• Jaune: This is insane.
  • Oscar: Believe me, I thought the same thing too, but it's true. This Professor Ozpin guy lives inside my head now.
  • Nora: That's crazy talk! Crazy talk, I tell you!
  • Lie Ren: Now, now, is there anyway you can prove to us that what you're telling us is true?
  • *Oscar talks quietly to himself for a moment as he speaks with Ozpin*
  • Oscar: Errrr, Professor Ozpin wants me to say that it was Nora who broke into the school cafeteria on Pancake Day. Ruby, you were spotted letting Zwei, uhhh relieve himself, on the school grounds and didn't pick it up. Jaune was seen trying on numerous of his teammates's dresses before and after the dance and Ren has a burn mark somewhere on his body as the result of cooking naked in the communal kitchen.
  • Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora: ....
  • Nora: What were you cooking?

Rose progress! I can’t believe I actually made this costume 3.5 times (the .5 comes from somewhere between the first and second iteration where I got a different wig but I LITERALLY CANT FIND A PHOTO OF IT LOL) but progress is so satisfying! As crazy as I must look to have made the same costume so many times I am so much more happy with my most recent version!! 

My favourite ACOMAF moment is when Feyre first visits the Illyrian camp and Rhys is threatening the leader and you completely expect him to say something like “don’t hurt her because she’s under my protection”, which would imply she’s an easy target. But Rhys immediately establishes Feyre as being capable of protecting herself. That was such an important moment, because he let her take back the power that Tamlin had taken away from her. I remember reading it for the first time and being so surprised and impressed.