So about those space orcs...

I’ve seen a lot of posts about humans pack-bonding with frankly everything, no matter how big, scary, threatening, lethal or oozy.

But you know what I haven’t seen?

Humans entrusting their young to their pack-bonded friends. Because that’s a thing we do. We entrust our children to our friends. We entrust our children to our dogs. We befriend the biggest, meanest, scariest shit, and then we dump our defenseless, hasn’t-even-got-a-fully-fused-skull-yet offspring on them. Half for shits-and-giggles, half because it’s cute, mostly because children are exhausting and we need a nanny.

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body swap episode but instead of Ladybug and Chat swaping bodies, Adrien and Plagg do.

I love all these humans-as-space-orcs posts, and I decided to add my own.

Accept everything as canon so far (humans are insanely resilient death breathers who are utterly reckless with technology, basically fearless, and have a disturbing need to pet everything). Now add tardigrades. Like, an alien sees the human has brought a tardigrade plushy on board, asks what it is, then stares in horror as the human excitedly describes the only creature from Earth more unkilkable than humans using the same tone of voice they’d use to describe a super adorable kitten.

The best part? The human forgets to explain that the plushy isn’t life size.