Khans of Tarkir - The Sultai Brood (Magic the Gathering)

On the plane of Tarkir, five savage clans fight for supremacy over a land choked by war. Each embodies and idealizes the trait of the long-extinct dragons, and the Sultai are those who hold the cunning of dragons in the highest esteem. Found in the ‘wedge’ of Green-Blue-Black, they are a people who make their home in opulent palaces amidst the jungles of Tarkir. The Sultai are home to humans, demons, and naga, adept in training spies, rogues, and assassins. Best of all, they are the primary practicers of necromancy on Tarkir, making zombies as anything from soldiers to walking fruit bowls. 

the new and improved Terato Scale™

level 1: barley monsters

twilight vampires, werewolves in human form, a/b/o, ghosts, bigfoot, almost everything from anime, warm bodies zombies, anthros with human dicks, disney mermaids

level 2: ok these r actual monsters

werewolves, cryptids, most aliens, partial monsters, vampires, bad cgi porn, anthro dragons with cool dragon dicks

level 3: cool

the sharkman from loz with a human dick, monsters that are still humanoid + act like it, actual zombies, small dragons (like smaller than a horse)

level 4: better

the sharkman from loz with shark dicks, monsters with extra limbs and stuff, nagas with snake dicks (nagas with human dicks r 4 wimps), big dragons

level 5: hella

spider tord, most creatures that were clearly not supposed 2 be hot in any way

level 6: hella

basically anything without a face

Important Hindu Deities

Since Hinduism is often not really talked about in terms of pantheon (”all the rage” is with Greek/Roman/Egyptian, MAYBE Norse, depending on the circle you’re talking to), I wanna take the time to discuss some important deities within the Hinduism pantheon. There are other important ‘mythical’ type figures in Hinduism, so this list does NOT include everyone.

My information for this list was taken from the amazing book The Little Book of Hindu Deities by the great author, Sanjay Patel.

  • Ganesha: Best known for ‘good luck’, Ganesh/Ganesha is often spoken to when someone is asking for good luck. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He loves sweets! He is the brother of Karttikeya, and is the son of Shiva and Parvati

The Hindu Trinity (trimurti)

  • Brahma: Creator of the world and all living things, he designed the goddess Sarasvati. She was very shy and when she tried to avoid his gaze, he sprouted another head (coming to four heads in total). He can commonly be seen riding a goose or swan. He is the keeper of the Holy Vedas (the story of how the world was created according to Hinduism)
  • Vishnu: He is known as the ‘invisible protector’. He preserves justice and has 10 avatars. He is very popular in Hinduism
  • Shiva: He is known as a meditator, yogi (someone who acts as an inspiration for all is the simplest way to describe this; the Bhagavad Gita, which is a famous holy piece of text in Hinduism, describes it as: fearlessness, purity of heart, strives for wisdom, studies Hindu scripture, is self disciplined, straight forward, is truthful, does not hold grudges against someone, promotes peace, shows compassion for all creatures, does not exhibit greed, is gentle and modest, is not restless, is forgiving and patient and does not hold onto hatred and is not conceited). Shiva is the god of destruction, transformation, and regeneration. Deer and snakes are often associated with him. He is the dad of Ganesha and Karttikeya and husband to Parvati. He can often be seen with a trident next to him, the trident symbolizing creation, protection, and destruction of the universe

Mahadevi (mother goddess)

  • Sarasvati: Goddess of knowledge and arts, she was the first goddess ever to be worshipped in Hinduism. She is the sister of Lakshmi and Parvati. She is a symbol of being a great thinker, a gifted creator, and an independent woman. It is believed that mortal musicians, artists, writers, and students are part of her family. Her companion is a white swan. She is also NOT interested in romance with others.
  • Durga: Shiva suggested to create a new god, and thus Durga was made. She is known to be pretty, fierce, and a great warrior. Hindus celebrate her with Durga Puja, which is a 10 day celebration. She fights suffering and injustice and brings harmony and kindness. She is known to feed animals and people and is a fearless goddess. She can commonly be found riding on lions or tigers. 
  • Lakshi: She is the goddess of wealth and happiness. The Hindu gods fell in love with her when she emerged from the ocean. Shiva claimed her as his wife, but she was only interested in Vishnu. Shiva also already had a wife, so Lakshi became his consort (life partner). She is known for good luck, but she does NOT have tolerance for those who wish to use her for money (such as luck with gambling). Lakshi is known to gift prosperity and often carries an ancient symbol of well being. 
  • Parvati: Parvati has numerous names: Uma, Guari, and Shakti. She was born into royalty. She fell in love with Shiva and visited him often, gifting him with flowers and fruit. Shiva, however, was deep into meditation and never noticed her. Parvati grew extremely frustrated and threw herself into seclusion, going into her own meditation. She wanted to create enough energy from the meditation to force Shiva to noticed her. It worked and he accepted her as his wife. Parvati is the mother of Ganesha and Karttikeya. Parvati is the goddess of fertility, love, divine strength, and devotion.
  • Sita: Sita is said to be made from the earth and be the child of an earth deity because of that. She is an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi. Sita was kidnapped from her beloved. When she was returned to her husband, Rama, people questioned her “purity”. To prove it, she walked through fire, and remarkably, she went unscathed! 
  • Kali: Known as the “black one”, Kali is known to encompass paradoxes. She is not the goddess death (this is a common misconception with her). However, she is the goddess of time, liberation, and is considered to be a loving mother goddess to her devotees. An extremely fierce fighter, Kali defeated a supposedly ”unbeatable” enemy that was causing the other Hindu gods trouble!

Animal Gods

  • Nagas: they were semi-divine beings and were commonly depicted as half-cobra and half-human (and handsome!). Nagas held a dual identity - semidivine and semidemonic. They were known to protect the Earth’s treasures. They were commonly seen as symbols of creation, life, and fertility. They were known to help the Hindu gods on different quests and sheltered Buddha from a terrible storm.
  • Garuda: Known of the kind of birds, he moved at the speed of light! Garuda was known as the messenger to rely messages between gods and humans. He is also known to have a huge appetite. So much so, that Vishnu asked him if he wanted to peck at his arm and eat his flesh. Garuda attempted to peck him, but saw that the god’s skin was impenetrable, and realized he was asked a question by a god! Since this incident, Garuda promised to serve Vishnu
  • Hanuman: He is the son of Vayu and is known as the Monkey King. He can greatly expand his size or shrink to a very small size. He is known to be strong, clever, loyal, and a very faithful friend. He was good friends with Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu). Rama had a younger brother, named Lakshmana, who was injured in battle. Hanuman went to find herbs to help him heal, but was unsure of what to grab. To rectify this situation, he brought the whole mountain of what the herbs were on! 
  • Surabi: She is the mother of all cows. She is a symbol of abundance, nonviolence, respect, prosperity, generosity, help purifies bodies, and blesses people with good health. According to Indian law (India), cows can NOT be harmed. 

I have left off the 10 avatars of Vishnu, demigods, the nine planets, and summaries of some important holy texts in Hinduism. I felt like this list served as a good general introduction to the Hinduism pantheon. This list was NOT supposed to be an ‘in depth’ review of the Hindu pantheon! Again, much thanks to The Little Book of Hindu Deities by the great author, Sanjay Patel.


After 21 years, Yoongi was desperate and exhausted from the slave-like life caused by his gift of being an Oracle. Yoongi tried to escape his hometown to the cliff by the sea where screamed his heart out in agony from the voices and visions in his head. At that moment he unknowingly released a wave of energy that affected the nature around him and was picked up by the magical creatures that lived there. He then jumped down the seas waves with the intention to take his own life.

Jimin lived in the cave just beneath the cliff from where Yoongi jumped from. Affected by the emotional outburst from an unknown source that hit him with a heavy power he hadn’t felt before. Frantically, he ran out to witness the exact second the human’s body hit the water and moments later, the shock wave stopped. A few seconds passed after he witnessed the scene but he wasted no time to jump after the human and save him. The human was unconscious, but alive, so Jimin took him to his cave and tried to warm the near frozen body up. Questions about the shock wave would have to wait until later.

After some time being unconscious, Yoongi woke up. 

No. This isn’t right. Why was he awake. He was supposed to die. He was so ready to die. Where even was he?

Yoongi looked up and saw a winged monster peer down at him. He screamed.

Jimin in a panic tried to silence the screams. He placed his hand over the humans mouth but that didn’t work. Instead with his touch, unbeknownst to him, Yoongi’s locked power was activated.. The ability of sight to look back into the past - the massacre of the dragon clan caused by humans burned into his mind. Overcome with with the wave of visions, emotions and voices, it was too much for Yoongi. His body and mind became numb, almost like his spirit was lifted from his body and he no longer was grounded.

Meanwhile from a nearby village, an ancient Naga followed the source of that huge power outburst.

When he got to the sight, what he saw made him question reality and he was stunned with dizziness. There stood Jimin, his old friend Jimin, alive and with an equally surprised and shocked expression on his face. . After two centuries of mourning, Seokjin really looked with his own two eyes at his baby Jimin. Suddenly a bubble of rage overcame him - a rage of betrayal and hurt… and he couldn’t stop himself as he lunged at Jimin.


Oracle Yoongi - a human with the ability to see into the future, he has been kept hostage and taken advantage of his powers all his life by the people of his city. When Jimin touched him when he’s conscious, Jimin unlocked his ability to view into the killing of the dragons through Jimin’s eyes.

Dragon Jimin, whose clan was massacred by the humans 200 years ago, the only one dragon left in this world (as far as he knows) - he got away and had been hiding in solitude in a rocky cave by the sea coast ever since.

Naga Seokjin, childhood best friends with Jimin, 200 years ago, Seokjin thought he had lost Jimin to the crime of humans forever.
Nagas were close with the dragons, they were each other’s competitors and rivals, but never enemies. They were very supportive of each other.


big thank you to @seriouslyexcited; @loosebiscuit; @himtohim, honestly, thank you so much for putting up with me through this all im so grateful.

colieoli  asked:

Perhaps someone asked already, but how are Collin's parents half snakes, and Collin is a full snake?

they’re all nagas! which in the PDverse, range full spectrum from ‘big talking snake’ to ‘snake-like people.’
nagas are all born as snakes, but as they get older, most can start taking more humanoid traits with practice, and shift back and forth, although many have a ‘cap’ on how good they can get at it. the most common cap is the conventional naga - mostly human from the waist up, snake from the waist down (though its also common for their humanoid upper half to still have a face that’s more snake than human, or for an individual naga to be most comfortable in a form with less humanoid traits than they can emulate).
being able to form functional legs is relatively rare, and shifting away their tails altogether even moreso.

collin’s parents have the standard limit, while collin himself can’t morph more humanoid traits at all - although it’s not necessarily because it was his natural cap. he Did A Hubris and got mode-locked as a child before he ever got any good at shifting. he doesn’t mind it any at this point.

anywho here’s his parents shifted into Big Snake mode

anonymous asked:

love your art :) btw can we do a role revesal? you know instead of g/t vore it's t/g vore? you know with the tiny eating the giant? an eksampel of this could be a 10 meter (with tail) long naga, whose human body is as big as a normal human, swallows a 9 meter tall and 2 meter wide giant? he's a snake, the snake belly can streach. or maybe a fairy swallowing a human and ends up looking like a giant yoga-ball with it's tiny body at the top? you know something where the small eats the big :)

Oh my gosh the poor tiny wouldn’t be able to move with a belly that big. And the giant would be all squished in there aaah (and thank you friend!! <3)

Soft terato Tuesday thoughts🎃

🤖Robots who don’t understand the concept of warmth and when their s/o is cold they have the softest faux blanket wrapped around the both of you and during the winter months they have it tied around them like a cape 24/7 to keep you extra warm

🐍 Naga’s with s/o’s who buy them dozens of scarves, sweaters and mittens and need to be told that you can turn the heat up and that they don’t need to wear everything at once… they usually hiss at that statement and get slightly salty and are like “noooo this is mine and I love it, I ain’t taking this off ever”.

👻 With a ghost there’s always almost invisible kisses and head pats when you’re studying and it takes some of the stress away and you can always depend on them holding your hand or giving you a hug when you need it most


level 1: barley monsters

twilight vampires, werewolves in human form, a/b/o, ghosts, bigfoot, almost everything from anime, warm bodies zombies, anthro dragons w human dick, mermaids

level 2: ok these r actual monsters

werewolves, mothman, aliens, partial monsters, mothman, vampires, bad cgi porn, anthro dragons w cool dragon dick

level 3: cool

sharkman from loz w human dick, monsters that are still humanoid + act like it, zombies, goosebumps, small dragons (smaller than a horse)

level 4: better

sharkman from loz w shark dicks, monsters w extra limbs and stuff, nagas w snake dicks (nagas w human dicks r 4 wimps), big dragons

level 5: hella

spider tord, only lightly humanoid monsters, creatures that were clearly not supposed 2 be hot in any way

level 6: hella

eldritch horrors 

pls suggest more this got deleted and i forgot most of them rip

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Headcanons for a lesbian human/Naga couple starting a family/raising children?

Honestly, it’s really, REALLY rocky the first couple of months. Not because you can’t handle it- it’s just…things that are THAT tiny and small trigger her “gotta eat this” reflex. Thankfully, she has enough control to not eat them- but, she did avoid them just in case.

Once she got past that entire ordeal, though, it was smooth sailing from there! You honestly didn’t know she could BE that sweet and affectionate. You’re a little jealous, honestly…

It’s become family tradition for you all to snuggle together during ‘family wind-down time’. She curls around all of you, and you all watch tv, or play board games- or even read a story to the children, hoping they fall asleep. Please.

All in all, she may be a better mother than you- she makes sure everyone is fed, and that they go to school on time, and are washed and clothed. You kind of just…let them fuck around outside, maybe. At least SOMEONE is thinking about the children.

anonymous asked:

Yo yo yo yo just think for a moment.... *Whispers* human freeing Naga Chase from a hunting trap and befriending him. Months later being in the same Forrest taking down hunters traps only to be found by said hunter who goes to hit you only to be thrown back by someone who looked like Chase... Chase himself is slowly pulling you up and away from the now group of green haired Nagas returning the favor for Chase's 'human friend' and whoops your now official human of the septic nagas (tya droppin in)

Oh my geez i love this so much-
They all treat you like a little sibling besides Chase and Schneep because hey, Chase is your “Closest Friend” and Schneep almost treats you like his own hatchling, babying you constantly to the point where Chase feels embarrassed for you. Heck, most of the time Chase and Marvin team up to distract Schneep so Chase can sneak you away.
You are now really in the family!
Oh- and Anti is the one who has the most fun tearing the hunter into bits for all of you… just an fyi-