PSA: To my fellow lazy or wandering Americans,

Are you living away from the address at which you are registered to vote? Are you too lazy to get off the couch on election day?


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I’ve never actually voted in person, because I’ve been in college and grad school, and I’ve never bothered to change my registration (for various reasons, including refusing to become a citizen of a state where human rights don’t seem to matter *cough* TEXAS *cough*). So, I fully endorse voting by mail. It’s so easy and painless. I have friends that do this, too, just because they don’t have time to make the trek to a polling place or wait in line.

“Wait, how do I even register? Maybe I already am registered? I don’t knowwww.”

Go here or to one of the other 5,000 websites that can help you register.

“Ughhh, but voting by mail sounds complicated. How do I do that?”

Do you know what Google is? Google is your friend. Seriously. Just type “how to vote by mail” into Google, and a nifty widget has ALL THE ANSWERS. Use the drop down menu to choose your state. Some counties will have online applications that make things easier (like I personally use the online Los Angeles County application that takes 30 seconds to fill out).

“But I’m homeless. Can I still vote?”

YES, YOU CAN. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE. This website has all the info you need.

“Ok, I did it. What now?”

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Adventure time taught me:

Every human makes mistakes,

 but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved,

 that family is a lot more than genetics

 and that falling on the deepest darkness will happen eventually 

but there will always be someone near to raise you up .



“I think Linda didn’t like me trying to kick her out of the Parents and Teachers Association…”

“Wait did she just pull out an axe??”




“She’s still following! Run faster!”

“Flowey, maybe you should say sorry?”

“Excuse you, I will never….”


“Wait… what do you mean with ‘you’re being replaced’?”

“Howdy! I’m Rocky! Rocky the rock! I’m gonna replace you from now on!”

“What the fuck, Linda.”
Maryam Monsef could be stripped of citizenship under unfair law, lawyers say
The Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association are launching a legal challenge to the law, which revokes Canadian citizenship.

Maryam Monsef could be stripped of her citizenship without a hearing under a law the Liberals denounced while in opposition but which they’ve been enforcing aggressively since taking power, civil liberties and refugee lawyers say.

The democratic institutions minister revealed last week that she was born in Iran, not Afghanistan as she’d long believed. She said her mother, who fled Afghanistan with her daughters when Monsef was 11, didn’t think it mattered where the minister was born since she was still legally considered an Afghan citizen.

Monsef has said she will have to correct her birthplace information on her passport.

If Monsef’s birthplace was misrepresented on her refugee claim and was relevant to the ruling on her case, her citizenship could be revoked, regardless of whether it was an innocent mistake or the fault of her mother, said immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman.

She could even be deported, said Waldman, part of a group that launched a constitutional challenge of the law Monday.

The minister’s office did not respond to a question about the place of birth recorded on Monsef’s citizenship, permanent residency and refugee applications, saying in a statement only that the minister “is committed to addressing this matter and has stated she will work to resolve it.”

The Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association argue that the citizenship revocation law, Bill C-24, is procedurally unfair and a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Josh Paterson, the BCCLA’s executive director, said Monsef’s case demonstrates the absurdity of the law, which was passed by the previous Conservative government.

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I just wanna draw that alternate ending in human version and I’m not sorry at all hehe :P

Tho’ I’m gonna chew my tab in frustation if this scenario really happen. TwT

Here a bonus after all that angsty stuff~

Sans wear his clothes so fast, because he doesn’t want his fangirls drooling over him if he isn’t wearing anything :D

Soulfell belongs to @rainbowchibbit

p.s : sorry my english suck
Ancient Tooth Yields Up DNA Of Ancient Human Cousins, The Denisovans
Giving archaeologists something to chew on

DNA analysis of an ancient tooth found in a Siberian cave has shown that the tooth is from a species of hominin—known as the Denisovans—that are thought to have lived alongside humans and Neanderthals. The results werepublished yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Prior to this discovery, evidence for the existence of Denisovans came only from another tooth and a tiny finger bone found in the same cave back in 2008. In 2010, a team of Russian scientists identified them as belonging to the same species, but one new to science. The researchers named the species after the cave in which it was found–Denisova cave.

Now, with the help of this new tooth, scientists believe that the Denisovans were alive 60,000 years earlier than previously thought, providing evidence that early Homo sapiens lived alongside many other human-like species, including the Denisovans, Neanderthals, and other yet-to-be discovered species.

The new tooth—called Denisova 8—was incredibly large for a hominin tooth and had huge roots that suggest the owner may have had a very large jaw.

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