human!stuck eridan


i did a gemstuck thing! most of this shit is p basic but i like designing stuff like this. all of it is based off of certain zodiac elements rather than their significance as gems. Feferis is spinel and its on their foot. they are also goddess sized and i love them
sollux is two tiny gems (undecided) made into a medium sized gem, pietersite. they sinc really REALLY well, which is why they have no abnormalities. solluxes gems are on their arms
eridan is based off of a blue and purple striped agate gem. another ironic thing, their gem is basically an achillies heel. pulling their gun out would look a lot like trying to take heels off too ;0
nepeta has vesuvianite bc its olive and i thought the spots would look cute tbh. her gem is on her left boob, right over her heart.


got curious an asked jade wwhat human parents are

kinda wwish i hadnt

puts a lot a these questions into a neww perspectivve honestly

i mean i aint really into human biology but one thing i knoww for sure is that wweird shit happens if you reproduce wwith your genetic forebears

an if anythin flushed is happenin betwween you an your lusus then somethin is DEFINITELY wwrong

So a lot of people are talking about this picture because they think it’s funny that Shrek was there and it was the first time Eridan has ever been shown smiling

But another thing about this picture that I noticed first

This Eridan has pupils. This Eridan was not a ghost, was alive, and was somehow with a Shrek


A gift for united-states-of-wwhatevver for being generally an awesomazing person, friend and ridiculously talented writer like hoLY HEC K. Seriously go check out their work its BRILLIANT. This won’t be continued sadly and this isn’t currently part of the AU but w/e. Hope you all like it! 

“Breathe in real deep, Sol.”

Sollux blinked in contentment, inhaling as deep as his lungs could go as Eridan’s arm went under the naga’s chest. The heel of the other hand was pressed against the small of Sollux’s back.

“And out.”

Sollux exhaled.

“Iiiiiiin one more time…”

As Sollux breathed in, the arm over his chest jerked him up and the hand against his back pushed down and forward.

A series of clicks and pops sounded, and Sollux yelped before a low moan leaked from him. Eridan lowered him, letting the Naga drape artfully once again.


Holy Shit.”

“Gonna take that as a yes.”

Eridan picked his Kindle back up, flipping again through pages and gently petting over Sollux’s scales as the naga stared at nothing.

An illustration for this WONDERFUL fanfiction my good friend united-states-of-wwhatevver wrote for me! Thank you so much, I hope this shows just how much I love it!!!!!