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Hi um can you write a vampire angst GOM + Takao or Himuro where the boys are vampires and try to save their female S/O life but she ends up dying in their arms.

Kuroko: Mouth hanging open, Kuroko couldn’t get a clear aim at the vein in your neck due to the tears in his eyes blurring his vision. All he needed to do was lean down and bite you. It would be so much easier if he could feel the blood pulsing through your veins again.

Kise: As his teeth sank into your flesh, Kise felt your heart flutter. It was a response he knew well, one that often happened when someone got bit. What he didn’t expect was for it to slow to a stop, your pulse dying on his lips. He literally felt your life slip away.

Aomine: The moment your blood touched his tongue however, Aomine wanted to spit it out. He recoiled from your skin, slapping your cheek a few times in hopes you’d wake up and prove his tastebuds wrongs. Blood always tasted bitter when a person was dead.

Midorima: There was a part of him that still didn’t want to change you, not until he got your full permission. He couldn’t get that with you unconscious though. Sometimes Midorima still regrets that momentary hesitation. If he’d only acted sooner, he wouldn’t be cradling a corpse.

Takao: He was laughing, unable to even lean over you to get a better look at your face. Takao could feel in the way your skin became cold and your eyes began to lose their spark that he was too late; you were gone. His fangs sank into his own lip, tasting despair.

Murasakibara: Before he even sank his fangs into your throat, Murasakibara felt your pulse stop. Still, he had to try and save you. After pulling away from the bite, he got to work on trying to jump start your heart. He must’ve been giving you CPR for hours before finally giving up.

Himuro: Working quick, Himuro bit at your collar before grabbing a knife to slash at his own skin. As he sat you up, he begged you to drink, forcing the open wound to your lips. You wouldn’t listen though; more like, you couldn’t listen. You’d long since slipped away.

Akashi: One single bite could have saved your life. You were well enough that, if he had controlled himself just a little better, you’d still be with him. As it turned out, Akashi had less control than he originally thought. It was his first time draining a human dry.

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I would like to request something if that's okay! In "A Name That Feels Like Mine" Masaomi convinced Akashi to play violin and I was wondering: do the other Miracles know about that? I imagine they would be very surprised to learn that he plays an instrument XD Also can I just say that you got me into the AkaFuri ship before I ever watched the series? And now I am absolute trash for this ship XD

Music was one of those outside things that the Miracles never encountered except on missions, and usually they were too absorbed with the task at hand to pay attention to the silly frivolities of humans. Yellow had even Copied a very popular popstar once to get close to a mark; he’d listened to the songs in order to prepare for the mission, but he hadn’t really listened to them, in that way that humans did.

The first time Kise Ryouta—young, up and coming teen idol—was invited to a concert it was a different kind of experience than when he’d pretended to be a star himself.

Music, he thought then, must be one of those things that makes a human different than someone made in Teiko. Not frivolous at all, but something maybe he could only Copy, and never create.


The first time he hears the violin playing on the JSDF base he doesn’t think much about it. He only listens to it with the same kind of idle attention he would give any kind of music. It’s different than the CDs Momoi listens to—which tend to be pop songs; things with a lot of beat and pep. He’s also heard some heavy metal because it’s popular with some of the younger soldiers. Youji liked listening to jazz and some songs from the 80’s. So far, Kise pretty much liked listening to everything. Everything was a new kind of experience.

The violin is new and very different. He hasn’t listened to a lot of instruments before. It’s classy, and somehow it also makes him feel sad in a way the other music has not.

It takes him awhile to realize that the violin sounds different because it is not filtered electronically—this isn’t a CD or the radio, someone must actually be playing inside the base. By the time Kise has this realization and he moves to track down the sound, it has already stopped, and Kise feels like he lost an opportunity.


The next time he hears the violin playing he starts tracking it down right away—

And he is very surprised to discover who is playing.

“Akashicchi?” He feels like there are levels to the sheer amount of incredulity and disbelief he has managed to convey with just one word, but Akashi just lowers the violin and gives Kise an imperious stare.

“Yes, Ryouta?”

“You—” he doesn’t know how to finish the statement. Playing an instrument is not something any of them do. Music, Kise figures, being one of those very human things that is not suited for them at all. But he doesn’t know how to say that to Akashi, who out of all of them, is the least likely to experiment with any sort of human activity. “What are you doing?” he says finally.

“I am playing the violin,” Akashi returns easily.


Kise is still at a loss for words, but Akashi finally supplies, “It is very important that we are superior in all areas, Ryouta.”

“Right,” Kise says again, because at least that’s something he understands, that certainly sounds like a very Akashi thing to say or do.

He walks away mulling this over. It is a very Akashi thing to say or do, but Kise can’t help but wonder if it’s true. He feels a bit shaken from the encounter, perhaps because he thought maybe the Miracles—that people made in labs and trained as assassins—were not capable of creating beautiful things.

He does not quite know what to do with the information that maybe they can.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, anon-friend! I focused on Kise’s reaction because I wrote a scene between Akashi and Midorima earlier and I thought it would be fun to explore his relationship with other Miracles. In writing this, I also got a few ideas on how to write other prompts in my inbox, so that was exciting! There will be some follow-ups =D Thanks again, anon-friend! I am glad you enjoy AkaFuri


What if Vampire Aomine found human kid Kise?

Kise would be lonely and tries to get close to Aomine, but Aomine keeps pushing Kise away saying Kise shouldn’t be hanging around a monster like him. Kise would be absolutely persistent about it, and somewhere deep inside Aomine would be absolutely smitten with the boy and charmed over by the boy’s quirky asdfajsd;kfj asjdf asdf happy.

They’d both be lonely in their own ways and they’d completely enjoy each other’s company and PG13 until Kise grows up. And then yes.

winter nights;
written for kiakaweek, day #1: cuddling.

akashi is not fond of physical contact.
kise has a hunch akashi prefers to keep such matters private.
(akashi’s secretly a romanticist, kise thinks.)

Akashi is not fond of physical contact.

Correction: Akashi is not fond of overly affectionate physical contact, yet that is everything that defines his lover. Kise Ryouta is clingy and touches Akashi more times than necessary in public, but he simply can’t help it. He wants to be closer to Akashi, to feel his warmth and presence, to be assured that Akashi is there, not three hours away from him.

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Oh my god I love it! the ask box is open! YES JAM SENPAI! Can I have Akashi and Kise as vampires just being really possessive/jealous with their human!SO?

Sometimes, Kise wished that you wouldn’t go through such effort to hide the bite marks he had adorned your skin with. They marked you as taken, that there would be dire consequences if another vampire so much as touched you. You went so far as to buy a concealer as you didn’t want people to see the small and recognisable punctures in his neck, out of mild embarrassment and his own protection

Upon your arrival, he greets you with a tight embrace once you’ve changed into some more comfortable clothes, only loosening his grip when he realises that the marks littering the left side of your neck are fully visible, any concealer has been removed.

He gently grazes his fangs against the thin skin of your neck. “Did you miss me, ___cchi?” He murmurs against your skin, studying the bite marks through half lidded eyes. You sigh and relax into his arms, and he wonders if you can hear how loudly his heart thumps in your presence. The fact that someone, so important to him knows exactly what he is, knows how dangerous he could be, but still allows him so close to him, sends him into a frenzy, eventually calming down his possessive side.

Your laughter filled the room, a melodious sound resonating through Akashi’s ears. An old friend had made an unannounced visit to your home. He had heard their name through your passing mentions, and they smelt completely human, so after a quick greeting and introduction, he paid no further heed and went into the study to continue his work.

Hours passed, he continued to slave away at paperwork while he could still hear your giggles from the living room next door. The room was cold and dull compared to your joyful voice. Jealousy was seeping underneath his skin and through his blood. He only left his work station when he heard your friend announcing their exit.

Once they had left, Akashi wrapped his arms around your waist, his lips only just grazing your ears, mindful not to bite them. Your hands hover over his own before settling onto his arms. “Did you enjoy yourself?” He asked, taking in your scent. It was delectable and exemplary, a faultless aroma that made him sigh in contempt.

“Y-Yeah, I did Sei.” You said. You weren’t sure what brought on this sudden affection, but you were more than happy to indulge him if that’s what he wanted.

Confessions of The Human Secretary (Platonic AkaKuro fanfic) -PART 4-

Welp, it’s been 2 weeks since Part 3!! That means– NEW CHAPTER!! Japan was pretty awesome btw. I had such a good time ;w; Please enjoy this new chap! Also, my co-author and I are an official pairing now >////<!

Part 1: Tumblr | AO3
Part 2: Tumblr | AO3
Part 3: TumblrAO3
Part 4: AO3

Entry #1058

I kicked Kise’s balls today. I’m glad to know vampires and humans share the same anatomy.

I wonder if today would have turned out differently if he was chasing me too.

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PLEASE bother us with your Star Trek AU.

I’m gonna try not to ramble but historically that has almost never worked out, so we’ll see how this goes

OKAY so first off some quick character placements/descriptions (pls assume TOS uniforms bc I love the classics)  ((also I’m limiting myself to just the usual GoM kids bc I literally cannot shut up pls forgive me.  I can talk more abt others if anyone is curious??  but you’re gonna have to ask.))

  • Kuroko works in engineering (he’s a redshirt, good luck, kiddo), specifically he’s a systems engineer; he works with the tractor beams and transporters.  he might not have a very flashy job, but he’s damn good at it and he does his best to keep the ship running smoothly.  (you know how there’s always that one episode/plot point centered around transporters doing something that should be impossible?  he’d be the one who becomes a hero for making it work out somehow.)
  • Kagami is in security (so, also a redshirt).  He’s one of the regular members of a rotating security team that accompanies the bridge crew on away missions because he’s very large and strong and good at subduing threats without causing too much unnecessary harm.  also, as a bonus, he speaks Klingon (a leftover from spending part of his childhood on a colony planet in Klingon space) and can be relied upon to communicate to Klingons without causing major offense which is a rare and valuable trait and in Starfleet in this tentative TOS setting I’m kinda tossing around.
  • Midorima, like I mentioned earlier, is absolutely a medical officer, which means he’s wearing blue.  he did some pretty intense exchange programs to Vulcan when he was finishing his medical degree(s?) (which I imagine is way more hardcore when you’re trying to be a space doctor and you have to be able to treat space disease and aliens with weird biology) so he speaks excellent Vulcan and he has a top-notch poker face (at least, for a human).
  • Kise is a hotshot pilot who gets to wear command gold and he’s shadowing the current (primary) helmsman.  usually he pilots smaller transport shuttles and whatnot, but technically he’s got the training and he’s being mentored to one day be a proper helmsman and be allowed to sit on the bridge all the time.  (look: I really want Kise to be that cocky scifi character who’s like “I can fly anything.”  you know.  that kind of character.  that’s what I want.  except at the same time he’s also Kise.)
  • Aomine is in the same security team as Kagami, but they’re hardly ever assigned to the same shifts bc it is generally considered a bad thing when your security team tries to fight each other.  Aomine is typically sent as a bodyguard in tense situations (smh Starfleet why do you have to defuse intergalactic feuds and shit) and also he’s sent along with the away team in cases when they’re on planets that there is very little or no available data on bc he’s very versatile and preforms really well in challenging situations (read: doesn’t get anyone killed by accident when things get fucking weird bc they decided to wander around blindly on an unknown planet).  he and Kuroko were actually roommates during their freshman year at Starfleet Academy so they’ve known each other for a while.
  • Momoi wears operations red and she’s one of the yeomen assigned to the bridge crew.  mostly she assists the communications officer, but occasionally she’s worked directly for the captain bc her skill set is incredibly useful.  generally she’s asked to find and analyze data on the different groups that the ship encounters (like in situations where they encounter conflict and are asked to mediate a solution that would be deemed acceptable to the cultures of the affected parties) and help keep track of and coordinate the resources available to the ship.  ((I’m not explaining this well.  trust me, she’s super cool and they rely on her a lot.))  (((she’ll be a good candidate for first officer one day.)))
  • Murasakibara works in engineering (everyone wears red I’m sorry it’s turning out like this) and he is really irritatingly talented at his actual job but he spends like half of his time slacking off and trying to program the replicators to make novelty deserts.  when he can be convinced to do his goddamn job, he’s a warp field engineer, which basically means he has to understand how warp fields work and how the ship’s warp drive works so the ship can get from place to place quickly (which is kind of a necessity in space).
  • Akashi, of course, is an executive officer and he’s wearing command gold.  he’s not a captain right out of the Academy, but you can bet your ass he’s got his eye on that captain’s chair and he’s going to get his own ship eventually.  he’s the chief tactical officer (very young for the job, but as you’d expect he’s doing it well) which means he has a position on the bridge near the helmsman and control over the shields, weapons, and security (and sometimes long-range sensors and communications).  he absolutely plans to take the Starfleet bridge officer examination as soon as he can so he’ll have official authorization to take command of the ship even though he’s not the captain or first/second/third officer.

I have so much to say about this AU but I’d better cut this off bc it’s getting long, so just hmu if you have questions or you want to know more about these guys or specific other characters or w/e and I’d be really excited to share!!

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