cackling


  • Hush: A serial killer targets a deaf woman in her home only to have her own his ass.
  • You’re Next: A group of masked killers descend on a family dinner only one of the guests is an aussie expat who grew up on a survivalist commune.
  • No One Lives: A bunch of two-bit criminals accidentally kidnap a serial killer. This goes about as well as expected for them.
  • Gone: Police don’t believe a girl when she says her kidnapper is back and behind the disappearance of her sister so she takes things into her own hands.

PS: don’t bother with Julia X or The Final Girl - they’re both shiiiiiiitttttt.

to this anon, i just want to thank you because whenever @toomuchducky and I get over-caffeinated on cuban coffee we use this saying now everytime. god bless. 

reason why i’m bringing this up is because I have a week and a half worth of work that i procrastinated and the deadline is end-of-day tomorrow and i just downed an entire batch of cuban espresso to power through this and HOLY CANOLI IT’S MIGHTY MORPHING TIME

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“[On how he overcame racial dogma] I was taught that I had basic rights as a human being. I was taught that I was someone. I knew we had no money, still I was taught that I was someone. We had no electricity and no running water, still I was taught that I was someone. I had very little education. A year and a half, in fact, was all of the schooling that I was exposed to. Still I knew that I was someone.”

“You’re not going to believe this,” Steve said, trying not to sound like he was panicking, even though he absolutely was. This was a disaster.

The amused look fell from Tony’s face immediately, and Steve practically felt the weight of all his attention zeroing in on him. “What happened?” he asked immediately. Tony’s concern wasn’t exactly foreign, but Steve wasn’t sure he’d ever seen it directed at him this intensely outside of a battle situation. It made him feel strange, like he wanted to hug Tony, or be hugged by Tony, or something.

“Namor is going to announce we’re engaged,” Steve said, still not really believing the words. “Tonight. At dinner.”

Shock registered on Tony’s face before morphing into a glower. “You know, that guy has some serious boundary issues,” he said disapprovingly.

“You have no idea,” Steve said fervently. He made an impulsive decision: “I’m not going to the dinner.”

“Whoa, hang on, that’s not the way to handle this,” Tony insisted. His hand came up to rest on Steve’s arm, squeezing lightly, as his eyes locked on something just past Steve’s shoulder. It was the look he got when he was considering and discarding a dozen options at once. Tony was thinking about his problem, Steve realized. Tony was trying to figure out a way to help him.

But before they could even talk about it further, the awful music in the other room suddenly ceased and the bell rang, summoning everyone to dinner. “Tony,” Steve said urgently. They were out of time.

“Go, go, it’ll be okay,” Tony said, pushing at Steve’s shoulder, and if there was anyone Steve trusted to make things okay, it was Tony, so he went.


Love Among the Hydrothermal Vents by Devil Doll

I love this moment. When Steve runs to Tony and Tony goes from amused to ready to kick ass on Steve’s behalf in .231 seconds. Steve trusting him to take care of him. I LOVE IT. *shudders*

Carter - Steve Rogers x (f)Reader

Words: 1496
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, mentions of Peggy Carter
Warnings: talk of death, guns, fighting, being knocked out, not talking, lil angsty
Requested by anon
Reader is the granddaughter of Peggy and has a striking resemblance to her. Steve finds it difficult to work with her once she joins the team. How will things turn out? Join us next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel! (Sorry I had to! XD)
Authors Note: fun fact, this was going to end with fluff. was. (Sorry it took so long for me to get an imagine out,,, been very uninspired lately…)

Steve Rogers Masterlist. Masterlist.

The first time Steve saw you, he didn’t exactly know how to act. For a minute he thought he was back in the forties and was still doing stage shows to help the war. But when Tony walked in the room, he was reminded that he was in 2017.

“Steve, I see you’ve met (Y/N)!” Tony smiled, “She’s going to be joining us, she’s one hell of a fighter.”

“I bet,” Steve sighed, not being able to look away from you.

You stared at him as well. You knew this man, but you had never met him before. You grew up with your grandmother always around and she showed you pictures from the second world war and had many stories that were never told in the history books. Whenever you needed help with history, she was always willing to talk to you about it.

You practically grew up in SHIELD. It wasn’t a surprise, though, as your grandmother did help found it. She taught you in many ways; school and conventional, like self-defense. But you turned into much more than just a SHIELD agent, you knew what you were doing. Which is why you ended up with the Avengers.

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Super Shelagh, now with awesome prenatal powers
  • Patrick: You can come back to work. We'll start off with half-days and secretarial duties ONLY. No nursing rounds or rushing off into explosions.
  • Shelagh: Of course dearest. That will give me just enough time to look for a new flat, help out Fred and Violet, read the paper, tidy up the house and have dinner on the table by six.

You: “Ok this is it. I can’t take this anymore Tony. I don’t know what he have or what we are but I quit it. 

Tony: “No. Don’t do this Y/N. I’m sorry, I went to far.”

You: “You always go to far! You never care about anyone but you!”

Tony: “I care about you Y/N! I know that I’m difficult to handle but you complete me. You make me a different man and I can’t imagine my world without you anymore.”

You: “It’s to late Tony.”

*You wanted to leave but Tony grabbed your wrist, stopped you and pulled you back*

Tony: “I love you. Please Don’t leave.”

I heard that Trump talked about an "incident" in Sweden.

Now there are rumors of a terror attack. But whatever Trump was talking ablut, it didn’t happen. We have not had a terror attack here recently. He seriously makes things like that up just to push his agenda. Well, let me tell you about the last terror attack we had.
It was in 2015, a Swedish 21-year-old white guy by the name Anton Lundin Pettersson went into a school with a sword and attacked only non-white people. Three people died, two of them were students and one was a teacher. The police shot the killer dead. Finds in his home made it clear that he murdered those people because of racist views; he was a nazi and even liked Hitler fanpages.
That was our last attack. It was done by a nazi. Nazis like him are born from lies like the ones Trump makes sure you will hear. Don’t buy into these lies. Don’t give nazis an excuse to ever kill again.