human!lion king


I been working on these for a while like dang, i’m still not “done”.

Disney human AU shit from my dev art days cause i still love it. Rub my dumb hands all over it. Featuring the Lion King family. Zazu is the reluctant baby sitter and right hand man of elected governing official Mufasa. Fic about it by incurablenecromantic 

First one has Skully (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), the elementary school teacher. Bright and spunky and digs Zazu for some reason. And now i have a fic to go with that too cause i have good friend

Last one be young Zazu and Mufasa from when they first met as referencing the fic that started it all. Careful gay disney.

faeriviera said: Just curious; do you think Human AU’s of The Lion King interpreting the characters as black is wrong too, since that’s very common.

Cho again :)

I feel like Human!Lion King AU’s are a completely different kettle of fish for several reasons.

1. No primates. As far as I am aware, there is no explicit connection between stereotypes of black people and any of the animals depicted in the Lion King, so those are not a concern.

2. No humans to contrast off of, specifically white humans in a central narrative role. This takes care of mighty whitey.

But these AU’s are not without their problems.

Off the top of my head, these AU’s can often be shadeist/colorist because Mufasa, Simba, and Nala are usually depicted as lightskinned and Scar and the hyenas are not. Dark-as-evil visual coding is tired but accepted practice in animal figures; however, translating that same aesthetic to humans reinforces stereotypes of darker-skinned people being villains or not as ‘worthy’ as lighter-skinned people. Variations in skintones is a wonderful thing, FFS but if the villains are the darkest on the cast, that is bad bad bad. It is colorist and it is lazy.

(Solution; Scar and Mufasa should be the same skintone because they are brothers.)

And while very lightskinned black people and Melanesians do exist, it gives me a funny feeling when Nala is depicted as very, very fair just because there is a shadeist/colorist preference for lightskinned women.

(Solution: draw the other lionesses too and make them all have different varieties of skintones, just so long as Nala is not the palest/fairest of them all. Then you have good representation all around.)

Finally, a lot of times I see human!LK AU’s having a general mishmash of African cultures in their aesthetics, which is fine if it’s an African/African-descended fanartist reinterpreting their own culture with different elements, but gives me the “all-look-same” feel when done by almost anyone else. Africa has tons of beautiful cultures with their own distinct aesthetic style and, I dunno, personally I would pick one and stick with it to explore the full flower of what I could research and depict (which is what I did with my Zulu!Merida fanart).

As always I am open to other opinions and interpretations.

The Lion King live action remake doesn’t make any sense to me. The original animated Lion King was all animals and no humans, and none of the other Disney live action remakes use real animals but do use real people. Meaning this likely won’t be live action since there are no humans in the Lion King. It’ll be a fully CG animated remake of a 2D animated film. What is their point in remaking an animated film into another animated film?