“I’m tall, so at school I was always called, ‘tall girl’. Middle school and high school students would also look at me and whisper amongst themselves ‘she’s so fucking tall’ as they passed by. I wondered why they were swearing at me. Wherever I go I can’t do anything wrong. If you’re tall, whatever you do sticks out. However, when I thought about it, my height is only a disadvantage depending on how I act.”
“Why is that?”
“If you leave a good impression once, it will last a long time. Suddenly looking at me just once, you will remember me.”

“제가 키가 커서 학교에서 항상 호칭이 ‘키 큰 여자애’였어요. 중고딩들도 절 보고 지나가면서 ‘키 X나 크다.’ 하고 자기네끼리 쑥덕거려요. 쟤넨 왜 나한테 욕을 하나 싶기도 했어요. 어딜가서 나쁜 짓도 못 해요. 키가 크면 뭘하든 눈에 잘 띄어서요. 근데 생각해보니 그 단점은 제가 하기 나름이더라구요 ”
“좋은 인상을 한 번 남기면 오래 간다는 뜻이잖아요. 딱 한번만 봐도 기억을 해주니까요.”

Nigeria: At Least 1,000 Civilians Dead Since January

Attacks by the Islamist armed group Boko Haram killed more than 1,000 civilians in 2015. Boko Haram fighters have deliberately attacked villages and committed mass killings and abductions as their attacks have spread from northeast Nigeria into Cameroon, Chad, and Niger since February.

Interviews in late January with people who fled Yobe, Adamawa, and Borno states in northeastern Nigeria revealed horrific levels of brutality.

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Cards Against Humanity has released a science-themed expansion pack to benefit women in STEM. rachelfeltman is all over this.