Genyatta week, Day 4, AU

I love so many aus ;;;w;;; but wanted to draw Genji’s oni skin so here it is. The AU where Zenyatta is called to deal with a demon problem someone has (u know bc he’s a monk and all), the demon just sulking around the house and creeping everyone out. And then Zenyatta talks to him a bit and Genji not only leaves the but starts following Zen around. Then cute things happen. This here is the moment Zenyatta arrives and sees the demon in question for the first time just… sitting there on top of a shelf.

Related to that last reblog

(Screencap from 1x03)

Imagine going home with Mike Lawson. THE Mike Lawson. SO COOL! What a story. He’s so hot. You’re walking up the steps to his bedroom, and you see THIS?


(I love the details put into this show. He mentions his narcissism in ep 1 and we actually see the depth in ep 3)

Also, after a conversation with @tacos we have decided that when Ginny sees it, she torments him ENDLESSLY. It’s just so ridiculous and so him.

Then one day, she gets home after a long roadtrip. She drops her bag at the door, drags her tired self to her bedroom, and drops onto the mattress. Once she looks up, she’s greeted with the sight of THIS FUCKING PAINTING HUNG UP ON HER CEILING BECAUSE MIKE IS MIKE AND OF COURSE HE WOULD DO THIS. He attached a post-it note to the frame saying “to replace the one in your childhood bedroom”.