• Kuroko: You would like to talk to Akashi-kun’s dad? Oh, okay. Hold on a moment.
  • Akashi: That’s going to be pretty hard since my dad is emotionally distant and doesn’t care about me as long as I succeed.
  • Kise: You can’t tell her that!
  • Aomine: Midorima! Quick- you have to pretend to be his dad to Kuroko’s grandma!
  • Midorima: [takes the phone] Hello. This... is Dad Akashi. Yes. The kids are playing swords. Sorry- playing with swords. They’re bleeding. Oh, no. They are dead. Don’t call again. [hangs up the phone and hands it back to Kuroko] Sorry, I panicked.

Kuroko in a nutshell that’s actually in a NUTSHELL

some twitter ideas for human!kiibo! I wanted to give him a big and poofy and comfy jacket, but I also wanted to see him in something a bit more fitted like his robo outfit// 

I decided to draw more things regarding Poppy's mother

Aika meeting Maria, Branch’s mother, for the first time. Her bakery is most well known for her delicious strawberry shortcake. It quickly becomes Maria’s favorite nwn.

Aika holding just-born baby Branch 

Two besties with their babies! (Branch is around 7 months, Poppy is 6 months)

The moms taking their little toddlers for a walk (they’re around 2 and a half) (there was an attempt at making a background. Forgive me.)

Aika receiving some terrible news before opening shop (the fatal car crash that killed Branch’s parents occurs when they’re on the way to school)

And then her trying to get Branch to eat during the first time he tried to starve himself. She tried appealing to his sweet tooth, but it doesn’t work…

She’s also there for Branch when he starts going through a rough patch with Poppy once she starts dating Creek (because literally everyone minus Poppy knows he’s got a crush on her), and she’s there for Poppy when she starts having confusing feelings regarding both Branch and Creek.

And, finally, here’s her design for the main verse! Since “Aika” means “love song”, I assume her main verse name troll name would be “Song”. I love her, why does she have to be dead before the movie starts ;-;;;;;

And as per request from @tisbubb

A really, really quick sketch of ghost Queen Song pelting Branch and Poppy with acorns because the two of them are just. so. o b l i v i o u s.