……help me. But yeah, if anyone was wondering, this is what I was referring to in this post.

Dammit @wigglytoughazshit, I thought I was finished drawing more gem AUs! I thought I had aaallll my bases covered, but apparently not. X_X

*sigh* Anyways, here’s the Monkey Team in their gem AU. Chiro’s basically in Steven’s place, being half-human/half-gem & training with his gem guardians. Who are even though they’re all the colors of the fuckin’ rainbow a bit more discreet about keeping a low profile among the humans. So they usually stay shifted as monkeys about 80% of the time.

No need to let the humans know their planet is under threat by Homeworld who’re armed with magical weapons and advanced technology far beyond the human race’s ability to understand or fight nope nope nope, nothin’ goin’ on here.

BTW, if you’re wondering why Chiro’s eyes are blue even though his gem doesn’t have any blue in it, his eye color changes to orange/yellow when he uses his gem powers. :3

I’ll start sketching the monkeys’ human-based forms in a little bit~

creepy---cato asked:

Can you draw Jean from attack on Titan if you can? ; ^ ;

(´∇ノ`*)ノ Can’t have Jean without the cute freckled boyfriend haha ♥ Man it’s been so long since I’ve drawn these two —- it took a while for me to settle back into drawing them again ;;;