okay, so like there’s all this stuff about humans and the way we befriend all sorts of animals. but like, think about the way we interact with our pets. what if it’s not just the fact that we made friends with predators but that theses predators made friends with us back. the fact that there is a really clear bond between a dog or a cat and their owners and it’s reciprocal. the absolute love and devotion these companion animals show for us and us for them. think about the way you play with your pet and how an alien species might view it. or the fact that there’s a kind of rudimentary communication between species. the fact that I can tell the difference between my cat’s distressed meows vs. his i’m hungry meows. the fact that he prods me with a paw to get my attention, because he knows it works. that I can tell at a glance that my cat wants me to lay down a certain way so he can sleep on me. or the little greeting ritual me and my cat do when I come home for work – he meows really loud to be picked up… I sweep him into my arms and pet him, cooing goofy nonsense while he makes weird contented cat noises. think how absolutely flabbergasted an alien might be by the relationship between a human and their pet.

Humans are space orcs, revisited.

When Terrans first made contact with the rest of the galaxy, the other advanced beings of the galaxy made a request to study Human history. Purely in the interests of understanding, to be sure. When they got permission, they sent in a group of historian-archivists - with backgrounds in espionage. The best way to learn any civilization’s weakness is, of course, is to study it in depth. The ‘historians’ (spies) are flabbergasted to be given free access to the entire planet’s libraries and an unholy, horrifying, unregulated pit of information, misinformation, and bickering that they call the ‘internet’. 

It takes the historians several weeks to realize that the internet and most of the libraries are open to all. Anyone who desires can access the information. ANY OF IT. There are directions on how to build their worst terror weapons, available to any and all who want to bother looking it up, in all their libraries and their ‘internet’. Anyone at all can build them, given the proper materials. 

They take a day off to discuss this, then go back to their work. 

Terrorism. This is a disturbing concept to the historians. 

They have to take a week off when they get to the invasions of Russia. The humans WIPED OUT THEIR OWN SUPPLIES to keep the other side from getting them. The concept of “scorched earth” requires another week off. 

They get to Auschwitz, to Hiroshima, to Stalin and Mao and Pol-Pot. 

They tell their hosts thank you, as politely as possible. They have learned all they need. They obey any and all diplomatic protocols they have been given, are as polite as they possibly can be. They wish they had more rules to follow, more directives for how to behave so as not to anger or offend. 

As soon as they are off-world, they send an alert. Terra is on the Permission Only list, to be visited by invitation or not at all. Humans individually are to be treated with caution and all known good manners. No one is sure what they are capable of and do not want to find out. Their history is full of remarkable individuals in all fields including warfare. 

Across the galaxy, human scientists and explorers wonder why all of a sudden, everyone has gotten so NICE. They shrug, and go try to figure out the next interesting thing. 


Gijinka hypno ! I saw many people do it and I had this sketches lying in my files !

He totally wear eyeliner but only in human because as a pokemon he don’t know how to use it or even what is it. Maybe if he learned he would find it appealing !

Every hypno as a gijinka is bald for me, male or female, except mod because I am not a hypno at first ;w ; My pokesona is a hypno yes yes ! :D

twodemigodtraveleroflorien  asked:

Sentence/dialogue prompts for a demon attempting to impress and flirt with a human?

“Hey, check this out. I can crawl around on the ceiling. Impressive, huh?”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re my favorite fleshy meatbag.”

“I can’t blame you for being overwhelmed. I mean, look at me! Beautiful, stunning, strong. All things you could ever want wrapped up in one gift. The gift of me.”

“I was hoping you’d fall for my natural charms by now.”

anonymous asked:

More demon and lover prompts please?

For reference to newcomers or the curious, the others in this particular series are here. At least I think this is the particular set of demon and lover prompts that anon is referring to, I have a lot.

“The heart wants what it wants.”

“That’s not an excuse for blood sacrifice! Like, oh my god, can’t you just devour half a cheesecake like a normal person? Why do you always have to pull this shit?”

“I feel like you’re starting to warm towards me again. This is good. We have in jokes.”

“Hell would freeze over before I ever warmed up to you again.” 

The demon snapped their fingers. “I can arrange that, you know.”

Their lover gave them a look.

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Do any long lasting and genuinely happy relationships form at elsewhere?

Yeah, absolutely! If you’re referring to the student body, relationships proceed more or less as they do at any other university. On the other hand, if you’re asking about relationships with the Gentry - it does happen, but it’s rare. For a wide variety of reasons - different meanings of love, the power imbalance, the capricious nature of so many fae, the danger inherent in getting Involved in the Elsewhere, and the way no Gentry can really leave the thin spots of the world coupled with the way humans begin to forget once they leave, the prospect of mortality - romantic entanglements tend to end poorly. The ones that do result in long-lasting and devoted relationships usually result in the human living either on campus or in another of the world’s thin spots.