like……….. i did my thesis on how tumblr is an effective entrypoint into ethnic studies and critical thinking in general but like, part of that was the recognition that tumblr #discourse is so different from academic or irl activist discourse like. my professor specifically talks about the danger of constructing ourselves, or anything (and we’re talking about decolonizing movements right now, so she very much means Anything) as “Politically Pure,” and certainly i use “complex personhood” a lot, which is the Actual Academic Term for “Hello Yes Its OK To Like And Feel Things that are quote-unquote ‘P r o b l e m a t i c’ because otherwise how do you Live and Survive.” for marginalized peoples, enjoying life is an act of resistance. accusing someone of being “problematic” (i understand the use of that word but i critiqued it in my thesis and it.,.,.., bothers me so much now lmao) necessarily reflects on how YOU perceive this person (and by extension yourself) as being otherwise Politically Pure. which nobody is!!! chill!!! there are so many small things that people need in their life to make them happy and as whole as one can be in a culture which otherwise deliberately intends to strip you of happiness and wholeness like

idk, chill

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the twins ask bill for help with their trig stuff in the future and bill can't handle the scalene triangles. You probably know who this is

hi chanon sorry im late

Bill Cipher then proceeds to explain to the Pines twins a really weird (and unexplainably awkward?) trigonometry lesson that actually ends up helping Mabel understand her summer math homework somehow??????

  • Finn:Let me just ask you straight out! Do you believe that ghosts are real? Right now.
  • Bubblegum:Uh, no.
  • Finn:Why do you not believe ghosts are real?
  • Bubblegum:I've never seen one.
  • Finn:There are a lot of things you can't see that are real!
  • Bubblegum:What can't I see?
  • Finn:You can't see gravity! That's real!
  • Bubblegum:Yeah, I can drop an apple.
  • Finn [under his breath]:Fuck.
Goddammit, I wish you’d listen to my main argument. Thirty years from now the government, the banks, the important businesses, the universities and everything that counts in this world will be run by today’s humanities majors. The scientists will never run anything except laboratories, they never have, they never can. Yet in this university we spend all our time and money training scientists and we ignore the humanities people on whom the welfare and guidance of the world have always depended and will always depend. I say that is stupidity, and if the Board of Regents and the faculty aren’t smart enough to stop it, we must.
—  James A. Michener, The Drifters