Can we talk about how this is the kid that was barely allowed any solos on the first couple One Direction albums, who was shoved in the background, who was made to feel bad about himself and lose confidence in himself and his voice only to come back with this amazing song sounding so incredibly strong and bold and pure and make us all feel every emotion?  I could not be more proud of him and proud to be A FAN of his.  

Just wanted to play around with a human design of Tamatoa but he is already crab perfection. Who needs anything else really?

I wanted to give him a rounder body like Roadhog from OW with big meaty claw hands. 

Edit: For some reason The pictures were coming out a little too small so but I wanted you guys to be able to see more of the details on him. 

Today is Human Rights Day, an annual celebration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This year’s theme is "Stand up for someone’s rights today!“

The UN’s suggestions couldn’t be more fitting

Inform yourself and others about why human rights matter:

–Read and share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
–Record the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in your native language and contribute to a collection of audio recordings to make the document more accessible.
–Make and disseminate a video of yourself with a friend talking about why you believe human rights matter (e.g. non-discrimination, gender equality or freedom of expression).
–Promote stories on your social media about people that you know have stood up for rights.

Speak out/up when another’s rights are at risk or under attack:

–If you see someone being harassed, bullied or ridiculed on the street, on public transportation, while shopping or at school, stand with them.
–Use social media to stand with people who are facing reprisals for defending human rights e.g. activists, indigenous leaders, environmentalists, lawyers, trade unionists, journalists, etc.
–At work, in school, around the dinner table, help someone whose voice is rarely heard to share their views.

Stand with others’ human rights:

–Donate to organizations that support victims of human rights abuses.
–Join public events in support of human rights - online and/or in the street.
–Volunteer with a group that promotes human rights defenders.

Call on leaders to uphold human rights:

–Lobby your government to uphold rights: sign related petitions; lobby your legislators to pass human-rights friendly laws and to repeal unfriendly ones.
–Urge your employer to sign up to the UN Global Compact and adhere to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; promote celebration of human rights in the work place (e.g. non discrimination, family friendly policies, decent working conditions, equal pay for equal work).
–Urge your community’s leaders (e.g. religious, local, sporting, cultural leaders) to make public commitments to human rights.

In everyday life action:

–Combat myths with facts: in online and daily conversations, challenge harmful stereotypes.
–Speak up for tolerance and against prejudice. Keep yourself in check, challenge your own views and prejudices.
–Consider the human rights track record of companies before doing your shopping.
–Talk to your children about human rights and point out positive and diverse role models.

Now more than ever. Now more than ever. 

Zalmai Chronicles the Refugee Experience with Empathy

To see more of Zalmai’s work, follow @zalmai on Instagram.

Afghan photojournalist Zalmai (@zalmai) has his #EyesOn a humanitarian catastrophe, as millions of people flee across borders and oceans around the world. He remembers his own story, decades ago, when the Soviet army occupied his country. “I was 15 years old, traveling with my older brother — without our parents — crossing Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. Eventually we made it to Switzerland. This time of my life was the most difficult. Suddenly you have to leave your country, your family, your friends, your school, without knowing why.” For the past 15 years, Zalmai has traveled the world, telling the stories of displaced people, including the most recent generation of refugees from war torn Afghanistan, Syria, and Sudan, landing in waves on the shores of Europe. “When I tell them I was a refugee myself, suddenly the barriers fall and the hearts open. They trust me, and I feel a huge responsibility to make their voices heard,” he says. #HumanRightsDay

anonymous asked:

Have you told your brother that you were thinking about joining the military?

“I could become a politician too you know.”
“I want you safe, not dead in a ditch, Ludwig.” 

[1933 Human AU

Gilbert and Ludwig come from a very conservative family; the old elites and conservative powers, including the military, were not actually very supportive of the Nazis. When the conservatives initially cooperated with the Nazis it was usually out of sheer self-interest.]

“Nefertiti was a royal Egyptian Queen who ruled alongside her husband Akhenaten. She is an empowering figure who we as young people can aspire to be like.” - Nefer-Phoebe 

The fact that a human rights case in Canada has been selected for this campaign alongside top-priority cases in countries including Egypt, Iran, the United States and China is significant,” Amnesty International Caada secretary general Alex Neve said in a news release. “It speaks to the seriousness of the human rights concerns related to construction of the Site C dam and also to the level of international scrutiny which the Trudeau government will bear if it fails to change course on this issue.

Poppy getting overly excited and exclaiming something in Japanese 

Branch being romantic in Spanish

The moment they enter highscool, Poppy signs both her and Branch up for theater. Branch abhors the idea at first, but then learns that he can avoid the spotlight and still be close to Poppy by joining the tech crew. He becomes the best damned techie in the crew, though, in senior year, at Poppy’s request, he does audition. He gets the male lead, and Poppy gets the female lead (and there’s definitely a kiss scene nwn)

Little Branch and Poppy! Just a few months before the accident 

And of course, Branch giving Creek a beating with his own leg. This follows my abusive boyfriend Creek hc, and takes place towards the end of his and Poppy’s relationship, where things are really tense and he isn’t so calm, cool, and collected anymore. (Poppy’s in black because they’re on their way to a rehearsal)

There were a couple of scenarios I cycled through when blocking this out, though I eventually settled on Branch being aggravated out of protectiveness for Poppy. He probably wouldn’t get too violent with Creek for his own sake because he feels obligated to “keep the peace”. But the moment Creek does anything wrong to Poppy he’s in for a world of pain.

Alternatives all consisted of Creek talking to Branch instead, followed by Branch giving him a good smack.

“You probably lost that thing *gesturing to Branch’s left leg* doing something stupid, didn’t you? I hope it was worth it.”

“Have you ever considered that perhaps the reason you’re handicapped is because you’re being punished for doing something atrocious in a past life?”

“You know that Poppy’s dating me, and not you, because of how exhausting it is to care for someone with your… condition… It’s so sad, seeing you like this, pathetic, even… really tarnishes her aura, you’re not healthy for her.”

Yeah what a douche. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of requests, au and non, on the backburner right now, so that should be coming up soon!