A thank you from Sarah J. Maas

“A Court of Thorns and Roses is a book that is so, so close to my heart–and getting the chance to finally share it with you all is such a dream come true. So, I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for all of the unfailing support and enthusiasm. It means more to me than I can possibly say, and I can’t wait to meet some of you–and see some of you again!–on my tours in the US and UK (and in Australia/New Zealand this November). You guys are seriously the greatest readers an author could ever ask for, and I’m so tremendously blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

- sjmaas

Bleach characters, the big bad of Bleach has been Yamamoto this whole time! Your reactions?

As requested by lycer9. :)

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Aizen: So…he faked his death, then?

Aizen: I should sue him for plagiarism. 

Gin: Yamamoto didn’t use a fake body, though, Aizen-taicho. His body was simply never found.

Aizen: Then I should sue him for bad plagiarism.

Unohana: Yes, maybe we should have been more suspicious of the “no body” thing.

Isane: C-Captain Unohana! How are you so calm? Aren’t you shocked and upset??

Unohana: I was one of Yamamoto’s first employees.

Unohana: I was a serial killer at the time.

Isane: ….oh.

Unohana: Yes.

Ukitake: I-I cant believe this!

Ukitake: I mean, sure Yamamoto tried really hard to have Rukia executed and then tried to fight Kyoraku and I for stopping it, but I thought he was doing all that in a good way!

Kyoraku: Yeah, and sure his release command is “Burn all creation to ash,” but it’s not like that was a very red flag.

Ukitake: Exactly!

Ukitake: And if your bankai controls the zombies of the people you killed? Not necessarily evil!

Kyoraku: …

Ukitake: …

Kyoraku: We should have guessed, huh?

Tosen: Well of course you should have guessed. Yamamoto ran an organization full of corruption and evil and without any justice at all.

Tosen: Also he was cool with murdering a child.

Tosen: A hollow child yes, but still a child.

Tosen: I for one am not the least surprised.

Shinji: He did sorta exile us all…

Rose: And had us hunted down as hollows…

Love: That was more Central-46 though, right?

Lisa: Who can even tell, these days?

Soi Fon: It does not matter who he was or what we thought of him.

Soi Fon: If he is evil, then we must take him down.

Kensei: …and you called *me* cold.


Komamura: I-I know this isn’t about me, but…

Komamura: Do I have any beloved friends who won’t ultimately betray me?

Sasakibe: Um, real loyalty means sticking by your leader even when he turns out to be evil, Komamura.

Komamura: Sasakibe….no.

Sasakibe: Sasakibe yes!

Ichigo: Guys, wait!

Ichigo: If Yamamoto is bad…and he ran Soul Society….in a presumably evil way…

Ichigo: A-are the Quincy the good guys??

Yhwach: Told ya.

Ichigo: OH MY GOD