aaaah I’m so happy you liked her, and that you’re interested in her!
If you’re wondering who she is, she’s Sora, my OC from MHA -> link

So, here’s some fact about her (soon I’ll make her official reference sheet for the UA school! è_è):

• Basically, her quirk is divided in two: she can control the 2 rings that levitate around her up to 1 mt, and from those rings she can create masses of manipulable but almost unbreakable ectoplasm. 
• Her mother has a quirk that allows her to create and control a full set of 5 rings (like the ones Sora has), that she uses to fight; her father’s quirk makes him vomit a gel-ish solid ectoplasm from his mouth, and create everything he wants (like puppets, or object ready to use). Sora has a weird combination of that 2 powers (she can create everything from thei rings)!
• She’s born without her arms. It’s nothing related to her quirk, or the ones from her parents, she was just born with phocomelia, so her arms never formed during her mother’s pregnancy! So, actually she’s kind of lucky to have a quirk that allows her to compensate her handicap.
• Her quirk showed very late, when she was 8 yo, when she was about to give up of her hopes to become a hero. She passed all the following years training so hard not just to control her quirk, but also to increase her resistance: now she can basically mantain her quirk active continually.
• Even if she can move the rings anywere and she could create everything with the ectoplasm that comes out from them, she always tend to create arm-related stuff: different kind of arms (even if her favourite ones, the ones that she always “”wear”” are not human, but kind of beasty and big), limbs with weapons, or simply wings! Still, sometimes she moves her rings in positions other than her shoulders, and create other stuff (stairs, chairs, sledges, everything.)
• As I said, she trained to create wings: she’s not really able to fly for long distances, but she can make quick and short flights ( no more than 5 minutes, then she’ll be too tired to do anything else), or glide from an high place.

So, let me know if you like her, and I’ll maybe tell you more!
Thank you so much for your interest ♥

How Newt prepares for Christmas

This is how I imagine Newt Scamander would be celebrating Christmas.

1. He loves the holiday season. He loves how festive and nice people tend to be around this time.

2. He is the kind of person who would start Christmas shopping on November 1st.

3. He buys all kinds of decoration stuff. Way too many to be frank. When the shopkeeper asks him as to why he requires that many amount of lights and stars and bells. He merely replies by saying. “Oh! I-i am having a grand party”

4. Which is true. But the party isn’t for humans, it’s for his Beasties.

5. He makes sure he has a present for each and every creature in his case.

6. He also makes sure he has presents for all his acquaintances he met during his travels.

7. He decorates all the habitats in his case with passion. The animals catch his excitement too.

8. He makes sure to save the shiny objects for last because of the niffler.

9. He makes tiny bow truckle size sweater for Pickett because Pickett is his favourite though he never would acknowledge it out loud.

10. It’s a feast for the animals on Christmas Eve. They get all kinds of treat.

11. The star on top of the Christmas tree always goes missing thanks to the niffler.

12. On Christmas eve, he lights a small bonfire in his case and reads a Christmas story to all his animals.

13. As he continues to read the story, he slowly drifts away and falls asleep. Dougal and the niffler sleep in close proximity.

14. He wakes up to find an intricate golden pocket watch or and expensive looking ornament every Christmas. He knew it was the niffler’s idea of a present.

15. He wiped away the tears of joy as only he could see how marvellous his creatures are and how well they understood him. Christmas truly was his favourite time of the year.

At First...

Happy RCIJ to @avatoh! I’m your Secret Santa! I hope you enjoy this collection of Rumbelle Dark Castle Firsts!


Rating: T

Summary: A collection of “first” moments from the Dark Castle.


Every now and then Rumplestiltskin brushed off his gift and sifted through his future. All of it - not even attempting to separate what would be from what could be. It was a bit like leafing through a book, except the stories always changed with the whims and decisions of the people involved. Flashes and snippets of men and women, humans and beasties, the magical and the mundane, skipped before his eyes and filled his senses.

On certain days one face flashed more before his eyes than any other - a young woman of exceptional beauty with eyes like the clearest sky and skin of smoothest cream. He was often tempted to extract those memories and discover what she meant for his future, but he resisted the temptation. He knew the dangers of “knowing” one’s future, after all: that knowledge was never complete and rarely helpful.

Besides, his centuries had taught him that beautiful women at best were attracted to his power and at worst ran screaming from his presence. The same held true of not-so-beautiful women, in fact. And men…and children…and babes…and the odd sheepdog.

No matter.

None of it mattered. Bae mattered. That was all.

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dada and poppy

It’s a little known fact that Steve’s godmother is actually a Faerie Queen.

Okay, so actually, the only person alive who knows this is Bucky Barnes.  But that was because on the day Bucky and Steve decided to move in together, though considering the time period, it was, on the surface, just two bachelors trying to save money and pool their resources.

Of course, that didn’t keep Bucky from imagining that Steve was actually going to be his husband.  And maybe, just maybe, he’d pretended it was an actual proposal when he gave Steve his Ma’s ring.

To pawn, he said. Just in case. 

Although he knew Steve would always keep it safe. 

So Steve takes him to see his godmother, to this place in Central Park that nobody really went to, to a Certain Tree that seemed to grow greener and taller than the rest. 

The Queen had smiled down at Bucky and somehow, he was dead sure that she understood everything

And she approved. 

Seventy years later and after a great many adventures, both grand and terrible, Steve would let Bucky know that he still had his Ma’s ring.

Also, Steve had a great many things to say about secret proposals, because honestly, how was a fella supposed to say yes, I’ll marry you, James Buchanan Barnes if the question wasn’t asked in the first place. 

It was an enjoyable argument.  Bucky rather liked how it ended, which eventually led them to breaking Steve’s bed.  Also, the round of applause that Nat gave them the next day was rather gratifying too. 

So Steve and Bucky were rather enjoying wedded bliss, in between mad scientists, supervillains, the occasional alien invasion, HYDRA and all the assorted shenanigans that came with being an Avenger. 

That was until one day, a Faerie Queen showed up at Avengers Tower with a tiny, blonde, blue-eyed baby in her arms. 

Thor was the first one she met and the Prince of Asgard did his mother proud with the gracious welcome he offered the Queen.  The Queen was very pleased when Thor gave the child his own blessings.  So Thor would always have the friendship of this Queen and her Court, which was, on the whole, a good thing. 

The child was a foundling.  The child, just like Steve, was the Queen’s godchild. 

The child needed parents. Really, as much as the Queen adored the “little beastie,” a human child needed human parents and an anchor in the human world.  And she could think of no better person to entrust her little one to than her godson and his husband. 

“Well,” Bucky sighed, looking down at the little one currently cuddled in Steve’s arms, waving a certain teddy bear in her direction and making her laugh and reach for the toy.  “At least she and Corporal Bucky Bear are getting along.  No sibling rivalry here.”

“Nope,” Steve grinned.  “Not in this family." 

They would later decide that Steve would be "Dad” and Bucky “Papa” but Aurora Rogers-Barnes had other ideas once she learned to talk. 

Steve got to be “Dada."  Bucky was "Poppy."  And there was "Tetya” (Nat), “Pippa” (Pepper), “Kitty” (Clint), “Ony” (Tony), “Or!” (Thor), “Samsam” (Sam) and Boo (Bruce). 

Dada and Poppy accepted their new names graciously.  The rest of Aurora’s doting aunts and uncles were pretty happy about their nicknames, except Clint, who still wasn’t sure where “Kitty” came from. 

- tbc -

In Morning

Parts: Dying Rights, Lullabye, In Morning, Dry Drown


His human was beautiful.

Alfred knew now, for certain, that his human was a very attractive specimen. His muscles were firm and his eyes sparkled like the sea and although he might not be able to pass as a merman he was, still, a very fine catch.

Tracking him had been easy enough. The magic that bound the two of them together always pulled at Alfred, coaxing him in the human’s direction gently with a reminder of where his most cherished magic had gone. The others in his pod knew better than to question his decision, not out of respect but out of etiquette. Anyone who gave up their gift never did so easily, but there was always a reason deep down inside of them, whether they could explain it or not.

And so he left them in order to follow after the creature he had kissed. And he was beyond glad that he had.

To anyone else, he appeared a dolphin, but were someone clever they might notice that the local pods avoided him as best they could. He hadn’t befriended them yet and he lurked the shores like an anxious predator; he couldn’t blame them for their caution.

Beyond the shore, his human sensed him.

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anonymous asked:

I stumbled onto #ColourOurCollections and wondered if you knew about it - tons of libraries uploading black and white illustrations for people to color. Some of them are making full on coloring *books*! I may have downloaded, um, eight of them so far. But! Theatrical posters! Woodcuts! Weird beasties with human faces! And, of course, owls!

I had heard about it, Anon, and I love coloring, but I was really struggling to fucking FIND THEM. There didn’t seem to be a masterpost of where you could download ones that weren’t tumblr-post sized. 

Fortunately there seems to be a masterpost here, but that literally only came through my inbox today, so I haven’t been able to explore it yet. I’m looking forward to it when I have the time! 

Fic: Whispers and Wishes 5/??

Title: Whispers and Wishes

Fandom: Maleficent

Pairing: Aurora/Maleficent

Summary: The Moorlands had not been the only faery realm the Kingdom had hungered for; but they had dug too deep and wanted too much and all of it was now Aurora’s burden to bear.


Diaval’s arrival woke Maleficent. She’d been drifting close to wakefulness for a little while now, and only refused to climb that last edge of slumber unless it was needed, and the return of the raven was enough to justify pulling out of that dreamlike state with reluctance. She was warm, felt at ease, and Aurora had finally slipped into a restful sleep that was completely deserved and needed. Still, time did not stop for anyone, not even the timeless inhabitants of the Moorlands, so as the day broke with the overcast of clouds, so too did Maleficent find herself roused with it.

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The awesomeness of critters when you’re not feeling well

I often blog about Louis, my little feline sidekick. I am a Cat Person, and I have always been a Cat Person. I get them.

I’d always heard dogs were massively empathetic, though. That a dog would just try to help you. This would explain why dogs are terrific at helping people who cannot see find their way in the world, or why dogs are great with people who have PTSD as support animals.

Well, friends, I got Dogged on the weekend and it was awesome. I wasn’t feeling super when we headed out to a friend’s for dinner. They have two bull terriers - one quite young and they didn’t know how they’d react. Both dogs are mush.

At some point during dinner the wee beasties decided “Human, you need help.” One laid on my cold feet and the other for some reason whomped up on my chair and in behind me, pushing her body warmth into my lower back, the point of my highest pain. I had a puppy pile, essentially. We were all a little dumbfounded as these adorable furbeasts literally dogpiled on me, like big furry therapists. It was the best.