So imagine the aliens have no concept of bilingualism. They learn their first language and than it’s fixed, and they can maybe understand a tiny bit if they meet some other alien who speaks a different variant of their language with plenty of gestures and stuff.

 So they come to earth and see a new sentient spices and freak out cause they’re afraid it’ll get violence like it did on the border in home-world where they are fighting over water rights for decades now (or at least they think it’s water rights, but nobody’s sure)  but than humans learn a bit of their language and the aliens minds are absolutely blown away. 

 And maybe their language is just super weird, do it’s really hard to learn, but kids are awesome in languages so they soak it right up. And it’s like 

Alien : “Oh no! If we speak more than a few words near your children they’ll pick up the wrong language and have trouble communicating with their own kind for the rest of their life! How can you let them near us?” 

Human: “false…cubs… lick? learn? Oh… damn it” *turns around*  Amy sweety could you helf us out here ?”

Amy: “Hello alien sir! I am Amy, and I speak English, and Russian  and Greek and a bit Alien. –Daddy can I bring Mr.bumblesniff next time to meat Mr.Alien?– Mr. bumblesniff is one of my best friends! but He’s a stuffed animal bunny, so he might be a bit confused about aliens though…”

And so, for the first few years, all translators are under 12. They are paid in cookies and a college fund, ( except when Amy told all her class mates the aliens eat puppies, and her parents decided she’s not getting cookies for a month.)  
All communication sessions end by 8, cause the translators have to be in bed by 9. 

(feel free to add to this if you want) 


I love this game!
I watched @therealjacksepticeye’s playthrough and I felt a deep connection with Mae. About two weeks ago I had to come home from college because of some severe mental illness, and watching Mae’s adventure made me feel a lot less alone in this situation.
I loved the voices Jack gave them and how much he cared about them. It really gave me something to look foreword to. 💚

(Art by @holobat : Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pens, White Gouache)

(Please do not remove caption, I spent three days on this)

- Sincerely, Greggory

  • dceu creators: *have been talking about bvs being the darkest chapter in the dceu and justice league having a lighter tone for literally years*
  • idiots on the internet: good thing justice league has a lighter tone than bvs thank you for listening to our whining

anonymous asked:

I can't get away from the fact the lines on adult ladybugs suit point to the bits. Idk it's just all the suits have a v which draws towards it it's really messing w me

If by bits, you mean the area that houses the female reproductive/urinary structures then, I suppose you do have a point xD BUT, what I know from superhero design is that some of them actually mimic muscular lining. So what you’re seeing is the general outline of the rectus abdominis and it has a downward triangular shape.

Photo from Wikipedia and Thomas Astruc’s tweet