preferred ending to eyewitness: lukas and philip beat ryan up while helen and gabe watch and r in love. sita wins an award for “longest amount of time breath was held under water” (two whole eps can u believe it guys) sitas baby grows up to be president #sitababy2020. kamilah dates a guy/girl who is not a pedophile. tony is promoted to chief police officer of world. rose gets a cute bf who doesnt cheat on her. bo fucks off somewhere idrc and philip gets a dog. all is well in the world. the end.
A First-of-Its-Kind HIV Vaccine Will Move to Phase II Trials in 2017
This is progress.
By Fiona MacDonald

A brand new type of HIV vaccine will move onto phase II clinical trials in 2017, after phase I trials showed that it was safe to use in humans.

The potential new vaccine will be tested on 600 people in North America, to see how well it can prevent them from getting the virus.

Before we get too excited, the phase I trials were only set up to show that the vaccine was tolerated well by the human body - they didn’t demonstrate if it actually works as a preventative treatment.

But the team saw promising results, with the vaccine triggering an immune response in the HIV-positive patients it was tested on.

“We were very excited with the phase I results,” said team leader Chil-Yong Kang, from Western University in Canada.

“The trial demonstrated that our vaccine stimulates broadly neutralising antibodies that will neutralise not only single sub-types of HIV, but other sub-types, which means that you can have the vaccine cover many different strains of the virus.”

The results of that trial have been published this week in the journal Retrovirology, and the researchers have announced that they’ve received regulatory approval to take the vaccine development to the next level as early as September next year.

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Marvel Masterlist of Masterlists

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These are my favorite blogs + links directly to their masterlists. May or may not also be me shamelessly promoting two of my own blogs…

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WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

Can you get him back online?


Mkay so my youngest bro, he’s six, absolutely ADORES Undertale. I think I accidentally inspired him because I showed him my sketchbook one day and THIS HAPPENED! He wants everyone on “the tumble site” to see his art, so here we are!

(im so proud of him holy crap its so cute and good and hhhhh)


It’s not just that we WANT a season two of Eyewitness. WE NEED IT!

When you think about the plot of this show or even know about the UK version, you’d assume that it was a pretty open/closed plot. But here’s the thing, USA Network has no idea what the creators have done with this show, these characters and their individual as well as companion stories. Each one of these characters has a story that is so unexplored. You get a small taste of every single one of them but it leaves you wanting more. The troubled former city cop turned small town sheriff who struggles with secrets of her past, the kind-hearted veterinarian husband that strives to understand everyone’s struggles but feels utterly helpless, the overworked FBI agent who tries desperately to find a balance in her job and protecting her family who is neck deep on the wrong side of her work, a hyperactive deputy dying to do more with his badge than place cones on a through road, an abusive drunken father who pressures his son to be his version of perfect, a woman who loves her son endlessly but can’t shake the addiction demons that keep them apart, a boy whose entire world was turned upside when he met a boy that he was never supposed to fall in love with sending him on a journey of harsh and abusive road to his true feelings and a foster boy who just wants to find a safe place to call home. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t show up for the “forbidden” gay romance in a small town and murder mystery because I love me some angst but I stayed for the trouble yet incredible strong female characters, the addiction and PTSD story line, the family dynamics and powerful LGBTQ youths that struggle with being both closeted and out in high school. There is so much more that this show has to offer but as we all know everything is a numbers game. I can try and persuade you all day to watch this show, if you want more details, please hit me up but I beg you guys, DON’T LET USA NETWORK SLEEP ON THIS SHOW! These characters need more than 10 episodes. They need a season two.


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades!