So, really, who are we? Are we some insane fragile characters playing strong and sane? Are we realists that cannot stop themselves from imagining? Are we blind visionaries that see their own darkness differently? Are we all a one thought floating on a sea of emotions? Or are we an abstract thought disguised as an object?

Troye: not mine just editted

Skin, flesh, cells
Hearts, eyes, cells
We are nothing but cells
And yet those cells
Determine so much
Why is her worth
Factored by what color
Blooms across her epidermis?
And if we are all
Pillars built from the same stone
Figures cut from the same marble
Then why does her body’s artwork
Count for less?
I see worth beyond measure
In the stroke of her mother’s brush
—  gcennie

Kylie out in West Hollywood

but for real can we all imagine peridot walking around earth trying to figure out what to do and she walks into a store and demands they tell her where the gems base is and they ask her to be more specific and shes like “WHERE IS ROSE QUARTZ LOCATED.”and they send her to a fucking jewelry shop and she almost faints cause “oh my god rose how did you manage to make so many duplicates of yourself im doomed you have made another army oh god oh god oh god”


Today #BiHealthMonth highlights ways to support bisexual youth at home and in both schools and communities. The HRC’s Bi Youth Report provides several recommendations to improve the lives of bisexual youth, including:

  • Calling out biphobia and stereotypes about bisexuality when you see it
  • Using inclusive language in programs and services
  • Learning about bisexuality and issues affecting the bi community in order to effectively address the needs of bi youth
  • Inviting bisexual leaders to speak at LGBTQ+ events so that bi youth can see themselves represented and celebrated

What else can we do to improve the mental health and well-being of bisexual youth?