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Beautiful Winged Insects Made of Discarded Circuit Boards

Portsmouth, UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell creates beautiful miniature sculptures of insects using circuit boards found inside discarded electronics. “My art practice involves breaking down the pre-existing materials, reinterpreting them and offering them a new form with new purpose, creating something beautiful, whimsical and precious,” she said.

“Before we started going out, I thought my now boyfriend wasn’t interested in me. Then one day, he suddenly showed me one of the books for his major. While I was thinking, ‘why are you showing me this?’ I flipped open to the first page and there was a post-it stuck to the page with a note written on it. I was so surprised that I first shut the book, then opened it back up to read the note. The very last part on the post-it said, ‘go to this page’. That’s how he set up the entire book. Every page had a post it, so I kept following the pages and reading the notes. On the very last page of the book he wrote, ‘will you be my girlfriend?’”

“사귀기 이전엔 제 눈에 제 남자친구가 저한테 관심이 없다고 생각했어요. 그러던 어느날 저한테 갑자기 자기 전공 서적을 보여주는 거예요. ‘이거를 왜 보여주지?’ 생각하면서 첫 장을 펼쳤니, 포스트잇이 붙여져 있었고, 거기에 편지를 써놓은 거에요. 깜짝 놀라서 책을 확 덮었다가 다시 열어서 읽어보니까 포스트잇의 맨 마지막에 ‘몇 페이지로 가봐’라고 쓰여 있더라고요. 그런 식으로 계속 페이지마다 포스트잇이 있어서 계속 따라가면서 읽고 있어보니 책 마지막 페이지에 사귀자고 쓰여 있었어요.”


Rest in paradise, Linda McCartney ♡ [September 24, 1941 - April 17 ,1998]

17 years ago today, on April 17, 1998, we lost a beautiful human being to a brave but difficult battle with cancer. Linda McCartney may have physically left us but her spirit and her legacy lives on forever. In the words Paul, “The world was a better place for having known her.” and I couldn’t agree more. Linda had a heart of gold. She loved her family to death and always did everything she could to protect them. She loved nature, music, photography, cooking, and of course, she loved animals. She often said she preferred spending time with her animals than going out to socialize at parties and such. There are dozens upon dozens of things that I love about this woman but one of my very favorites would have to be how much she never cared about what people thought about her. Linda was never fake, she never pretended to be someone else to please the crowd. She was 100% herself and that’s what made her extraordinarily beautiful. She was so natural, so gentle and kind. Shes the definition of natural beauty to me. And I don’t mean just physically beautiful I mean her soul and her heart too. She was beautiful inside and out. Linda, wherever you are right now I hope you are smiling. I may be just a random person but you mean the world to me and I will forever love you to death…because you’ve just been such an inspiration and role model to me. You’ve helped me surpass my fears and my insecurity. You influenced me in photography and vegetarianism. But above all, you taught me how to be selfless and kind to others. I love you so much, I always will.
Rest in paradise, my Queen. -Desi xxxx

Hi Justin … Love your red sweat … BTW I’m talking alone 😂😂


I wish someone would tell me why this is so wrong? She’s honestly so beautiful and I envy just how much. I’ve seen so many people calling her fat and it’s heartbreaking. She’s not fat at all, in fact, she’s healthy and happy. Some of you are so upset because her stomachs not flat or her thighs aren’t in perfect shape, or that her ass doesn’t have cellulite. This is normal. This is human. For someone like myself who suffers from accepting that ‘yes’ I am no model, and ‘yes’ I’m overweight, just to see someone as famous as Selena be proud of her body, her curves and who she is, gives me the stregnth to keep looking at myself and doing my best to be my own best friend and love who I am. I commend her for this. Just because she’s not a size 2-3 like you want her to be, doesn’t make her any less beautiful. This is what a true role model is, and I’m thankful to Selena for her courage and showing me that even celebs have their flaws and that only makes them human. People need to just leave her alone and let her be happy. 

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just out of sheer curiosity why don't you like ereri??? sorry if im being bothersome you dont have to answer i was just wondering

I hate answering this stuff because it inevitably sounds like hate but I keep getting asked this so maybe this will stop those questions lmao. 

disclaimer: I dont intend this as hate because everyone should ship as they please. 

but as to why I dont personally ship it; I consider eren x levi to be a crack ship because it will never happen in canon, and there’s just no way I see a teenager and a 30+ year old man having a healthy and functional romantic or sexual relationship, particularly when they have really no significant relationship with each other outside of captain + subordinate or mentor + student. that’s not to say there’s no meaningful or important feelings between eren and levi, and when levi tells eren he’s sorry he’s always the one who has to fight in the recent chapters, I got a little teary tbh - but generally I see their relationship restricted to their working life, there’s not really a significant or typical friendship there, particularly not one that would provide a foundation for romance. 

the whole gross age difference and waxing poetic about how age doesn’t really matter when its “love” aside; maturity and life experience DO matter, and you find that out as you have more relationships and more dealings with romance and dating. 

maturity, age, and life experience really do inform who you are and what you value and how you behave and almost every other aspect of your life - and levi and eren are too far apart in all those aspects to connect on a meaningful romantic level. especially considering levi; he’s been through so much, more than most experience in a life time (so has eren but he still doesn’t come anywhere close to levi) and I think levi in particular needs someone with the wisdom and experience to understand him, to be patient, considerate, to want the same as him and perceive things in a similar light - to  meet him on equal footing in most respects because levi would come with so much emotional baggage. he needs an equal; he needs someone even wiser or even more understanding than him in some respects because he likely has a lot of internal struggles, conflicts, confusion and difficulties navigating the more social and romantic aspects of life. even more well-adjusted people can struggle with romance, let alone someone like levi - and a teenager would not be able to provide him with that specific level of stability and understanding. 

so this is one of the reasons I do ship him and hange; because they are equals (and because hange is such an empathetic and considerate person and canonically understands levi in a way nobody else does) and it’s why I think erwin x levi is a good and valid pairing too because erwin is also a more emotional equal to him.  

but I cant ship eren x levi - or him with any of the 104th; I just think there’s absolutely no basis for it other than the fan art is probably hot or cute for a lot of people, which in itself can be really difficult for other people to accept due to the minor x adult aspect (I feel that way too tbh). but you know I ship levi x hange because it makes me super fucking happy and im sure its the same for a lot of peeps who ship eren x levi so I dont have a problem with people who want to ship it. I just cant get into it.